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Bell Plastics Ltd is a leading manufacturer for the rubber hose industry and has been ever since the company was first established over two decades ago.
Specialising in plastic vulcanisation mandrels and films, we are not only the experts, but pioneers of new products for this market.
In addition to rubber hose vulcanisation mandrels, the experts here at Bell Plastics also manufacture plastic extrusions for the cable and wire industry: hose vulcanisation mandrels, UHMWPE film, and XLPE sheets.
All of our products are produced to an extremely high standard. Our ISO9001 quality system governs the manufacture of each of our mandrels and films ensuring that each and every one of these is built to the highest standard.

As a renowned producer for the rubber hose, cables and wire sectors, we have built up a loyal, global client base; many of the leading hose producers make up our extensive portfolio.

Flexible Hose Mandrels

As a leading manufacturer of plastic extrusions for the rubber hose niche, our significantly broad range of flexible plastic vulcanisation mandrels is inevitable.
Our many years of producing these products have allowed Bell Plastics to arrive at a unique extrusion process. This manufacturing technique, which the experts here have refined and cemented, forms flexible hose mandrels with an array of attractive features: long lengths that are easily joined, consistent and accurate diameters, long-life, carefully chosen compounds, mandrels with a diameter as large as 50mm, and those for braided and spiral. Importantly, this process produces durable mandrels that are always without holes and voids.
Delivering these useful features has enabled us to produce mandrels that help to reduce the production costs for hose makers.


Bell Plastics pioneered the inclusion of UHMWPE to our specialty industry back in the 90s. We are UHMWPE experts; evidently we know it so well.
Our range of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) has been the much-needed answer for a wide spectrum of rubber hose applications.
For instance, UHMWPE has been an ideal solution and continues to do so for hose cover and hose lining applications, compact hydraulic hoses, large industrial hoses, industrial fluid transport hoses, and even functions in pharmacy, beverage, and food sectors.

This film’s impressive list of qualities boasts abrasion and chemical attack resistance, withstanding a staggering 98% of chemicals. Additionally, there is no need for adhesives when bonding to rubbers, low coefficient of frictions, and compliance with food regulations from most grades.

XLPE Sheet

Bell Plastics renowned XLPE film is used in many hose applications within the chemical and industrial industries. In particular XLPE sheet has a recurring use in the hose lining of chemical transport. Its resistance to 98% of chemicals and many solvents has made it an equally reliable alternative to UHMWPE for this range of applications.
Although it has very similar chemical resistance properties as UHMWPE, XLPE embodies a softer quality providing it with more flexibility, a thicker layer of lining, and a cheaper price tag.

Our cross-linkable polyethylene film has so far had over twenty years of reliable service to boast; a history that will no doubt continue to expand due to this material’s outstanding set of qualities.

Wire Rope Coatings

We offer an array of plastic coatings to accommodate the demands of many customer specifications. These plastic coatings are suited for wire ropes, fibre ropes, and steel wire. Many of Bell Plastics’ customers of wire rope coatings are producers, distributors, or stockists of these products.
As with all of our products, we coat wire and wire ropes according to an ISO9001 quality control system. This ensures that our wire rope coatings are of the highest standard; an essential feature of our plastic coatings which is also combined with a highly efficient service at a competitive price.

Whatever our customers need for their wire rope coating, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We endeavour to meet all customer specifications.

Electric Fence Cables

Also a part of our catalogue of plastic extrusion products/services, we also manufacture insulated cables for electric fencing systems.
Whilst a number of industries utilise electric fencing, Bell Plastics cater primarily for industries demanding perimeter security and livestock control through these different devices that need insulated cables.

Within our range of electric fence cables (types: lead out and under gate cables), are different options and customisable features. To choose from are multiple spool types, diameters, thicknesses, lengths, and colours. Also to note are the different materials available in both the conductive core materials and insulation materials.

Stock Rods

As a manufacturer who focuses on plastic extrusions, Bell Plastics are also able to produce high-quality stock rods.
Our years of expertise in producing plastic materials have helped us to develop a special extrusion process which allows us to offer a flexible stock rod production service for our customers.

We manufacture stock rods in a multitude of sizes with diameters spanning from 5mm to 50mm. Bell Plastics’ flexibility means we can create stock rods using specialty thermoplastics. You may simply just require an unusual colour and this is something we can deliver with this service.

Jointing Tape and UHMWPE Tapes

Besides the hose mandrels, UHMWPE film, XLPE film, plastic coatings for wire ropes, electric fence cables, and stock rods that we manufacture, Bell Plastics also produce tapes. This small range comprises of electric cable repair jointing tape and self-adhesive UHMWPE.
Our tape for electronic cable repair is available as self-amalgamating or jointing tape and is suited for electrical cables of a medium or high voltage. These can be made endorsing one of many sheathing compounds and are manufactured in several sizes.
Bell Plastics’ self-adhesive tapes are an extension of our UHMWPE films. These self-adhesive tapes are popular in applications that require durability and minimal friction such as: paper handling, hand tools, photocopies, printers, and automotive.



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