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Crompton Controls has been designing and manufacturing electric motor control equipment for well over a century, making us one of the most experienced suppliers in the automation control market. We have a global reputation built upon high quality control solutions and outstanding customer service. 


Crompton offers an extensive range of products to meet all your motor control needs, and we are constantly developing more. This allows us to incorporate the very latest technologies and ensures we remain at the very forefront of this highly competitive industry. 


In addition to our market-leading range of standard products, we’re able to offer bespoke motor control solutions to meet the individual requirements of our customers. In-house design and manufacturing facilities (and expertise) allows us to develop custom control panels on competitive lead times. 


Over the years, Crompton Controls has become known not just for product excellence but for service excellence also. Our staff are wholly committed to helping you from the first enquiry right through to delivery. Customers who require help selecting or installing a control product will receive the very best advice and guidance from industry professionals with many years of experience. 


Crompton is a privately-owned British company with a proud manufacturing heritage. We have been involved in the design and manufacture of electric controls for more than 130 years. The company founder, Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton, was one of Britain’s pioneering electrical engineers, responsible for developing one of the world’s first public electricity supplies and introducing lighting networks to both India and Australia. 


You can find out more about who we are and what we do by visiting Crompton Controls online. 


Control Panels

Crompton offers a wide range of high-quality control panels from Form 1 to Form 4, Outstations and many more. We design and build products that can be either wall mounted or floor standing, and strive to exceed customer expectations through a fast and efficient service.

Pictured to the right is one our Form 4 control panels. They have internal separation of the busbar system from functional units, and separation of all functional units from each other.

For more information on all types of first-rate control panels that Crompton supply, please visit our website.

Drawing Services

Crompton design control panels to meet a wide range of requirements. Our dedicated, flexible, and highly experienced team of engineers are able to manage multiple BMS control panel projects, including comprehensive drawing services to clients. From initial design to final manufacture, Crompton uses the latest technology and systems to ensure that every product fully meets our clients full expectations.

Whether you require a full set of control panel drawings, door fascia layouts, back plate layouts, modification to existing drawings or panel specific bills of materials, Crompton can provide the complete service. 

Engraving Services

Crompton offers a high-quality laser engraving service with exceptional turnaround times. Using a high-tech laser engraving and cutting machine, we are capable of producing precise and repeatable control panel labels including:

  • Fascia Labels
  • Backplate Component Labels
  • Danger Labels
  • Company Labels
  • Tag Labels
  • Specialist Labels made to exacting requirements

For more information on our engraving services, please contact us or visit our website.

Series 3000 Standard Starters

Crompton’s Series 3000 Standard Starters are amongst the most reliable on the market. The range includes:

  • Direct-on-Line Standard Starters
  • Star-Delta Standard Starters
  • Direct-on-Line Reversing Controls
  • Two Speed Dual Wound Starters
  • Two Speed Pole Change Starters
  • Single Phase Series Starters
  • Direct-on-Line Standby Duty Starters
  • Direct-on-Line Fan Shakers
  • Direct-on-Line Flush-Mounted Starters

Pictured to the right is the Direct-on-Line Standard Starter with built-in Start, Stop and Reset push buttons. It features a weatherproof IP55 enclosure in RAL 7035 light grey and has provision for remote control. Find out more by visiting Crompton Controls online. 


DC Injection Brakes

Crompton’s product portfolio includes several different types of DC injection brake control. Customers can choose from the following options:

  • Three Phase Direct-on-Line
  • Single Phase Direct-on-Line
  • Three Phase Star-Delta
  • Star-Delta ‘Smooth Brake’
  • Star-Delta IP55 Dust Proof
  • Modular DC Injection Kits

Full details for each of the above can be found on our website. Pictured to the right is our Three Phase Direct-on-Line DC injection brake control. This provides controlled stopping for compliance with PUWER 98. It comes complete with integral Start and Stop push buttons and has a simple braking time and torque setting. Housed within an IP55 dust-proof enclosure, it is ideal for virtually all industrial environments. 


CC Range - AC Contactors & Accessories

The CC Range includes a number of AC contactors and several mounting accessories. On our website you will find:

  • Four Pole Contactor Style Control Relays
  • Four Pole AC Contactors
  • Three Pole AC Contactors
  • Thermal Overload Relays - Manual Reset Type CR
  • Thermal Overload Relays – Manual / Automatic Reset Type CRA
  • CC Electronic Times
  • Automatic Relay Mounting Brakes – Type CMBA
  • Add-On Auxiliary Contact Blocks – Front and Side Mounting
  • Mechanical Interlocks
  • Manual Relay Mounting Start Contacts
  • Base Plates for CC115 to CC630

Please visit Crompton Controls online for full details and specifications. 


Shaft Power Monitors

Our EL-FI Shaft Power Monitors are often installed to prevent dry running, cavitation and jamming in pumps, however they are equally suitable for monitoring shaft power in mixers, agitators, blenders, scrapers, conveyors, machine tools and automatic gates or doors. Installing a Shaft Power Monitor helps to minimise wear and tear and can also reduce overall energy consumption. Crompton Monitors have IP20 protection and are DIN-rail mounted for easy installation. Find out more by visiting Crompton Controls online.

Soft Starters

Crompton’s product portfolio includes a range of soft starters. A soft starter is a device that controls motor acceleration and deceleration in order to minimise mechanical stress on the motor and shaft during startup and shutdown. Installing a soft starter can extend the serviceable life of your equipment quite considerably. Our models range from 17 to 1400 A and 7.5kW to 800 kW. Full details and specifications are available on our website.

