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Bioquell are regarded as world leaders in the design, manufacture and application of complete solutions for the eradication or prevention of airborne and surface contaminants in hospitals, GMP and GLP environments. Bioquell supplies equipment, services, reagents, consultancy and validation to the healthcare and life science sectors.

Our hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) bio-decontamination technology is used to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses. We also offer infection control solutions for the segregation of infectious patients in a healthcare setting.

Our HPV technology effectively delivers surface sterilisation of buildings, specific areas and rooms, and is a safe, residue-free and repeatable process. Bioquelling can also be used safely in areas containing sensitive electronics and equipment and offers many benefits and advantages over traditional decontaminants such as chlorine-based products and formaldehyde.

Our company can also offer bespoke equipment for a number of different defence industry applications and includes chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) filtration equipment. Our bespoke equipment can be used in conjunction with air-conditioning systems as well as supporting power units.

Bioquell QUBE

The Bioquell QUBE is an aseptic workstation for all small scale methods requiring highly clean environments, including sterility testing, cell therapy processing, cytotoxics drug preparation and pharmacy compounding. This cost effective modular system features an ISO5 grade A chamber with uni-directional air flow and is ergonomically designed for user comfort. Utilising fully integrated HPV technology, the Bioquell QUBE ensures rapid bio-decontamination for transfer of materials into the work area as well as maintaining an aseptic working environment. The modular approach of the Bioquell QUBE helps enhance efficiency and productivity for all applications it is used for. Browse through our website to view more information and specifications on the Bioquell QUBE.

Bioquell Pod

The Bioquell Pod is a product that has been specifically designed to protect patients in cases of infectious outbreaks. The Pod is a temporary structure tailored to an individual bed space and facilitates decontamination with Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology in under one hour. The Pod can be rapidly erected and if needed can provide additional single occupancy areas, helping to increase flexibility in hospitals. Our Pods are the best way to help control outbreaks in hospital wards and also to manage patients who are suspected of being infected with a virus, bacterium or fungus

Bioquell BQ-50

Our HPV bio-decontamination system, known as the BQ-50, is used to decontaminate a variety of rooms including hospital wards and units as well laboratories and non-regulated environments. This technology has a proven track record when it comes to combating superbugs in environments such as John Hopkins Hospital. Key features of the Bioquell BQ-50 include parametric control for quick bio-decontamination cycles as well as reduced cycle times using an extremely efficient catalytic aeration process. Fast and efficient cycles means there is no requirement for gas cycle development and this unit is portable enough to be moved quickly to areas that require immediate bio-decontamination.

Bioquell L-4

The Bioquell L-4 is a highly portable and extremely robust HPV generator. The L-4 provides enhanced HPV delivery utilising a simple user interface and touch panel controls. This generator has been designed for bioquelling a wide range of enclosures, equipment and areas safely, including safety cabinets, freeze driers, isolators and laboratories. The L-4 also has an optional room distribution head for effective bioquelling of areas up to 75m3. The L-4 is extremely easy to operate and features safe bottle loading, a built-in drip tray and a wipe clean mechanism.

Bioquell WIC-1

The Bioquell WIC-1 or Walk-in HPV bio-decontamination chamber is the ideal solution for decontaminating material loads or equipment that is entering or exiting controlled areas. The chamber features floor level loading and unloading for easy access and is an efficient and safe system for transfers offering a high level disinfection process. Key benefits of the Bioquell WIC-1 include excellent material compatibility, a residue-free process that breaks down to water vapour and oxygen and extreme effectiveness against a diversity of viruses and micro-organisms. The WIC-1 features interlocked controlled doors with inflatable seals and the chamber can be built on existing floor structures.

Bioquell VS-1

The Bioquell VS-1 was designed to make the process of sealing air-conditioning vents a simpler and more rapid process. When rooms are being decontaminated the air conditioning vents must be sealed to ensure there is no escape of the hydrogen peroxide vapour used during a decontamination process. The Bioquell VS-1 air conditioning sealing system is a solution designed to immediately seal air conditioning vents. The VS-1 can be used in any rooms that are being decontaminated and are used in a variety of areas including entire hospital sites. More details of our VS-1 air conditioning sealing solution can be found on our website.

