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DVS Quality Solutions Limited is a specialist company offering a range of products, services and solutions for use within regulated environments to ensure that the content of print and packaging meets the client requirements. Primarily focused on the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries, our solutions are designed to provide clients with a secure packaging workflow and helping reduce the potential for expensive recalls. Our consultancy service also identifies workflow concerns and offers advice on improvements. Items within our range include the premier Electronic Text Verification software from Schlafender Hase, Image Comparison software from Ladegast, VeriVide lighting solutions for colour evaluation, X-Rite software for colour control and Pantone publications and software for colour control. Our experience within the industry enables us to supply products and services with confidence. We offer full support with all of our products so that you can be confident in using them as part of your workflow and inspection processes.

About Us

We supply a range of products for the control of texts, graphics and colours in regulatory documents, artwork and printed packaging components. Our solutions are widely regarded and sought after in the pharmaceutical and Medical Device sectors across the world for their accurate results. At DVS Quality Solutions Ltd, our print and packaging solutions cover the complete workflow process to ensure that all printed texts conform to industry standards and that graphics, colours and finishes accurately represent the brand vision. Our solutions not only ensure accurate results thereby reducing the potential for recall due to labelling errors, but also save time in the inspection process and ultimately add to the bottom line.

Electronic Proof-Reading (Comparison)

In regulated industries, the accuracy of information is an absolute necessity. In the pharmaceutical industry for example, instructions on leaflets, packaging and labelling must be exactly the same as the regulatory text from which the information is drawn. Misspelled words or punctuation may result in the wrong medication being taken or at the wrong times. It is also essential that, once artwork is approved for content the finished printed materials replicate the final approved artwork. At DVS, we supply the leading electronic comparator (proof-reading) solutions to inspect the content from approved regulatory document through the artwork process and to the final printed materials. Our electronic comparison tools are accurate, easy to use and ultimately, a vital accessory for companies where word-perfect content is a must.

Text Verification Tool

The Text Verification Tool (TVT) compares texts in documents where the text content should be the same. It highlights mistakes such as typographical errors, missing text, text that is placed in the wrong position and formatting inconsistencies. In Pharmaceutical packaging spelling and grammatical mistakes are not only unprofessional but can ultimately impact on the health of those who are given the incorrect information. Text Verification Tool is the perfect solution. It checks all the content to ensure that it is exactly the same as the approved text document. If any mistakes have arisen it highlights them clearly so that amendments can be made. This is an extremely useful tool used within many international pharmaceutical and medical device companies by professionals who must avoid incomplete or incorrect information.

Image Compare

Image Compare is a software and hardware system that performs various operations to inspect all print content, graphic and text between PDF and PDF, PDF and hardcopy and between hardcopies. ImageCompare also offers colour inspection facilities within defined limits and does not require external software to enable the system to function. ImageCompare was initially developed as a printer’s tool for pre-flight approval, but over the last 20 years has been developed for integration into the quality processes of many pharmaceutical companies. In addition to the content comparison ImageCompare also has the ability to check and decode Braille and inspect barcodes and pharmacodes.

Colour Control Solutions

We offer products and consultancy for the control of colour in print. The use of colour plays a huge role in brand awareness and must be accurate to reflect Brand identity. Our colour control solutions are created to ensure colours reflect their brand image. We supply a range of colour control instruments from X-Rite, a global leader in colour science and technology. To complement these instruments, we also supply a range of software as well as a full range of Pantone publications to assist with colour specification and confirmation. Our services and products are designed to meet the needs of most design, pre-press, print house and quality control organisations where the accuracy of colour is an important part of the production process.

Colour Evaluation Lighting

All of our print and packaging solutions have been created to provide users with the resources to secure their packaging workflow. Our electronic proof-reading software inspects documents to ensure content is word-perfect and the layout is the same as the initial version. Alongside this, our colour verification tools enhance brand recognition. For the ultimate precision, we also supply lighting equipment in order to replicate natural or artificial lighting conditions. This ensures that colours printed in the production process will look as they should under natural or prescribed lighting to ensure continuity of Brand image.



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  • ImageCompare Software and hardware combinations for the comparison of text and graphics in artwork and printed materials in regulated environments.
  • Text Verification Tool Software for the comparison of text in documents of different type or layout

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