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DOPAG (UK) Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of superior-quality metering and mixing technology. As part of the HILGER & KERN GROUP, DOPAG provides systems and components to clients in a range of market sectors across the world. Specialists are present in more than 40 countries who are on hand to deliver quality services and support when needed. Examples of market sectors include: Automotive, Wind Power Industry, Aerospace, Transportation, White Goods, Construction, Glazing, LED, Electronics and more.

With more than 90 years’ experience in the industry, DOPAG is renowned for its quality products and reliable services. DOPAG systems and components are used for a number of processing and application of component polymers or 1-component media. Examples of industry applications DOPAG supports include: Greasing and Oiling, Bonding and Sealing, Potting, Composite Processing, Injection Moulding, Gasketing and Additive Manufacturing. DOPAG deliver products and services of the highest quality ensuring maximum precision and repeatability of results in all types of applications and environments. Alongside first-class metering and mixing technology solutions, DOPAG provides excellent support services covering Spare Parts and Consumables, Maintenance and Repair, and Technical Support

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Aerospace - Visit our website

DOPAG (UK) is a market-leading manufacturer delivering advanced composite manufacturing systems to the aerospace industry. With the industry growing at an incredible rate, production rates must be significantly increased to meet demand. Cost efficiency and environmental concerns are an additional challenge of which automated manufacturing solutions are an effective solution. DOPAGs automated manufacturing processes and systems operate at high speed and deliver high-precision mixing and dosing equipment with assured quality for all stated procedures. DOPAG has been providing the aerospace industry for many years with solutions that are in operation across the world.

Automotive Production - Visit our website

The development of vehicles in automotive production has also changed on a large scale during the last century. Today, various mechanical components, mechatronic components and electronic components require lubrication to ensure quality and performance levels are maintained. In line with developments in the automotive industry, DOPAG has initiated and developed the LubriLine range of lubricant dispensing systems. Examples of the range include Drum Pumps, Pressure Tanks, Material Pressure Regulators, Needle Metering Valves, Gear Flow Meters and more. All items in the range are available at competitive prices and are service and maintenance friendly.

Construction - Visit our website

Here at DOPAG (UK) we deliver high-capacity dosing systems for the bonding of structural building components. Component bonding has become an industrial standard for assembly processes and is widely replacing conventional joining techniques. Our mixing and metering systems are customised to suit the requirements of processing heavy-duty adhesives.

Examples of the range include:

  • Eldomix 100/600 – compact, solvent free, gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.
  • Variomix – solvent free, compact, pneumatic or hydraulically driven piston pump metering and mixing systems.
  • Vectomix – designed to suit multi-component materials.

Please head over to our website for more information regarding our bonding and sealing solutions for the construction industry.

Electronics - Visit our website

We also deliver fine-quality mixing and metering solutions for the electronics industry where processes largely require a constant mixing ration at varying flow rates. Our potting solutions ensure reliability of electronics in a range of extreme conditions which may vary from vibrations to dust or moisture and high temperatures. Materials are processed and mixed to meet specific demand, thus maximising materials consumption and reducing waste. Our DynamicLine, featuring the new dynamic mixing head, features innovative valve technology for reliable, dynamic mixing. Please visit our website to view product brochures, or contact us directly at DOPAG to discuss your application requirements.

Gasketing - Visit our website

DOPAG delivers high-quality gasketing solutions to clients in a range of industries. The DynamicLine provides the industry with an intelligent system for sealing foams as well as for adhesive and casting applications. Based on the new dynamic mixing head, the system can be customised for use with various robotic systems and is particularly suitable for the application of foam seals.

Applications include:

  • Seals in the control cabinet industry
  • Seals in the automotive industry
  • Seals in the domestic appliances industry
  • Seals for the filter, lighting and packaging industry.

DynamicLine is compact in design and provides users with a highly efficient production solution.

Glazing - Visit our website

We are pleased to provide fine quality bonding and sealing solutions for glazing applications. With strict guidelines in place within the construction industry, various challenges must be met. Our metering and mixing systems have been expertly designed and manufactured to process silicone, polyurethane or polysulfide-based 2-C adhesives and apply them to components with high precision. Our solutions are designed to achieve mixing rate and high flow rate demands required in the market. They are widely used for structural bonding and secondary sealant applications of windows and building fronts where they deliver components with high precision.

LED - Visit our website

LEDs have become increasingly popular in recent years and are used for a wide range of applications including flashlights, traffic lights, headlamps, vehicle tail lights, street lights and more. They use less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs and combined with DOPAG potting can be used for a wider range of applications in extreme environments featuring high temperatures, moisture, vibrations and mechanical damage. DOPAG’s two-component metering and mixing systems provide complete process stability and additional benefits including the precise maintenance of the specified mixing ratios, a high metering accuracy, a high flow rate and bubble-free application.

Transportation - Visit our website

Here at DOPAG we deliver first class bonding solutions for specialty vehicle components. Due to the high stresses on these components, reliable processing is essential. With our expertise in the fields of bonding and sealing for the automation of special applications, DOPAG’s bonding solutions have replaced welding, screwing, riveting and other joining methods to achieve reliable results. For the process of heavy-duty adhesives, our top-quality metering and mixing systems are used. Examples of applications include the bonding of side walls, cock pits, front end hoods, headlamps, windows and more. DOPAG systems are environmentally friendly and do not require flushing agents.

