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Fire Escape Ltd is a specialist supplier, installer, repairer and renovator of fire escape ladders and staircases, high rise fire escape systems, fire escape signage and fire extinguishers. With over 10 years of experience in the fire safety industry and a further 10 in steelwork design and fabrication, you can rely on us for high quality, highly reliable solutions to your fire escape requirements. If you would like to find out more about the company and the products and services that we provide, please visit our website at www.fireescape.co.uk or get in touch on 020 8665 6598.

Fire Escape Ladders - Visit our website

In situations where there is physically not enough room to install a metal staircase, a fixed fire escape ladder is the ideal solution. Fire Escape Ltd supplies and installs two types of fixed fire escape ladders:

  • Vertical Ladders - these provide a permanent means of escape, unlike other ladder types which are stored inside and need to be erected for use in emergency evacuations. They are available in steel, aluminium alloy or stainless steel and can be supplied with a safety cage when over 2.5m in length.
  • Companion Way Ladders - these have a 65-75 degree slope that makes climbing easier than on a standard vertical ladder. However this also means they can only be made to 3m in length. The top of the ladder can be protected by a self-closing gate if required. A single-line handrail is attached to both sides of the ladder.

Fire Escape Repair - Visit our website

The team at Fire Escape Ltd have a considerable amount of experience in the repair and renovation of fire escapes. We would always advocate renovation over complete replacement, since a typical replacement for a two storey fire escape can cost as much as £9,000. Not only is renovation much cheaper, it also causes less disruption - a replacement may even take 2-3 months arrive, which is both inconvenient and potentially hazardous. When you choose us to renovate your fire escape, we'll replace worn out treads and bars, remove fatigued or rusted fittings and replace them with new parts, upgrade structural supports, strengthen railings, and repaint any parts in need of attention with primer and specialist paint. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Spiral Fire Escape Staircases - Visit our website

Spiral fire escape staircases are a great alternative to the traditional straight design staircases, as the smaller footprint takes up less space and the elegant design makes them more aesthetically pleasing The more complex design makes them subject to more government regulations, but with our wealth of experience and up to date knowledge this is no issue and normally just requires greater planning. In cases where the escape is to be used by more than 50 employees (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005), the spiral staircase must be specifically designed for the capacity of your building. The specific regulations are listed below. 

  • Maximum total height of 9m
  • Minimum of 1.5m in diameter
  • Design must allow "adequate" headroom for users
  • A continuous handrail should run their full length. 

Due to the more complex process required with designing and installing spiral fire escapes, we have a team specifically trained to guide you through the process. 


Disability Access for Fire Escapes - Visit our website

Fire escape plans should also have disabled people in mind. Laws and regulations lay out the following obligations for employers; assuring that the premises can be left safely, providing a fire escape suitable for disabled use, ensuring that new or altered buildings maintain the aforementioned obligations, and performing fire safety risk assessments.

When it comes to making fire safety arrangements suitable for disabled people, there are several possible strategies. These include designing emergency plans with disabled members of staff, creating escape routes alternative to stairways, getting vision-impaired staff familiar with escape routes, including visual evacuation alerts for hearing-impaired staff, and creating individually tailored Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for disabled staff members.

High Rise Fire Escape Systems - Visit our website

Escape from a fire in high-rise buildings can be particularly problematic and conventional fire escape routes are not able to cope with a variety of eventualities.  A common problem is that people on high levels can become trapped due to the corridors below them being blocked by fire and/or smoke.  We provide an alternative escape route to get people safely out of high buildings.  Fire Escape Ltd supplies a range of self-contained systems designed to safely lower people, even from a height of up to 100 floors.  Our quality solution uses a Controlled Descent Device (CDD), which automatically adjusts to the weight of the person using it and lowers them effectively to the ground at speeds of 1 to 1.5 meters per second.  Visit our website where you can see detailed information about the range of CDDs available.

Fire Safety Surveys - Visit our website

Fire Safety Surveys are carried out on business premises to minimise the threat of fire.

The fire safety survey involves:

  • Identifying hazards – includes possible areas/ sources of ignition as well as materials and substances that could fuel a fire.
  • Identifying individuals at risk – paying attention to everyone on the premises and identifying anyone at significant risk (asthmatics, physical disabilities)
  • Evaluating and Protecting – identifying risk to individuals and taking steps to remove the risk.
  • Planning for the Future – carried out once the survey is completed.
  • Reviewing – the survey should be carried out and reviewed annually.

Please visit our website or contact us directly at Fire Escape Limited to find out more about Fire Safety Surveys.




Registration Number: 04172181
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Registered at Companies House:5 March, 2001 (23 years and 1 month ago)
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