Yaskawa Variable Speed Drives

Crompton Controls is pleased to offer a range of variable speed drive control panels from Yaskawa, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic drive technology. Yaskawa models available to purchase online include:

  • A1000 Inverter – Three Phase
  • A1000 Three Phase IP54 Standard Drive Panel
  • J1000 Inverter – Single and Three Phase
  • V1000 Inverter – Single and Three Phase
  • Compact V1000 Inverter

We also have a range of Yaskawa accessories. Pictured to the right is the Three Phase A1000 Inverter. It features 8 digital inputs, 1 pulse input, 3 analogue inputs, 1 pulse output, 2 analogue outputs and 3 relay outputs. More details can be found on our website.  


Solar PV

Crompton Controls has set up a dedicated Solar Division responsible for the supply of Solar PV products and components. The range includes:

  • Solar DC Connectors
  • Crompton Solar Combi-Switch
  • Crompton Solar 'Combi-Complete' – with Mastervolt PV Inverter,  DC Switch,  AC Mains Isolator, OFGEM-approved Smart Generation Meter (optional) and interconnecting AC and DC cabling. 
  • Single Phase Meters
  • Mastervolt Soladin-600 Converter
  • Mastervolt Sunmaster CS, IS, XL and XS Inverters 
  • Sunwatch-25 Meter

Full details for each of the above can be found on the Crompton Controls website. 


Hazardous Area Equipment

Crompton Controls offers a range of products that are approved for use in hazardous areas. You can find out more about these by visiting Crompton Controls online or calling us on the number provided at the top of this page.

Spoola Cable Carrier

Spoola is a unique cable carrier which has been designed by electricians, for electricians. As well as carrying the reels it acts as a secure dispenser, allowing you to quickly run off the cable you need for the job. Weighing 2.8kg, the Spoola is very sturdy but still light enough to carry. It can hold up to 50kg of cable. 

  • Robust steel construction
  • Holds multiple reels
  • Easy to set up
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Light enough to carry

When open, the Spoola measures 760 x 340 x 340mm (L x H x W) with 610mm between the arms. When folded away it measures 760 x 380 x 40mm. 


Direct On-Line Standby Duty Starters

Our Duty Standby Starters are specifically designed for integration with a dual pump control system (this operates the standard Duty Pump and automatically switches over to the standby should the Duty Pump trip out on overload). The Standby Starter is available in single or three phase versions and in four different sizes. It has built-in Start, Stop and Reset Buttons and is housed within a surface-mount, IP55-rated enclosure in RAL7035 Light Grey. Customised versions can be made to incorporate duty assist, timed duty rotation, level switch control, status indication, signalling, soft start/stop, sleep function and variable speed/pressure/flow control.

Star-Delta Standard Starters

Star-Delta Standard Starters are available in single and three phase versions and in four different sizes, the largest of which measures 305 x 285 x 159mm (H x W x D). They feature built-in Start, Stop and Reset push buttons and are housed within a surface-mount enclosure. IP55 protection means these starters can be used in the toughest industrial environments. For more details, specifications and pricing information, please head over to the Crompton Controls website.

Star Delta IP55 Dust Proof Control Panels

Star-Delta DC injection brake control panels are heavy duty rated for high inertias and longer stopping times. They provide controlled stopping for PUWER 98 compliance. Features include:

  • Star-Delta Main Motor starter with Start/Stop push buttons
  • Conveniently placed supply and motor cable connections.
  • Optional Track/Run selector switch.
  • Optional feeder motor DOL starter with Start/Stop push buttons.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • IP55 dust proof enclosure.

The Star-Delta IP55 Control Panel runs on a 400V / 3hp / 50Hz mains supply. Full details and specifications can be found on our website. 


DC Injection Modular Kits & Spares

Crompton Controls offers a range of retrofit parts for integrating into existing control panels. They include:

  • S10 Brake Modules – 400V
  • S10 Brake Modules – 230V
  • Brake Contactor Coils – 400V
  • Brake Contactor Coils – 200V
  • Control Fuse Holders
  • Control Fuses – 4 Amp

These components are designed for use with single motor machines up to 7.5kW 3ph and 2.2kW 1ph. Please get in touch to find out more. Contact details are provided at the top of this page. 


Star Delta Smooth-BRAKE control panels, Assemblies & Modules

Star-Delta Smooth-BRAKE control panels, assemblies and modules are designed to provide the smoothest braking action possible, eliminating all shocks, vibration and noise. They have been developed to reduce mechanical stress in Band Resaw type machines. Smooth-BRAKE panels offer:

  • Unique 3 stage automatic voltage ramp down to zero
  • Soft application of high initial DC injection
  • Low level final DC stage with surge reduction
  • Automatic cut off at zero speed
  • Simple adjustment with shut off timer and torque level potentiometers

Find out more by visiting Crompton Controls online. 


EL-FI Drainage Control Monitor

The EL-FI Drainage Control Monitor is designed to prevent dry running in submersible pumps. It does this by continuously adjusting the pump operation to suit the sump/pit filling rate. Preventing the pump from ‘running dry’ will help to reduce wear and tear, extending its serviceable lifetime. It will also help to reduce energy consumption, saving you money on electricity bills. Typical applications for the EL-FI Drainage Control Monitor include water treatment plants, lifting pump stations, booster stations and general drainage of construction sites, quarries and mines.


Crompton supplies motor starters, speed drives, solar PV products and bespoke control solutions to a range of industries and market sectors. Applications include:

  • Factory Production – Controlling manufacturing plant and equipment.
  • Food Production – Controlling conveyors, mixers, pumps, etc. 
  • Water Processing – Controlling pumps and other equipment.
  • Building Services – Controlling pumps, fans and compressors in building management systems.
  • Agriculture – Controlling conveyors, grain dryers and irrigation pumps. 

Find out more about the ways in which our products are used by visiting Crompton Controls online. 




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