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When you need hydraulic drive systems for low speed and high torque applications, no one is more qualified to supply them than Bosch Rexroth.

It's over 50 years since we first introduced our hydraulic radial piston motors, and since then we've been helping customers all across the globe manage the toughest operations in some of the most extreme industrial environments. They have relied on our drive solutions, control units and pumps for assured performance, flexibility and reliability. It's no wonder that many organisations in the UK, Europe and beyond make Bosch Rexroth their first port of call for hydraulic drives.

Our drive systems comprise of a hydraulic motor, power unit and an innovative control system, all designed to offer extended lifetime economy and improved productivity. We focus our operations on three key business areas; industrial, marine and offshore, and mobile (building and construction).

When you choose Bosch Rexroth, you'll be making the most sensible choice you've ever made. Our name is synonymous with quality, efficiency and uncompromising performance. Not only can these words be applied to our drive systems and motors, but they also describe our workshops, offices and indeed the whole organisation. Of course we are ISO certified, but we believe that it's our customers' approval – not certificates – that tell of Bosch Rexroth's quality.


Benefits, Motors, Systems - Our hydraulic drive systems offer great power without the complexity
- no over-dimensioning, no unnecessary gearboxes, and no heavy foundations. This is all made possible because our simple yet revolutionary concept: the direct hydraulic drive. This groundbreaking technology offers numerous benefits, including a high starting torque for an unlimited period, infinitely variable speed through a gearless design allowing you to optimise production capacity, and insensitivity to shock loads thanks to a low moment of inertia and an ability to quickly limit torque. Because the direct drive concept does away with gearboxes and heavy foundations, you'll also have the added benefit of saving space.


Our fully enclosed motor units are always filled with oil, making them naturally lubricated and vibration-proof. A precision cam ring and a cylinder block with pistons make up the key motor components. Robust and reliable, these motors can be used almost anywhere on land or at sea. Whether they're being used in the freezing temperatures of Siberia or under the scorching sun in Africa, a Bosch Rexroth motor will withstand the challenges of any type of industry in any working environment. Our broad spectrum of motors, all based on direct drive technology, will drive any application, from the smallest winch to the largest bucket wheel reclaimer. From 5000 to 1,400,000 Nm, they provide reliable shaft or housing rotation.

Industrial Drive Units

Our industrial drive units are the source of power for our motors, and that's why they are made to be every bit as robust and efficient. With optimum controllability and fast-acting hydraulic pumps, they offer levels of reliability that no other system can match. Easily installed, we can supply drive units in a wide range of power levels and configurations.

We'll also customise your drive unit to suit your application if required. Before leaving our factory, every unit is function tested, so you can be assured of an efficiently operating product. Some of our industrial drive units also come with our economical Spider monitoring and control system.

Marine Drive Units

Our hydraulic direct drive technology is suitable for meeting the demands of marine and offshore industries. With an unprecedented level of reliability and performance, our complete systems are highly flexible and easily customised for a range of applications. Power units from Bosch Rexroth are designed and built to meet recognised marine standards, and can be supplied in weather-proof, sound-insulated cabinets, or fully containerised in an open frame design for installation below deck.

Needless to say, our marine standard drive units are backed up by Bosch Rexroth's worldwide support services.


Our control and monitoring systems act as the nerve centre of our drive units. By providing helpful information and essential functions, they allow you to set long term operation programmes and enable split-second decision making. Most of our control systems are based on Spider, a versatile control unit which offers excellent communication between our drive units and your application. If you would like to find out more about our control systems, simply follow the link or give us a call!

About Rexroth Filtration

The recent acquisition of one of Europe’s leading filter manufacturers ( K & H Eppensteiner ) has allowed Rexroth to introduce its own dedicated range of filtration systems. The range covers multiple filtration applications across the agriculture, rail, mobile and industrial sectors, and includes filter accessories such as measuring instruments and condition monitoring systems. To find out more about Rexroth Filtration, please visit us online or get in touch with our filtration specialist Chris Gray on 07805 738 566.

Filtration Products

On the Rexroth Filtration website you’ll find a huge range of filtration products in a variety of sizes and materials. Our core product categories are:

  • Ventilation filters
  • Tank-mounted filters
  • Inline filters
  • Duplex filters
  • Block mounting filters
  • Suction and replacement cartridge filters
  • Sieve basket filters
  • Filter systems
  • Filter elements
  • Filter accessories

Our special Filter Select tool will help you find the right filter for your requirements. Product details and specifications can be found at Rexroth Filtration online or in our product catalogue. 

Filtration Product Catalogue

The Bosch Rexroth product catalogue now includes our complete range of filtration products, from filter elements to housings and measurement systems. Download it from our website and find your ideal filter in seconds. If you need any advice or guidance in product selection, please contact our filtration specialist on 07805 738 566.

Tooth Chain Drives

We are among the leading worldwide manufacturers of inverted tooth chain drive technology, providing premium drive and transport solutions for a range of machines and systems. The technological basis of our range is formed by virtually noise-free inverted tooth chains (a.k.a. silent chains) and the low-friction 2-pin.

Our reliable, high-performance chain drives offer high-precision functioning at speeds as high as 50 m/s in a variety of applications. Our inverted tooth conveyor chains are a cost-effective solution for conveyor equipment, increasing the reliability of modern production processes and machines in almost all industries.

Customized Solutions

For functions that can't quite be met by our standard product range, our specialists can advise you on the creation of a customised system solution. They can help to create the optimum device and parts configuration for ready-to-use controls and handling systems.

Our product range includes control cabinets with and without control, cylinder valve units, control panels, specifically modified valve units, and compressed air preparation.

Product Development

Our experts can provide tailored component and product development for solutions with highly specialised needs. Drawing on expertise from our worldwide competence centres, they can make minor modifications to standard components or provide completely new concepts to assure that you receive the perfect solution.

From the first conversation with the user and first creative phase, to the search for solutions and series production, we can guarantee you a well-organised project from the very beginning. Our services include prototype construction, simulation, function and concept testing, pre-series production, conducting test phases up to series maturity and SOP.

Pneumatic Products

Our proven pneumatic components are robust and reliable – perfect for special applications with low and medium speed engines.

We supply the marine industry with a wide range of pneumatic components, including working logic valves, logic control valves, air preparation components, manoeuvring and controlair valves, 30-bar multiway valves and positioners.



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