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Premium quality nutritional products for health and wellness 

    Antioxidant nutritional power blended with an unparalleled opportunity that can allow you to capitalize on the surging health and wellness industry.


  • Juice
    • MONAVIE Original - Blend of the Brazilian açai berry and 18 other fruits delivering powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to help your body fight free radicals.
      • Potent antioxidant protection against free radicals. 
      • Contains variety of key nutrients.
      • Provides nutritional benefits.
      • Contains antioxidant polyphenols.
    • MONAVIE Active - Blend of plant - derived glucosamine and 19 fruits. 
      • Increases mobility and flexibility of your body.
      • Delivers the nutrition to help maintain a healthy range of motion.
      • Glucosamine encourages the production of glycoproteins.
    • MONAVIE Pilse - Blend of 19 body - beneficial fruits. 
      • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
      • Delivers powerful antioxidants to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.
      • Features resveratrol which protects healthy blood vessels.

    • MONAVIE (M)mún -  Blend of 19 body-beneficial fruits and Wellmune® promoting proper immune function.
      • Supports immune system.
      • Optimize body's natural defenses. 
    • MONAVIE Kosher - Delivers potent antioxidants and essential nutrients to your body.
      • Potent antioxidant protection against free radicals.
      • Adheres to all kosher dietary laws.
      • Provides nutritional benefits.
    • MONAVIE EMV - Blend of antioxidant rich fruits and natural sources of energy recharges body and mind with a boost of sustained energy. 
      • Increases energy. 
      • Promotes alertness.
      • Enhances performance.
      • Supports endurance.

  • Gel
    • MONAVIE Original - For your body's antioxidant and nutritional needs.
    • MONAVIE Active - Enhances your body's joint health.
    • MONAVIE Pilse - Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.



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