Anthony Love Seating Installations Ltd

167 Bankside
United Kingdom

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    Registration Number: 05022205
    VAT Number: n/a
    Registered at Companies House:21 January, 2004 (13 years and 9 months ago)
    No of Employees: 1-10
    Annual Turnover: n/a
    Company Type:
    • Distributor
    • Fabricator
    • Service Providers
    ISO Compliance: Quality Assured Small Businesses


    Established in 1966, Anthony Love Seating Installations remains a family run business to this day with a huge wealth of experience in the world of seating. We specialise in installing, servicing, refurbishing, maintaining and repairing all variations of seating systems throughout the United Kingdom, including bespoke seating systems. We only use experienced and trained engineers all of whom hold CSCS cards and are required to undertake a CRB check for working on projects in the education sector. We are fully equipped to tailor our services to meet your exact specifications and are able to work on all types of seating including retractable installations and systems varying widely in size and style. A huge selection of our previous projects are available to view on our website covering a comprehensive range of the types of seating system that we are able to provide services for. Our gallery can help with the identification of the current system you have or help you decide on the type of installation you might require. As an independent organisation that is not involved in the manufacture of seating systems, Anthony Love Seating Installations is able to offer our clients completely objective advice on the type of seating that will best suit their individual requirements.

    Service & Inspection

    Anthony Love Seating Installations is able to provide comprehensive servicing and an inspection service on all types of seating system in any type of installation throughout the UK. We will complete a 35 point check on your system and will put all of our findings into a detailed report for you to review at your convenience. If the service finds your seating system to be structurally sound and fit for purpose, we will issue you with a certificate to assure you of our findings. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your servicing and inspection requirements today.

    Refurbishment & Repair

    Anthony Love Seating Installations are providers of a complete refurbishment and repair service which we can carry out on all manner of seating installations across the UK. Our service includes re-upholstering seating, replacing carpets, installing new deck boards, and replacing wheels. Our engineering team has extensive experience in refurbishing and repairing seating systems and will often be able to diagnose and repair faults that are present in your existing seating system. Please get in touch with our team for a discussion on your requirements for the refurbishment and repair of your seating.


    While we are able to provide one-off services, Anthony Love Seating Installations are also able to provide our customers with an annual servicing contract. The advantages of our annual servicing plan are significant and allow any small problems to be sorted out as efficiently as possible before the fault has a change to escalate and cause long term problems or even compromise the structural safety of the seating system. Our experienced team are always on hand to discuss providing you or your organisation with an annual servicing contract so please do not hesitate to contact us today.


    Anthony Love Seating Installations are able to bring our experience and expertise to bear on all sizes of seating systems for all of our installation, repairing, refurbishing, and maintenance services. From small classrooms with fewer than 30 seats to large auditoriums with in excess of 500 seats, our team is able to accommodate the size of your seating system and adapt our services accordingly. Don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team about the service that you require today.

    Our Team

    All work undertaken by Anthony Love Seating Installations, whether it’s an installation, a refurbishment or a service, is carried out by our highly trained and qualified engineers all of whom have experience will all different types of seating system allowing them to offer a comprehensive service on almost any system type. Our team always complies to the required standards of safety and undertake CRB checks in order to carry out our services on educational premises.


    One of the main types of seating that Anthony Love Seating Installations most commonly deals with is the retractable seating system. Retractable units are manufactured with a fold away function which allows you to create a multi-purpose space into which seating can be pulled only when it is required. This multi-purpose capability makes retractable seating systems ideal for use in drama studios and sports halls. Retractable seating systems are available in both manual and motorised versions.

    Lecture Theatre

    Anthony Love Seating Installations also commonly provides our installation, repairing and servicing facilities to lecture theatre seating systems. A lecture theatre seating system come complete with writing tablets which providing a stable and spacious place for students to work when lectures are in progress. This type of seating systems can be used in schools, colleges and universities.

    Audience Systems

    Another commonly used seating system that Anthony Love Seating Installations have a great deal of experience with are audience systems specifically designed for use in auditoriums and cinemas. This type of system allows audiences to enjoy shows, films, performances and concerts comfortably.


    For many types of seating system, tiering provides the ideal foundation, especially in theatres and auditoriums where all audience members require a clear and unobstructed view. Anthony Love Seating Installations is fully equipped to design tiering to exactly suit your specifications and can even create tiering with the option to have air conditioning vents installed for an even greater level of comfort for the users.

    Bench Seating

    A very simple form of seating system, Anthony Love Installation Services is fully equipped to provide installation, refurbishment, repair, and maintenance services on all types of bench seating.

    Bleacher Seating

    Anthony Love Installation Services can offer our installation services as well as comprehensive repair, refurbishment and maintenance services on all variations of bleacher seating throughout the UK.

    Cinema Seating

    Cinema seating is specifically designed to allow the audience to enjoy films in comfort and with an unimpeded view of the screen. Anthony Love Installation Services can offer a complete range of services including refurbishment, maintenance, repairs and installation on all types of cinema seating systems.

    Telescopic Seating

    Anthony Love Seating Installations can offer comprehensive servicing contracts on all variations of telescopic seating as well as offer one off repairs and on going maintenance plus refurbishment and installation services. Telescopic seating provides a versatile option for creating multi-purpose spaces into which seating can be opened out or rolled away as required.

    Theatre Seats

    Anthony Love Seating Installations is fully equipped to provide our full suite of services to theatre seats which are specially designed to allow audience members to enjoy performances in comfort and with an unrestricted view.

    Sports Hall Seating

    There are many types of seating system suitable for sports hall settings all of which can be installed, services, refurbished and maintained by the experienced team of engineers at Anthony Love Installation Services.

    Education Seating

    From lecture theatre seating systems to simple bench seating systems, Anthony Love Installation Services is fully equipped to recommend a system to suit your educational requirements. We are also able to offer a full complement of services including maintenance, installation, refurbishment and repairs.


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