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Avatan is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of steel pallets and stillages for industrial storage applications. Available for purchase or hire, our pallets are suitable for all types of warehouse and storage facilities – from heavy industrial to light domestic. We also supply aluminium and stainless steel pallets for use in food or pharmaceutical storage and transportation. 

Other storage equipment offered by Avatan includes roll containers, distribution cages, pallet racking, shelves, tote pans and tote pan racks, plastic pallets and containers, pallet feet and various other accessories. 

Avatan Handling Equipment is a family run business with nearly 25 years of experience in the supply of storage equipment for UK warehouses and production plants. The company was initially set up to supply steel stillages, cage pallets, box pallets and post pallets: today we are able to offer a comprehensive range of products to cover most storage requirements. 


Bespoke Products

At Avatan we understand that one size doesn’t always fit all, so as well as offering a massive range of standard pallets and stillages, we provide a bespoke design and manufacturing service that gives customers the chance to order custom-designed products in large and small quantities at very competitive prices. Tell us about your storage and distribution challenges and we’ll find a solution using the best materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. 


Used Equipment

We also offer an extensive range of second hand equipment, including stillages, roll containers, pallet racking and many other items – plus we can offer a refurbishment service to help you get your current equipment back in working condition. 


Find Out More

You can find out more about Avatan Handling Equipment, our products and services by visiting us online, or by calling our sales and service team on 020 8429 4444. 


Cage Pallets - Mesh Sides

We stock a wide range of robust cage pallets to suit a variety of different applications. Our pallets are offered with either a sheet steel or mesh base and feature mesh sides. We understand the importance of bespoke products and it's worth noting that we can provide pallets in many different sizes, with optional extras such as removable gates, half drop hinging gates, hinging lids and removable lids. For more information on the entire range, don't hesitate to visit our website.   

Metal Box Pallets - Steel Sheet Sides

Our range of metal box pallets feature sheet steel sides and have been designed for use with smaller items. The pallets themselves benefit from a durable build and can be stacked. We offer both standard and bespoke sized with options to suit every application. It's also worth noting that customers can choose to add extra features if required, these include removable gates, hinging gates and a choice between UK and European styles. If you have any questions about any of our products then please feel free to get in touch.  

Euro Pallet Family

We stock a number of pallets which have been designed with the Euro Cage Pallet in mind- otherwise known as "Glitterboxes" in Europe. Customers have many options to choose from, including a steel or timber deck, half dropped gates, hinged doors, steel sides and mesh sides. Furthermore, we can provide our pallets in two different finishes, including painted or hot dip galvanised. More information on the Euro Pallet Family can be found on our website.  

Post Pallets

Our selection of post pallets offers a versatile solution for the stacking of large, less uniform products. The pallets themselves are made from mild steel with different designs to choose from, including rigid, demountable and bar. It's also worth noting that we can manufacture pallets with specific weight requirements in mind. If you'd like to find out more about this range than don't hesitate to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to discuss bespoke options.  

CubiCages® & Stackable Retention Units

CubiCages® feature rod formed steel and a close mesh, therefore suitable for use with a wide range of different sized products. The units themselves can be used for both storage and transport and benefit from a stackable design. It's also worth noting that the steel construction is finished with a zinc plating, therefore offering a greater protection from rust when compared with conventional mild steel. If you'd like to find out more about these products then feel free to visit our website.  

Postracks & Postracking

After working within the industry for many years, we understand the importance of a post racking system that is quick and easy to set up. Therefore, we have taken the design of a simple post pallet and adapted this in to a ready-to-use post racking system. The units themselves feature a durable, supportive base with four removable posts that can be attached and detached at a moment's notice. Customers are reminded that our postracks can be used to safely hold pallets of various different sizes and weights.  

Steel Storage Racking

Our range of steel storage racks include both standard and completely bespoke sizes, with options to suit every application. Manufactured from high grade steel and featuring a fully welded design, our storage racks are strong, durable and reliable, therefore offering a long lifespan. To see the full range, including technical details on each product then please don't hesitate to visit our website. You can also contact our customer service team directly.  

Pallet Racking

We stock adjustable steel pallet racking which offer versatile storage for a range of differently sized products. It's worth noting that we can offer both mesh or timber shelving for storage of smaller items. Although suitable for use with many different types of products, our pallet racking is particularly well suited with timber products, lintels and fencing. Customers can visit the website to find out more about our pallet racking, including technical details and information on features.  


Our Longspan shelving and racking products are easy to assemble and are suitable for light to medium use. It's also worth noting that our shelving is adjustable and therefore can be used for a variety of different applications. If you have any questions about these or any of our products then don't hesitate to get in touch.  

Cantilever Racking

Centilever racking offers a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Customers can choose from a variety of different options, including fixed arms, bolted arms, single sided and double sided. It's also worth noting that our Centilever racking can be offered painted or hot dip galvanised, if required. To discuss any specific issues such as bespoke options then please feel free to contact us directly, via phone or email. 

Racking Protection

Protecting racking does not only help to create a safer and more secure work environment, it also ensures a longer lifespan for your products. We offer products that can ensure this protection, including column guards which secure to the racking frame. It's worth noting that our column guards are available in a range of different heights. We also offer protection barriers which can be used for a variety of different applications, including safeguarding racking, shelving, public walkways and car parks, just to name a few.  

Tote Pans & Racks

We offer a range of tote pans and racks, with sizes to suit every application. The tote pans and racks are manufactured from pregalvanised steel with reinforced rims, therefore offering a strong, durable build. They also feature lifting handles and a document holder, for convenience. For more information on these products, including details on sizing and features, don't hesitate to visit the website. 

