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Ever wondered about the quality of the air in your workplace? Poor air quality can pose a serious threat to employee wellbeing, which is why there are now legal obligations on employers to ensure that the environment in the workplace is safe and clean. That's were Green Air Monitoring can help. We're an independent organisation that provides factual information about the air quality in your workplace. We take samples over a full day which we then analyse and interpret. Based on our results, you can routinely demonstrate that there is a workplace environment that will help keep your staff are healthy, happy and productive. If anything detrimental is found, then we can help in taking the necessary remedial steps to achieve a productive environment. Indoor air quality audits are carried out by appropriately qualified inspectors with a background in building and environmental services. All samples are collected with regularly calibrated sampling instruments and tested and evaluated in fully accredited UKAS/NAMAS laboratories. Give us a call today to find out how we can help. The future of your business might depend upon it!

Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality

Our indoor air quality monitoring services can be utilised across a range of environments, from offices to specialist facilities. Our monitoring services are incredibly comprehensive and can be utilised to measure many different factors, including carbon dioxide, temperature, dust levels, humidity and airborne bacteria, just to name a few. We understand the importance of versatility and it's for this reason that we offer our customers a range of different monitoring packages which include basic 5, advanced and specialist. 

Reactive Investigation of Specific Issues

A large proportion of our investigations arise due to complaints made by our employees within an office. These complaints can be due to physical phenomenon such as bad smells or can just be due to employees feeling ill when they are at the office. Our experts can work with clients to conduct relevant tests which will help us to ascertain the specific problem and prescribe the correct course of action. If you would like any more information, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.  

Occupational Hygiene

Occupational hygiene is incredibly important as it affects people each and every day. Although there are risks inherent with every workplace there are specific environments which pose a significant risk. These places include laboratories, garages, workshops, saw mills and any workplace which deals with chemicals. Our experts are on hand to provide comprehensive and tailored occupational hygiene services. For a better understanding of everything we have to offer, feel free to visit the website.  

Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing

Airborne hazards can be extremely dangerous, to both the long and short-term health of those that breathe them in. According to COSHH 2002 employers are obliged to protect employees from these airborne hazards in any way they can. We can provide comprehensive testing and reporting of your LEV systems which includes expert advice on your overall performance. For further information, don't hesitate to visit the website or you can contact us directly, by phone or email. 

Water Hygiene and Water Treatment

We can offer a wide range of wet services which include the testing of both portable water and closed systems. Just some of the services we can provide include Legionella risk assessments, disinfection, chlorination, chloride dioxide water treatment, water sampling and TMV sampling, as well as many more. To find out more about all of the water services we have to offer, please feel free to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly by phone or email. 

Ventilation Hygiene Inspection

Green Air Monitoring understands the practical and financial constraints governing the operation of ventilation systems - we also understand the legislation imposed on them. Our experts are able to monitor the condition and cleanliness of your ventilation systems and provide honest, impartial assessments so that you can make well-informed decisions. As an independent company, we will never suggest remedial action unless genuinely needed. Through us, you can satisfy all legal obligations in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Find out more by visiting the Green Air Monitoring website, or simply give us a call!



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