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CMI Ltd is an established supplier of agricultural fertilisers, micronutrients, pesticides, insect repellents and other associated products. Set up in 1980, the company has over 30 years of experience providing industry-approved materials and offering marketing consultancy services for clients throughout the UK and beyond. As well as distributing nationally, we now export to over 25 countries worldwide. 

On our website and in the sections below you can some examples of the products that we currently supply. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us on 01636 892 078. As experts in agriculture, it’s likely we can find an alternative solution to meet your requirements. 


At CMI we have a huge range of liquid and powder formulations designed to improve crop yield. We can also tailor formulations according to individual needs. Standard products include:

  • Micronutrients based on naturally-occurring chelating agents, such as lignosulphates / sulphonic and phenolic acids – in liquids, mixes and powders.
  • Micronutrients based on synthetic chelating agents – in microgranules and liquids. 
  • Unchelated micronutrients – in liquids, individual elements, mixes and dry flowables.
  • Ferrite Heptonate – in powder and liquid formulations.

Liquids are supplied in 1, 5, 20 or 210 litre drums.  Powders are supplied in 1kg, 20kg and 25kg bulk bags. 

All formulations are designed for easy handling, measuring and mixing, and afford even coverage through low or high volume sprays. Another advantage of CMI micronutrients is that they are non-abrasive: unlike some other formulations they will not cause damage to pumps and other distribution equipment.  


Also available are a number of approved pesticides targeting various insects, weeds, plant pathogens, mollusks, etc. They include:

  • ALBAZ & VIRRE, Alpha-Cypermethrin, Insecticide Formulations
  • 'CM' Bacillus Thuringiensis, Insecticide Formulations 
  • CARBOS, Carbosulfan Insecticide Formulation 
  • CYMBAZ, Cypermethrin Formulations 
  • 'CM' Deltamethrin Insecticide Formulations 
  • FENBAZ, Fenvalerate Insecticide Formulations
  • FORCE, Abamectin, Insecticide Formulations 
  • PERBAZ, Permethrin Insecticide Formulations 
  • ROTENONE DUST & RESIN, Insecticide (Derris) 
  • ANA Rooting Powder 
  • Gibberellic Acid Growth regulator Formulations 
  • Ethion S.P. Growth Regulator
  • Glyphosate, Herbicide
  • Paraquat, Herbicide
  • POWER SUPER, Fenoxaprop, Herbicide
  • Sodium Chlorate, Herbicide
  • Polysulphate, Fungicide / Acaricide
  • SUPERFLOR Metaldehyde 5% + 6% Granules and Pellets – Molluscicide
  • 'CM' Prochloraz formulations, Fungicide
  • BRODONIL, Mancozeb 64% + Metalaxyl 8%, Fungicide
  • TOPXINE, Thiophanate Methyl 50% & 70% W.P., Fungicide

Other commodity pesticides are available upon request. 

Rodenticides & Insect Repellents

We also have a selection of approved rodenticides, including CILLRAT, a Brodifacoum formulation supplied in pellets. Other rodenticides are available on request. Please visit CMI Ltd online or get in touch directly on 01636 892 078 to discuss your requirements with an industry expert.

Other Products

Other products supplied by CMI include Hydrosorb water retention pellets, wool pellets, salts and sulphates (including copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc). 

We also have a number of associated companies offering a range of amenity products. Please contact us to find out more. 



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