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DOPAG UK Ltd is a subsidiary of Hilger u. Kern/ Dopag Group, the leading global manufacturer of metering and mixing systems for plural component polymers and single component media such as greases, oils, and pastes. DOPAG has been providing exceptional services to the industry for more than 30 years and is widely respected for its high quality and reliable products and services. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified and our products are developed and manufactured to conform to the latest CE guidelines. Our high quality single and plural component systems are customized to meet industry requirements and are supplied to various companies throughout the UK and Ireland. We also provide material testing and performance trials to end users and materials manufacturers at our Midlands location. Please visit our website for further information regarding our products and services or give us a call at DOPAG for advice and information.

Eldomix 200 - Visit our website

Our Eldomix 200 range has been expertly designed for use with various applications such as coating, encapsulating, gluing, laminating, rapid prototyping, and sealing. The systems are compact in design, solvent free and feature gear pump driven metering and mixing equipment.

The Eldomix range is designed for the application of low to medium viscosity multiple component materials such as epoxies, polyurethanes, and silicones to a mixing ration of 100:100 or by feed pumps. Please visit our website to view images and to view our Eldomix 202 Movie to see the Eldomix 200 in use.

Ceradis - Visit our website

The Ceradis range of static mixing systems has been developed to provide enhanced features and benefits including: high metering accuracy and repeatability, high process security through monitoring the filling level, no valve technology, no pneumatics, and a snuff back effect to avoid the dripping of material. Ceradis is designed to handle single component materials and can be processed by either shot dispensing or continuous flow. We have also created the ceramix range for mixing multi-component materials. Please visit our website for further technical information or give our technical team a call who are on hand to answer your queries and provide you with all the information you may need.

Cartridge Chamber - Visit our website

Our cartridge chamber metering valve is based on a new principle. It features an exchangeable cartridge that is contained within an aluminium valve body, a snuff back effect to avoid the dripping of material, and pneumatic control. We currently supply cartridges with a selected volume from 0.025 up to 100.0.

Dynamic Mixing Systems - Visit our website

Our Dynamic Mixing Systems have been created to provide the ultimate mixing solutions. They are effective for use when multi component materials are to be processed and specifically when there is a significant difference between the volumes of the components, the viscosities of the components are very different, the mixed material has short pot life, or where low flow rates are required.

Please visit our website to view further technical information regarding our Dynamic Mixing Systems or to find out information regarding our complete range of products and services.


Metadis - Visit our website

Here at DOPAG (UK) Ltd, we are pleased to supply the metadis product line. metadis has been expertly designed and created to handle single component materials. All that is required for operation of metadis is a suitable material supply and metering computer. The system features a modular construction and can be used for a wide range of applications. Materials can be processed by shot dispensing or continuous flow to suit different user requirements. To find out more about metadis, please head over to our website where you can download the metadis datasheet. Alternatively, please call us directly at DOPAG (UK) Ltd for more information.  

Modis - Visit our website

We are also pleased to supply modis – a fantastic speed-proportional metering system designed for use in a range of industries such as automotive, automotive supply, electrical, aerospace, defence, medical, construction and more. Modis controls the flow rate of single component adhesive and sealant applications. It features high metering accuracy, no shot size limit, precise flow measurement with elective confirmation, valve drive which is hermetically sealed from the atmosphere and a modular construction. Nozzles can be fixed or movable and application can be made with robot or automated systems. Please visit our website for more information.

1K Metering Systems - Visit our website

The excellent 1K system concept has been designed and manufactured for the pumping and metering of single component media with maximum precision. Our single component metering systems are easy to use, economical and feature a modular system design. They can be used for a wide range of applications such as bead laying, applying drops, filling, spraying, laminating and more. Various materials can be processed including sealants, silicones, colourants, greases, oils, pastes and adhesives. Our 1K metering systems feature a material pressure regulator, flow regulator valve, metering computer, electronic volume counter, drum pumps, metering and dispensing valves. Please download our online datasheet for more information.

Electronic Metering and Mixing Systems - Visit our website

DOPAG (UK) Ltd offers a fantastic range of electronic metering and mixing systems. These systems are based on the VOLU-MIX principle and are custom-designed in modular form. They are used for materials with extreme mixing ratios, materials with micro balls and for low working pressures.

The range includes:

  • ladomix V-SB –  metering and mixing systems for laminating/ solvent based applications.
  • silcomix V200 – compact, pneumatically driven metering and mixing systems for casting/ injection moulding.
  • toolingmix V200 – compact, pneumatically driven electronically controlled metering and mixing systems for rapid prototyping/ tooling.

Please head over to our website for full product descriptions.

Piston Metering Systems - Visit our website

DOPAG (UK) Ltd also offers an excellent range of top quality piston pump driven metering and mixing systems.

The range includes:

  • boostermix – for gluing/ sealing.
  • economix – for coating/ encapsulating/ gluing/ rapid prototyping and sealing.
  • Micromix – for coating/ encapsulating/ gluing and sealing.
  • silcomix – for casting.
  • viscomix – for gluing and sealing.
  • ceramix – for encapsulating/ gluing and sealing.
  • metamix – for encapsulating/ gluing and sealing.
  • shotmix – for encapsulating/ gluing and sealing.
  • variomix – for coating/ encapsulating/ gluing/ laminating and sealing.

Please see full product descriptions online. Alternatively, please contact our friendly team at DOPAG (UK) Ltd to discuss your requirements.          

Mixing Systems - Visit our website

Please contact DOPAG (UK) Ltd to find out more about our mixing systems. We offer a range of mixing systems suitable for the processing of multi-component materials.

Our mixing systems include:

  • Dynamic mixing system – our dynamic mixers are widely used for processing multi-component materials where there is a significant difference between the volumes of the different components, the viscosities of the components are very different, the material has a short pot life or where very low flow rates are a requirement.
  • Static mixing system: these systems are widely used for processing materials with similar viscosities and materials with a relatively long pot life.
  • Static-dynamic mixing system – these mixing systems are used for difficult media with dissimilar viscosities and a relatively long pot life.
  • Mixer element monitoring for static-dynamic mixing systems – for detecting failure of static-dynamic mixing systems.

Full details are available on our website.

Peripherals - Visit our website

State-of-the-art peripherals are available to complement our range of metering and mixing systems.

The range includes:

  • Robots – used with metering and mixing systems to achieve fully automatic and complex application requirements.
  • Automated systems – path and/or distance-controlled automated systems suitable for use in combination with our metering and mixing systems.
  • Vacuum technology – for perfect encapsulating even with applications where components have narrow gaps, tight bores or angular structures.

Please see full product descriptions, including images, on our website.

Material Supply - Visit our website

Our drum pumps are widely used as central materials supply systems and are able to supply single stations. Various viscous materials such as grease, adhesives, sealants or the base components of silicone, polyurethane and epoxy resin can be fed from containers.

The range includes:

  • Bung mounted pumps – for the transfer of media from original containers.
  • Drum pumps 200 I – for the transfer of media from 200 litre drums.
  • Drum pumps 10-80 I – for the transfer of media from 10 – 80 litre containers.
  • Transfer pumps – for the transfer of media from 1,000 litres original containers or bulk containers.

Please get in touch for more information.



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