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The Cibin Company is an industrial cooling and air-conditioning specialist offering a huge range of products to satisfy every industrial and commercial refrigeration need. Combining quality, safety and reliability, our systems represent some of the very best that the industry has to offer. From basic monoblocks to advanced split systems, the Cibin range covers all requirements. 


The Cibin Company is one of the most experienced suppliers in the market. We have been involved in the supply, installation and maintenance of industrial cooling and air-conditioning systems for many, many years, making us well placed to offer expert advice and guidance on all matters relating to refrigeration. When you purchase a product from us you benefit from first class technical support and comprehensive after-sales services. 


As a true industry innovator we’re always looking for ways to improve and expand upon our products and services. And, as an environmentally-conscious company, we’re constantly updating our technologies to make them more efficient and using refrigerants that are less harmful to the atmosphere.  


To find out more about the Cibin Company and the services we provide, please head over to our website. 



The Cibin Company offers three outstanding monoblock refrigeration systems, which between them have virtually all your commercial and industrial cooling requirements covered. 

  • LAIKA EL – a wall-mount refrigerating system that’s easy to install and practically ready to use. 
  • KUMA – a roof-mount refrigerating system which, just like the LAIKA EL, is very easy to install and use. 
  • ESKIMO  - available in three different models. Suitable for beer and drinks, food, agriculture and other applications where storage is required at temperatures between 0°C and 4°C. These systems use Freon refrigerants and polyurethane insulation, both of which are less harmful for the environment than conventional materials. 



ICEBERG and TAIGA are our advanced split systems designed for cold rooms where both fresh and frozen produce is kept. They are available in various sizes to suit the cooling requirements of your particular application. Details on our split systems can be found on the Cibin Company website.

Condensing units

TUAREG is the name applied to Cibin’s range of commercial condensing units. These state-of-the-art refrigeration systems are ideal for use in food display counters, shop windows and certain types of cold room. Like all Cibin products, TUAREG condensing units are made to the highest standard using quality materials and advanced production processes, thus guaranteeing their quality, safety and reliability. Our reputation rests on refrigeration systems that you can depend upon for outstanding performance over a long period of time. Find out more about our TUAREG condensing units by visiting the Cibin Company online.

Pack units

Cibin Pack Units are centralised cold systems that can be used for a variety of applications (cold rooms, refrigerating counters, shockfrost, etc.). Their compact design means they require very little installation effort and are also very easy to operate. One installed, a Cibin Pack Unit is practically ready to use. For data sheet downloads, head over to the Cibin company website.


Also available from Cibin is a range of quality evaporating systems for use in cool rooms, commercial refrigeration and other similar applications. Like all Cibin systems they have been designed to perfection and built using the very best materials and the most advanced production techniques, guaranteeing exceptional performance over the system’s entire life time. Visit the Cibin Company online to find out more.

ELBT panels

Cibin also manufactures a range of refrigeration system control panels, all of which have been designed with a user-friendly interface that makes managing your coolers and air-conditioning units extremely easy. 

  • Carrè M – a series of mechanical control panels suitable for single installations with electrical defrost. Ideal for those who prefer the functionality of the standard box without giving up its quality. 
  • Carrè EL – allows the user to programme switch-on and defrost delays and is compatible with telecontrol FRIGOTEL systems. 
  • Carrè A – designed to control refrigerating installations for preservation at a positive temperature between +5°C and +15°C. Features auxiliary single-phase output, pump-down option, magnetothermic protection, tropicalized power switches and homologated components. 
  • Carrè U – designed to control all refrigeration systems in series, for example in a shopping centre or supermarket. 
  • Carrè H – a series of “power” boxes for the control of motocondensing units with three-phase compressors from 0.5 to 20 Hp. 
  • Carrè R – a series of electrical boxes for the remote control of refrigeration systems. Each model is designed to answer to different functions.

Find out more about our control panels by visiting the Cibin Company website. 



The ALASKA is a refrigeration system that gives guarantee and continuity to the cold chain. It can be fitted to any type of towable trailer, meaning you can maintain and control food temperatures during their most delicate stage: transport. If you would like to find out more about the ALASKA trailer mount refrigeration system, or any of the products listed in the sections above, please head over to our website.



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Brand & Trade Names

  • LAIKA EL Monoblock. Refrigerating system that can be fitted saddling ot on the cold room wall. Its monobloc structure makes it possible to create a ready-to-use system that is simple to install and to use.
  • TUAREG Condensing Unit. Refrigerating system appliable to several uses: refrigerating counters, shop windows, cold rooms.

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