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We are a specialist supplier of equipment and systems to the power and environmental industries. We provide individual units as well as complete standard or bespoke systems to end users, OEMs and system houses. We offer: Energy management solutions with real-time monitoring to facilitate environmental compliance, and software for analysing historic utility cost and tariff as well as providing a contract negotiation aid. Meters and accessories for utilities including air, gas, water and electricity. We also offer advice on retrofit or replacement of existing meters and a complete installation service. Substation test equipment. Data collectors and loggers with transmission via radio, GSM or cable.

Matrix radio

The Matrix radio system offers simple data transfer using radio, getting signals from source to destination without the requirement for cables, expensive comms or shutdowns.

The flexible Matrix radio offers a choice of digital and analogue inputs, so data can be sent directly to a Regenerator or to as many as four Repeaters or other modules in order to circumvent obstacles or extend reception range. Separate aerials are available for optimisation of signal transmission. Digital, analogue and pulse data can be transmitted, and any input can be transferred to any compatible output. Signals can be read directly from your PC or regenerated, and multiple systems can be used independently yet in close proximity.

Substation Test Equipment

Specialising in timing, voltage and current signal injection and easy data management, we offer a range of dedicated substation test units that improve accuracy and increase efficiency during routine testing or commissioning.

We have handheld instruments, relay testers SCITS, primary testers, micro ohmmeters, and a phase shifter and circuit breaker analyser.

Features of these units vary by model, and can include multiple inputs and output channels, reversible outputs, external phase synchronisation, manual or software control, transient and fault playback, auxiliary AC / DC output, up to 360 degree phase angle range, onboard dynamic faults and frequency ramp, and harmonic and frequency generators.



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