Bioquell Z2

An easy to use, touch screen operated solution for room/zone bio-decontamination of areas up to 350m³. The Bioquell Z-2 removes the need for gas cycle development studies (non-GMP facilities), with its exceptional parametric cycle control. The room does not need to be pre-conditioned or dehumidified prior to use as the Z-2’s dual circuit technology ensures that the bioquelling cycles are carried out quickly and effectively. The Bioquell Z-2 system comes equipped with both a room measuring device and a hand-held H2O2 monitoring device.

CBRN Filters

The Bioquell Defence CBRN filtration solutions have been designed specifically to filter chemical and biological warfare agents as well as Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). Our CBRN filtration systems incorporate the NATO Standard No 1 Composite Filter, which performs to specifications in the NATO Triptych AC/225 (Panel VII) D251 and AEP 54. Our robust filter is used across Armed Forces worldwide. The Bioquell CBRN system can be integrated into a range of vehicles including tracked and wheeled vehicles. Our filter system has various capabilities included providing overpressure or assisted breathing for crew face masks. For more detailed information on our CBRN filtration solutions please visit our website.

Intergrated Vehicle Crew Cooling

Our Defence Integrated Crew Cooling solution utilises COTS parts to provide an efficient, reliable and affordable low life cycle cost system. Bioquell can adapt this system to provide bespoke solutions as required. Our system can deliver a maximum 1250³/hr of airflow as well as featuring 9kW of cooling. Our Defence Crew Cooling System is currently used in a number of vehicles including UK MoD CVR(T), BAE Systems Piranha II, FNSS ACV 300 / 350, Royal Saudi Land Forces M113 and General Dynamics M3 Amphibious Bridge Layer. This system features built in condensate drainage and includes a brushless ultra compact condensate pump.

Rigid Shelter CBRN Filtration

Bioquell Defence Rigid Shelter CBRN Filtration system provides clean filtered air into a shelter directly or through the platform air conditioning system. Our system can be easily adapted to suit a range of airflow pressure requirements and no special tools are required for pre-filter, coalesce panel and NBC filter replacement, servicing or routine maintenance. Our Rigid Shelter CBRN Filtration system incorporates the standard NATO No 1 composite CBRN 170m3/hr filter. This sytem is currently used in Marshall SV DARS and Watchkeeper projects, BAE Systems Challenger 2 and Force Protection Cougar. Please visit our website for more information on the Bioquell Rigid Shelter CBRN Filtration system.

Vehicle Environmental Control

Bioquell incorporatates COTS to provide an integrated environmental control system that is extremely efficient, affordable and reliable. Our system provides the ultimate solution for crew heating and cooling. Bioquell Vehicle Environmental Control systems have a proven track record with the UK MoD in its CVR(T) vehicles as well as being used in Iraq and Afganistan. Our system is easily adaptable in order to provide tailored solutions to achieve and enhance performance requirement and configurations. Key features include total re-circulating system for maximum cooling efficiency and easy access to components for servicing and maintenance as well as a high/low pressure switch for compressor protection.

Vehicle Versatile CBRN Filtration

Bioquell’s Defence Versatile CBRN filtration system provides one of the most affordable yet reliable low life cycle cost solutions. Our system can provide either full over pressure collective protection, filtered air for face mask systems as well as a combination of face mask and over pressure. Our Bioquell Defence CBRN filtration system is currently used in platforms including BAE Systems Challenger 2 and CVRT, FPI Cougar for MRAP, SISU Auto 8 x 8, URO TT Vamtac, Mowag GmbH Eagle IV and FNSS ACV350 and M113 upgrade. Our system has the capability to provide life support for a 12 man crew.

Unhardened Collective Protection CBRN Filtration

Our Defence Unhardened Collective Protection System (UCPS) provides high level protection from potential CBRN hazards for military and civilian personnel. We designed this system for use by the UK Ministry of Defence to allow rest and relief when wearing full Individual Protective Equipment (IPE or MOPS). This system can be used in a variety of situations including medical dressing stations and field hospitals as well as command and control centres and static logistical support facilities. Key features include an Air Infiltration Unit integration for use across a diversity of shelter types as well as quick and simple removal of the rear cone assembly for regular maintenance.

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