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Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd has been providing your water and chemical storage solutions since the 1990's, making us one of the foremost suppliers in the United Kingdom. We produce one of the broadest ranges of water and chemical storage tanks in the country, meaning that millions of litres worth of liquid is being stored in our tanks today. We offer a comprehensive range of quality tanks suitable for rainwater, drinking water, chemicals and wastewater, as well as providing a substantial variety of storage tank solutions for above and below ground installations. Drayton also makes available Standard, Feed & Expansion and chemical resistant tanks with insulation options as required. What's more, Drayton provides Backflow prevention with type AB airgaps in order to provide category 5 protection from contaminated storage. To provide a complete liquid storage solution, our tanks come with first-class fittings and connections. We also offer a range of high quality accessories for our tanks, including Aylesbury Float Valves, Brass Equilibrium Ball Valves, Stainless Steel BSP threaded connectors, Access Hatches, Laminated PN16 Stub Flanges, Drip Trays, Screened Overflows, and many more.

All this means that Drayton is fast becoming your one stop supplier for all your water storage and chemical storage solutions. We can even provide solutions for your old tank's problems without having to replace the tank entirely: corroded, leaking and non-regulatory tanks which could be costly to replace can in most cases be refurbished using our tank lining system which coats the internal surface with an approved material, extending the life of your tank by many years. When we set up Drayton in the 90's, we had an ambition to provide quality GRP storage tanks throughout the United Kingdom, from small domestic and municipal water tanks to large commercial and industrial storage tanks.

We believe this ambition has been fulfilled because of our outstanding reputation for high quality, robust tanks and excellent customer service. We don't just sell you tanks, we help you to buy them - our technical sales department are always on hand to offer their expertise and advice on your water storage conundrums. This philosophy when dealing with clients means that customers make us their first call for storage tank requirements. With sites in the Midlands and South Yorkshire, Drayton Tank & Accessories supply storage tanks that comply with British and European standards to clients up and down the United Kingdom. Our drinking water tanks are WRAS approved, as are our hot water, wastewater and chemical storage products.

BY-LAW 30 Water Tanks - Visit our website

From 45 to 1000 litres, all these tanks are insulated, are WRAS approved, and come with an Overflow kit. These tanks are suitable for potable water.

Potable Water Tanks - Visit our website

A huge range of one-piece, two-piece, insulated, sectional and special-sized tanks are available to store your clean water.

Waste and Chemical Tanks - Visit our website

With a capacity of up to 90,000 litres in approved one piece tanks, these tanks can store hot water, rainwater, chemicals, wastewater, grey water and sewage. They are supplied with our without insulation in a wide range of sizes. Note that all our tanks must be installed on a flat, supporting base.

One Piece Tanks - Visit our website

These tanks are suited for most standard applications, can be used outside, have no access restrictions, and are our most economical style of tank. Manufactured from fibreglass, one piece tanks have no internal joints or supports, leaving a smooth internal surface which is resistant to bacteria. These may be produced in a variety of colours, can be plain or preinsulated, and can have external steel supports enclosed within the walls of the tanks as required.

Two Piece Tanks - Visit our website

These tanks come with or without insulation, have a capacity of up to 90,000 litres, and are made from approved Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). These tanks have a smooth gelcoat internal surface, preventing light entering the container.

Effluent Tanks - Visit our website

For domestic, industrial and commercial use our wide range of effluent tanks are suitable for waste water, effluent, grey water, black water and most other liquids.


Open Top Tanks - Visit our website

These tanks are suitable for water and non-aggressive liquids and are available with a capacity of up to 90,000 litres. We also manufacture open top tanks for chemicals and high-temperate liquids.

Plastic Tanks - Visit our website

As well as the standard GRP tanks, Drayton also provides circular and rectangular MDPE Plastic Tanks available in a variety of sizes.

Fittings - Visit our website

We supply some of the best inlets on the market, from standard plastic ballvalves and float valves, to electronic solenoid valves. 

Screened overflow kits are also available. These comprise of screened overflow fittings, tank vents, and - with larger kits - a screened warning pipe. The internal screened mesh is made from 316 grade stainless steel and is WRAS approved.      