White Goods - Visit our website

Our dosing systems for the processing of adhesives and sealants enable the design of innovative household appliances that meet current customer and industry demands and standards. Manufacturers of household appliances place high demands on process stability and product quality especially when it comes to joining technology. Here at DOPAG, our metering and mixing systems are expertly designed and created to achieve maximum precision and guarantee optimum results for products manufactured in the appliance industry. For more information regarding our bonding, sealing and gasketing solutions, please head over to our website.

Wind Power Industry - Visit our website

DOPAG is pleased to support the steadily growing wind power industry with state-of-the-art mixing and dosing systems for resin, adhesive and gelcoat applications. Specifically, DOPAG is pleased to provide a comprehensive portfolio of metering and mixing systems for various applications within the production of rotor blades. Infusion systems with excellent flow rates and adhesive-resin systems producing excellent output weights per minute ensure consistent quality output with minimum mould cycle times. DOPAGs gelcoat systems and systems that mix anti-erosion coatings and filling compounds are also available as well as innovative sealing solutions to prevent water damage on blade tips. Please get in touch or head over to our website for more information regarding our services to the wind power industry.

Additive manufacturing - Visit our website

Additive manufacturing has become increasingly popular in a number of industries including automotive, medical technology and consumer goods. Production applications requiring 3D printing  technology benefit from various advantages such as increased productivity and cost reductions as well as the variation of materials that can be used. DOPAG’s solutions for additive manufacturing complement traditional manufacturing methods and are widely used by renowned manufacturers around the world. To find out how our mixing systems and other additive manufacturing solutions may support your manufacturing needs, please contact our friendly team at DOPAG who will be happy to help.

Automated Dispensing Systems - Visit our website

Here at DOPAG we work closely with clients to deliver super-efficient automated solutions that integrate mixing and metering applications as well as after-treatment solutions in one process. Our solutions are of a modular design but can also be customised to suit specific production requirements. Other benefits of our automated dispensing systems include pneumatically operated safety doors, access protection via light curtains, scanners and safety steps, bar code readers, connections for extraction systems and more. Please visit our website to download and view our online brochure and/or to view video footage displaying examples of our custom-built dispensing systems.

Bonding and Sealing applications - Visit our website

Here at DOPAG, we continually improve and develop our bonding and sealing solutions to suit industry progress and demand. We are pleased to have withheld a leading market position for many years due to the constant optimisation of our systems. Our bonding and sealing solutions are widely used in a range of industries such as aerospace, automotive and railway vehicle manufacturing where they are able to join a wide variety of materials to incredibly high standards. One of the major benefits of using DOPAG bonding and sealing solutions is the weight reduction of many products. All of our systems are manufacturing to DIN 2304.


Composite processing - Visit our website

DOPAG is pleased to provide a range of solutions for processing composites.

Examples include:

  • Infusion – various metering systems are available for various infusion processes.
  • RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) – for the manufacture of composite components.
  • Filament Winding – compact and solvent-free solutions for filament winding applications.
  • Edge Sealing – various metering solutions are available for the sealing of edges on composite components.

Other composite processing solutions provided by DOPAG include: Adhesive Bonding, Shimming
Sealing, Honeycomb Potting, Pultrusion, Insert Potting, LEP (Leading Edge Protection), Putty and Gelcoat. Please head over to our website to find out more about our composite processing solutions.

Epoxy resin potting - Visit our website

Many components found in our everyday lives – smartphones, LEDs, cars etc – contain resins which are vital for the functionality of the item. Our epoxy resin potting is used for the processing of resins based on silicon, polyurethane or epoxy in liquid form to cover various electrical components. The application of resins protects the components against moisture, dust or other types of damage enabling a longer shelf life. All of our systems are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Please get in touch to find out how DOPAG can help you.

Grease and oil metering - Visit our website

DOPAG is pleased to deliver first-class grease and oil metering solutions to clients in a range of industries. Lubricants are used for a range of applications to prevent friction damage to components. We work closely with manufacturers to deliver grease and oil metering solutions that meet the exact requirements and demands of each production process. Whether requirements are for greasing gear racks, headrests, door locks or wheel bearings, DOPAG has the system to suit. Products within the grease and oil metering range include: Chamber metering valves, Gear flow meter, high-speed valves, Light barrier, material pressure regulator, membrane dispensing valves, metering control unit and more. Please visit our website to view the range in full.

LSR dosing system for injection moulding - Visit our website

The production of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) requires a precise production sequence to enable the silicon to withstand demanding application temperatures of -60 to +300 degrees centigrade. Here at DOPAG, we have been developing and processing LSR dispensing technology for a number of years and are pleased to be one of the world-leading providers of LSR technology. Our dispensing system, Silcomix, has been expertly designed and manufactured to deliver stable and reliable, continuous production. Silcomix is used in a range of industries such as automotive, electrical and electronics, white goods, aerospace, medical and more.

Metering pumps and components - Visit our website

Our quality metering pumps and components enable the precise and accurate application of adhesives, lubricants and silicones. The metering system operates with a drum or vessel pump removing the material from its original container and taking it to the metering station where it is metered with a metering valve or an electrical volumetric meter. Various metering valves are available which have the scope to process low to high viscosity materials including adhesives, sealants, greases, oils, pastes and silicones.



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