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The A. Proctor Group Ltd is a leading supplier of modern building materials to the UK construction industry. We specialise in the provision of acoustic floor and wall solutions, thermal insulation materials, condensation control membranes, ground gas protection systems and timber cladding products. 

The materials we supply are designed to help UK developers comply with the ever more complex and multifarious Building Regulations that govern the British construction industry. The continual improvement and expansion of our product range has enabled our customers to keep pace with the rapid changes that are forever taking place within this vitally important sector. 

You can find out more about our innovative building materials in the sections below and on the A. Proctor Group website. If you have any questions or require any help with material specification or application, please just give us a call or send your enquiry via email. 

Acoustic Floor Solutions

We have been designing innovative solutions for acoustic flooring problems for more than two decades. Years of research, development and continual refinement have culminated in a range of unique acoustic insulation materials suitable for the majority of floor constructions. They include:

  • Dynamic Batten – An insulated flooring support timber that significantly reduces impact and airborne noise transmission in multi-level buildings. 
  • Sylomer® - A cellular insulation material available in 10 different grades.
  • Excel Deck 31 – A shallow profile overlay board made from a uniquely constructed, thermally bonded, non-woven material with vertically orientated fibres. Offers enhanced acoustic performance over typical non-wovens.

These are just some of the acoustic solutions offered by The A. Proctor Group. Please head over to our website to discover more. 

Condensation Control

Our experience developing vapour permeable membranes and vapour control layers goes back more than 25 years, making us one of the country’s leading condensation control specialists. Today we’re able to offer a complete range of materials for all areas of the building envelope. They include:

  • Roofshield – An air permeable, water and UV-resistant membrane specifically designed for use as a roofing underlay. 
  • Reflectashield TF 0.81 – A specialist breather membrane that also offers excellent thermal performance.
  • Procheck Premier – A strong, reinforced polyethylene vapour control layer offering excellent nail tear resistance. 

These are just some of the condensation control solutions offered by The A. Proctor Group. You can find more by visiting our website. 

Ground Protection

The A. Proctor Group has been developing gas membranes and venting components for the Gas Protection market for more than 15 years. Today we’re able to offer a complete range of safe, protective products designed to prevent the ingress of ground gas and vapours on contaminated land sites. They include:

  • Protech GM+ - A reinforced LDPE loose-laid gas barrier offering excellent protection against the ingress of methane and carbon dioxide on lower risk sites.
  • Protech GM Super – A reinforced LDPE loose-laid gas barrier with an aluminium foil layer to give maximum protection against the ingress of methane, carbon dioxide and radon in new developments. 
  • Provoid – A specialist gas venting system that uses a 25mm geo-composite ‘void former’ which can be laid under the entire floor slab or in strips in pre-determined areas to suit the gas protection scheme. 

More gas membranes and venting components are detailed on our website. 

Thermal Insulation

The A. Proctor Group has been responding to government-led energy reduction initiatives with high quality insulation materials for more than 50 years. Today we offer an extensive range of specialist laminates and foams designed to help our customers improve the thermal performance of their developments and ensure compliance with current legislation. We also offer a number of supporting services, including U-value calculations, dew point predictions and SAP assessments. Find out more about our thermal insulation products and supporting services by visiting The A. Proctor Group online.

Timber Cladding

Another area in which we specialise is the design, manufacture and supply of timber cladding products, all of which are PEFC and FSC certified. As well as being very attractive and extremely versatile, timber is a highly durable cladding material; the use of pre-treated wood means we can offer comprehensive warranties of up to 50 years (depending on the product chosen). Included in the range are:

  • Canjaere Classic – A pre-finished timber cladding panel with a natural look. 
  • Silverwood Inspire – A highly popular Norwegian Spruce timber cladding system with a secret fix profile for a modern appearance. 

Find out more by visiting The A. Proctor Group online. 

On-Site & Laboratory Acoustic Testing

Our experience in the acoustic insulation industry allows us to offer a number of professional services as well as top class acoustic products. This includes testing the performance of client products (as well as our own) for research and development purposes in our acoustic laboratory. We also offer on-site sound insulation testing as part of an assessment for residential conversion on existing buildings prior to redevelopment (for compliance with the Building Regulations). Find out more about our acoustic testing services by visiting The A. Proctor Group online.

Profloor Dynamic Batten

The Profloor Dynamic Batten System is designed with an impact-absorbing, moisture-resistant insulating foam that isolates the floor finish from the supporting structure. This significantly reduces the transmission of impact and airborne sound in multi-level buildings. It is quick and easy to install in both joisted and concrete floor systems, and it is designed to last for the lifetime of the floor. Supremely versatile, the Profloor Dynamic Batten System is suitable for most domestic flooring applications.

Profloor Dynamic Strip

Profloor Dynamic Strip is designed to offer further improvements in impact sound insulation in domestic buildings. It is recommended for use around the perimeter of all rooms and in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms where the load could exceed 1.4kN/m². Dynamic Strip is ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects, and being highly versatile it is suitable for most domestic flooring applications. You can find out more about Profloor acoustic insulation products by visiting The A. Proctor Group online.



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  • Profloor Selection of acoustic flooring products for use in refurb or new build.
  • Roofshield Breather Membrane for use on cold or warm roofs. Has BBA Certification.
  • Spacetherm The Spacetherm range of high performance superinsulation provides the highest level of thermal insulation possible with a class leading thermal conductivity of 0.013 W/mK

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