Tote Baskets & Racks

Our range of stackable tote baskets and racks have been designed for the storage of smaller products. The baskets feature lifting handles and are available in both standard and bespoke sizes. It's worth noting that are tote baskets are compatible with our tote pans and can be stacked together if necessary. The full product selection can be found on our website.  

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers offer a versatile, durable and cost-effective solution for storage and transport. We stock an extensive range of plastic containers, including plastic pallet containers, stack nest containers and nestable containers with lids. The containers themselves are available in a wide range of sizes and come with either solid or vented sides, with options to suit different applications. Full details on all of our plastic products can be found on our website.  

Carpet Rack Display & Storage

Our range of carpet rack display and storage products include lift and go carpet dispensers, as well as single- and double-sided display stands. The racks themselves are available as static or mobile and can be used with 4m and 5m rolls of flooring materials. It's worth noting that our display and storage racks are easy to assemble and offer durable and reliable operation. If you have any specific questions about these or any of our products then don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly.  

Vinyl Rack Display & Storage Stand

We stock vinyl rack display and storage stands which are suitable for shop fitting and point of sale applications. We understand the importance of providing a range of different options and our stands are no different. Customers can choose from single- and double-sided display racks, as well as options for static and mobile varieties. For more information, including technical details then feel free to visit our website.  

Pallet Feet & Accessories

Our extensive range of pallet feet and accessories includes square and round stacking pallet feet, gate hooks and nesting plugs, just to name a few. We also offer fittings and nameplates which are made from mild steel and are available in small and large quantities, according to customer requirements. The full range can be found online, alternatively you can contact us directly via phone or email. 

Compartment Lockers

We offer a selection of compartment lockers and tool equipment cupboards, with options to suit everyone. The lockers are fully ventilated and are available in both steel and mesh varieties. It's worth noting that these products are manufactured from pregalvanised steel and therefore offer a sturdy, damage resistant solution to storage. Customers can choose to have one or more lockable doors. Our lockers are ideal for use in many different environments, ranging from gyms and sports facilities to factories and warehouses.  

Storage Cupboards

Our selection of storage cupboards are manufactured from pregalvanised steel and offer excellent protection for a range of different products. Alongside our standard tool cupboards, we also offer specialised hazardous storage cabinets which have been designed with the COSHH regulations in mind and can be used for the storage of flammable liquids, paints and chemicals, just to name a few. Or full range of storage cupboards can be found on the website.  


Our range of workbenches offer a durable, practical and functional solution for a variety of different applications, ranging from automotive to electronic. Our workbenches are available in both standard and bespoke dimensions and customers can choose from general and heavy-duty varieties. We also offer our workbenches with a range of different tops to choose from, including steel, galvanised steel, plastic laminate, MDF, as well as others. If you'd like to discuss any custom options then please get in touch with us directly.  

Flat Steel Pallets

Manufactured from high quality steel and benefitting from a fully welded construction, our range of flat pallets offer exceptional durability. The pallets have been designed to perform better than standard timber pallets, carrying heavier loads and having longer lifespans. It's worth noting that the pallets can be provided as standard or offered with an optional lip to stop products moving during transport. Furthermore, customers can choose from multiple different finishes including air dry paint and hot dip galvanised.  

Aluminium Pallets

We can provide high quality aluminium pallets in a wide range of sizes, with options to suit every customer. The pallets have been designed with hygiene in mind and are therefore ideal for applications such as catering, pharmaceuticals and storage facilities. Manufactured from aluminium, the pallets are incredibly strong and durable but also lightweight and therefore easy to move to around Customers are reminded that we offer our pallets in both small and large quantities and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.  

Stainless Steel Pallets

Our range of stainless-steel pallets offer exceptional quality and reliability and benefit from a hygienic and corrosive resistant build. The pallets are manufactured with specific customer requirements in mind and can be ordered in any quantity. These products are suited to a variety of different applications, including offshore, fish processing, food and pharmaceuticals, just to name a few. You can visit the website for further information.  

Plastic Pallets

We offer a comprehensive range of plastic pallets which include both products made from virgin plastic or recycled materials. Just some of the pallets we have to offer include, nestable plastic pallets, heavy duty moulded plastic pallets and used plastic pallets. Manufactured from plastic, this range offers excellent hygiene and protection again contamination and infestation. They also benefit from being light weight, durable and offering a long lifespan. Please contact us with any specific questions about this range.  

Timber Flat Pallets

We offer a wide variety of timber flat pallets with many options to choose from, ranging from light to heavy duty. We offer both the UK and European standard sizes and can provide completely bespoke options if necessary. It's worth noting that all of our timber pallets have been manufactured using wood from sustainable sources. Furthermore, we also offer heat treated pallets in order for companies to comply with the import laws in specific countries. If you have any questions about this range then don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email.  



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Q: I am looking for flat steel pallets but wanted to know, can these be stored in racking? what is to stop the pallet sliding off the beams?
A: Thank you for your question. Yes, some steel pallets can be stored within pallet racking. If the pallets have base skids similar to the base boards of a timber pallet, then they can safely be stored in pallet racking. If however, they have pallet feet rather than skids, then it is likely that skid channel pallet supports will be required. Please give me a call for further details and prices.
Q: I see you offer euro cages? the size of these is slightly too small for me. Do you offer larger sizes like this? 120cm x 90cm would be better for me.
A: Yes, although the Euro Cage is traditionally 1200mm x 800mm, we do offer this style of stillage in other sizes. 1200mm x 900mm is no problem at all. We have made a lot of these for vineyards in a mix of sizes. Tell me what you want and we will try to help.

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  • CubiBox Folding collapsible sheet sides box pallets and Euro style Gitterboxes
  • CubiCage Rod formed collapsible and stackable cage pallets and Euro Cage Pallets and Gitterboxes
  • Postrack - a flexible alternative to pallet racking.

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