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We have a large range of Paella Pans, Paella Gas BurnersPaella Kits and Systems to get you started.

All our paella products are manufactured by "Vaello Campos" (Ontinyent,Valencia, Spain) and imported from us direct to your home.

We bring you the taste of this traditional Valencian dish.

We can supply a range of paella equipment such as Paella Pans, Gas Burners and complete Paella Kits for indoor and outdoor authentic Spanish cooking. 

We also promise customer service to match.

Our no-nonsense recipes help ensure your first authentic paella will be a success. 

Our paella pans and accessories are all sourced from Valencia, Spain and imported to the UK. 

We deliver direct to your door and most orders are sent out within 48hrs of placing.


  • Paella Pans

Paella Kits                 The Kits incudes; Paella Pan, Paella Spoon, 1Kg of Valencian Paella Rice,

                Spices (pimenton rojo and colorante alimentario) and a splash proof Recipe Card.

                We have three different sizes for you, 30cm, 38cm and 42cm.

  • Gas Burners

            Our Paella cookers/burners are ideal for cooking outdoors but without the hassle of burning wood. They come in five sizes depending on the size of your paella pan. The heat is easy to control and makes cooking safe and clean.  Size 2 and 3 have two rings - so you can control the distribution of the heat to get the temperature spot-on.  This ensures your Paella cooks evenly and at the right pace, so you can sit back and relax!  


  • Tripods and Stands

  We offer Open Fire Tripods to suit all sized paella pans, the smaller (30cm) being appropriate for 30-55cm pans and the larger (45cm) being suitable for pans from 42-90cm. For a more authentic way of cooking with the extra flavour that wood gives to your paella dish.    


  • Catering Paella Pans

We have put together a range of Polished Iron and Enamel pans for your big and even bigger paella parties.

Starting with the 55cm up to the 70cm, 80cm and 90cm.

  • Paella Systems

The system comes complete with:

Paella Pan (polished Iron or Enamell), 350mm Gas Burner and Legs, Paella Spoon, 1Kg Paella Rice, Spices (pimenton dulce and colorante alimentario), Splash proof Recipe Card and a Gas Pipe.

  •  Accessories




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