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ABL Circuits are based in Hertfordshire and have over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs. Our combination of expert, high quality PCB manufacture and exceptionally fast lead times, ensures that customers receive the ideal solution, exactly when they need it. As well as state of the art technology and equipment, we also benefit from a highly trained, committed workforce. We offer an extensive range of services, including PCB design, manufacture, assembly, prototyping and reverse engineering. In terms of the types of PCB that we can provide, customers can choose from a wide variety, from single-sided and double-sided, to rigid, flexible or completely custom. 

If you have any question about any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact our amazing customer service team and they will do everything they can to help. Alternatively, you can visit our website for further information on everything we have to offer. You can also visit the website to request a quote and get a general idea of pricing for a potential order.


PCB Design - Visit our website

Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs are an essential component of electronics and therefore utilised across many different industries. We can provide expert, accurate PCB design, using CAD and layout software. It's worth noting that we thoroughly test all PCBs, throughout the design and manufacturing processes, ensuring the highest quality final result. We also offer the fastest lead times in the UK and can deliver your bare PCB unit within 5 days of the design approval. For urgent orders, we can provide same day manufacture.

Small Scale PCB Manufacturing - Visit our website

We have a wealth of experience in providing PCB design and manufacturing services for businesses of all sizes but we particularly specialise in developing solutions for small businesses and start-ups. We understand the importance of offering the same high quality, expertly designed solutions but at an affordable cost, therefore accessible for smaller companies. As well as competitive pricing, we also have the fastest lead times in the industry. To find out more about our small-scale PCB manufacturing or to discuss specific requirements, please get in touch.

UK PCB Manufacturing - Visit our website

Our UK based PCB manufacturing service provides high quality, accurately printed circuit boards. We have worked with a wide range of companies over the years, many of whom have been loyal customers throughout. It's worth noting that we offer a complete PCB solution, including design, manufacture and assembly. If would like further information on our PCB manufacturing, don't hesitate to visit the website. You can also use our online quotation system in order to get an idea on potential pricing.

PCB Assembly Service - Visit our website

PCB assembly can be a difficult, time-consuming task, fortunately, we provide comprehensive services for all aspects of assembly. Whether it's sourcing components, mounting them on to fully designed PCB or soldering, our team of experts have many years of experience in this area. It's worth noting that our team also conduct thorough testing on all PCBs, ensuring the final product meets our high standards. Further information on PCB assembly, including information on design and manufacture can be found on our website. 


PCB Prototypes - Visit our website

Prototype PCBs are simpler, less advanced version of the final product. Prototypes are created in order to test whether the design is functional and effective, before starting the full manufacturing process. This removes risk and ensures no time or money is wasted on an ineffective product. We offer a comprehensive prototyping service with turnaround in as little as 8 hours. If you'd like to discuss a custom PCB order, or you just need some more information on any our services, feel free to get in touch. 


PCB Reverse Engineering - Visit our website

We can take existing PCBs and reverse engineer them in order to replicate their functionality. This is a service that is used to replace a damaged PCB or to create a product that is similar. The benefit of reverse engineering is that it's a more cost-effective alternative to designing and manufacturing a new board from scratch. The process involves scanning the existing PCB and then using this information to create CAD data, which we can use to build the new product. If you'd like more information on our PCB reverse engineering service, please visit thew website. 


Blank PCBs - Visit our website

As well as bespoke, fully functioning PCBs, we also offer a range of blank PCBs, otherwise known as copper-clad circuit boards. Whilst we offer a comprehensive service, we understand that some customers are just looking for the blank circuit boards. We have exceptionally fast lead times and can produce a batch of blank PCBs, within 5 hours of receiving the relevant files. You can visit our website for further information on this service, as well as testimonials from existing customers. 


Single Sided PCBs - Visit our website

Single sided PCBs were the first incarnations of this technology but are still used today. As the name suggests, they have one layer of conducting material on one side of the board. Single sided boards are still popular today because they provide a simpler, more cost-effective alternative and can be manufactured much quicker. Whilst more complex applications may need a different component, single sided PCBs can be the ideal solution, especially with larger orders. Please feel free to get in touch for more information. 


Double Sided PCBs - Visit our website

Double sided PCBs have a conductive copper layer and components on both sides of the board, allowing for more complex designs. As these board utilise both sides, they reduce the space required to hold them and are therefore ideal for applications with smaller devices. Furthermore, the ability to fit more components on a single board means that you can manufacture more complex PCBs and therefore, more advanced electronics. Information on our double-sided PCBs can be found on our website.


Multi-Layered PCBs - Visit our website

Alongside single- and double-sided PCBs, we can also offer a range of multi-layered PCBs. Multi-layered PCB's are manufactured using multiple layers of base material. Any PCB with 3 or more layers is considered a multi-layered board. Whilst these boards tend to be more expensive and require more time to manufacture, they offer a wealth of benefits in that they are durable, require less space and can be used in more complex electronics. 


HDI PCBs - Visit our website

HDI or High-Density Interconnected PCBs offer a higher circuitry density when compared with standard PCBs. HDI PCBs allow for smaller components and closer components, therefore designers can create a much more complex board. Also, as components are closer together, this means signal transmission is faster and less vulnerable to loss. HDI PCBs are growing in popularity and whilst they may demand a longer, more expensive manufacturing process, they can be used in many industries, from gaming and smartphones, to medicine. 


Rigid PCBs - Visit our website

Rigid PCBs are a traditional and continually popular product, used in many different electronic devices. As the name suggests, the boards are solid and durable but once they have been manufactured, they cannot be modified. Rigid boards can be used in the production of single, double and multi-layered PCBs. The main benefits of these particular boards are that they are cost-effective and quick to manufacture and offer a hard-wearing, long-lasting solution. If you have any questions about these products, feel free to get in touch. 


Rigid Flex PCBs - Visit our website

As the name suggests, rigid flex PCBs incorporate elements of both rigid and flexible circuit boards. They are manufactured in 3D and can therefore be flexed or curved into specialised shapes. They are also lightweight and compact and can therefore be utilised in applications in which size and weight are limited. Thanks to their unique design, rigid flex boards also feature excellent shock resistance and thanks to a reduction in solder points, offer exceptional reliability. 


Flexible PCBs - Visit our website

Flexible or Flex PCBs are manufactured using a plastic substrate and as the name suggests, offers full flexibility. Whereas traditional PCBs dictate the size of the electronic device, flexible PCBs can be manufactured to fit the device. Furthermore, these boards are thin and lightweight and therefore ideal for smaller electronics and those with curved designs. It’s also worth noting that flexible PCBs are also compatible with many different components, including smaller and cheaper connectors. 


LED PCBs - Visit our website

LED PCBs are utilised across a wide range of applications, including automotive lighting, signal lighting, street lighting and various devices, such as torches and work lamps. There are many benefits to utilising LED boards, which is why they remain continually popular. For example, they're relatively cheap to buy and run, they're reliable and offer a long lifespan, they're also lightweight, resistant to dirt and moisture and they're extremely versatile. More information on LED PCBs can be found on our website. 


Custom PCBs - Visit our website

We understand that every customer is different, and that many require specialised solutions. It's for this reason why we offer completely custom PCBs. Whether it's a complex design, a more professional appearance or just greater control over the finished product, custom PCBs offer a wealth of benefits. Customers who'd like to find out more about this service or to discuss specific requests shouldn’t hesitate to contact us directly via phone or email. 


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