Accessories - Visit our website

Drayton supplies a variety of accessories to accompany our tanks including ball valves, drip trays, overflows, covers, access hatches, railings, internal ladders, and many more.

Rainwater Storage Tanks - Visit our website

We supply circular and rectangular storage tanks suitable for above or below ground installation. Our circular plastic tanks are available in black or white and are manufactured from medium grade polyethylene. They can hold 100 litres to 15,000 litres and feature screwed cap access as well as reinforced tops and bottoms for additional strength.

Our rectangular storage tanks feature a smooth internal bacteria resistant surface, a bolted removable lid, and can store 45 litres up to 20,000. Rectangular storage tanks are available in light grey or British racing green.           

Bespoke Custom Water Tanks - Visit our website

We provide tanks to customers specific requirements, to fit your own special circumstances. click the link for more details


Kiosks and Housings - Visit our website

Kiosks and Housings can be manufactured to specific sizes to meet customer requirements. They are available in a range of colours and feature a smooth external surface. Customers can choose between plain or insulated models and also have the choice whether to have single or double doors. These models also feature lockable handles, louvered vents, plywood internal back boards, and can be supplied with a fire retardant resin on request. All models can be bolted down to form secure structures.

Inlet Valves - Visit our website

We supply a range of inlets that are all WRAS approved to suit various industry applications. Our Brass Equilibrium Ball Valves are suitable for mains pressure up to 5 bar and water temperatures up to 60 degrees C. Our Aylesbury Float Valves are manufactured in brass (also stainless steel for K Type valves), and feature ceramic discs and a puncture proof float. They are suitable for mains pressure up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 60 degrees C. Examples of our Aylesbury Float Valves include K Type Brass, K Type Stainless Steel, KX Type Brass, KA Type Brass (KAX), and KB Type Brass. We also supply various solenoid valves.

Screened Overflow Kits - Visit our website

Screened overflow kits are essential for use with portable water storage tanks that should have screened overflows fitted to meet industry regulations. Our screened overflow kits feature various screened overflow fittings, a screened tank vent on larger kits, a screened warning pipe, and screened mesh manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel. Please visit our website to view the range of different sized overflow kits we offer. We also supply various inline screened overflow kits which are designed for placing inline an existing overflow pipeline. All our screened overflow kits are WRAS approved.

Drayton Heating and Controls - Visit our website

Our range of heating and control products include thermostatic radiator valves, programmable thermostatic radiator valves and solenoid valves with coils and connectors. Customers are also reminded that they can choose from various different valve sizes, to suit their specific requirements. To find out more, don't hesitate to visit the website or you can contact us directly, by phone or email. 

Our Online Shop - Visit our website

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Brand & Trade Names

  • Aylesbury Float Valves
  • Backwash Tank GRP Water Tank for use as Backwash Tanks
  • Balance Tanks Balance Tank for Swimming pool water displacement
  • Booster Pump Tanks
  • Break Tanks
  • Byelaw 30 Water Tanks Drinking Water Tanks - comply to Current Water Regulations - WRAS Approved
  • BY-LAW 30 Water Tanks
  • Chiller Tanks
  • Equilibrium Ballvalve Brass Equilibrium Ballvalves
  • F&E Water Tanks
  • Header Tanks
  • Loft Tanks
  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Spa Balance Tanks Balance Tank for spa pool discplacement
  • Tank Overflow Screened Overflows for Water Storage Tank - help to comply to water regulations
  • TYPE AB AIRGAP TANK GRP Water Tanks with Category 5 Backflow Protection via the Type AB Airgap, as a Screened Spillover Weir in a Raised Ballvalve Housing ontop of the tank lid or in the walls of the tank itself.
  • Water Tanks GRP Water Tanks for most Storage requirements, Potable and non-potable applications, 45 litres up to 100,000 litres - standard and bespoke sizes
  • Water Tanks upto 120 Deg C
  • WRAS Potable drinking water tanks
  • WRAS Approved Water Tanks

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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