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Vulcan Refractories Ltd
- Blandford Forum, Dorset - ulcan Refractories Ltd Blandford Forum DorsetVulcan are the UKs leading specialist manufacturer of high performance ceramics, refractories and infra ...s and refractories for application in aluminium smelting, copper rod production, power generation and incineration, powder metallurgy and thechnical c

SHL Refractories (UK) Ltd
- Worksop, Nottinghamshire - tion, Refractory drying. SHL Refractories (UK) Ltd offer a wide range of options from provision of labour for Managed Refractory Contracts or one off ... SHL Refractories (UK) Ltd Worksop NottinghamshireSHL design, manufacture, procure and install all types of refractory products for a wide range of a

Dyson Technical Ceramics Ltd
- Sheffield, South Yorkshire - gies, refractories consists of five differing refractory product based operations.Technical Ceramics Advanced ceramic material technology is utilised ...haped refractory requirements for all heat using industries. Zirconia Ceramics High quality zirconia based products are manufactured to exacting stand

Souter Trading International Ltd
- Newcastle upon Tyne - lays, refractory mortar, bearings, actuators, filters, seals, engine spares, packing, fuses, transformers Christopher Souter

Sterling Thermal Technology Ltd
- Birmingham, West Midlands - s,and Refractories. All projects considered, and work backed up by our Spares & Service Department. GB303 2099 42 Nova Capital Management Aylesbury

Gaughan Induction Furnace Services Ltd
- High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire - ents, Refractory products, Anti-freeze for Cooling Systems etc. GB717 9115 27 N/A High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Markham (Sheffield) Ltd
- Worksop, Nottinghamshire - e and refractory spraying industries. Supplying Gunite and Shotcrete plant and accessories, Markham Sheffield Ltd, can supply all your needs in the pr

Molybdenum, Tantalum, Tungsten Supplies & Fabrications Ltd
- Wickford, Essex - o all Refractory metals to prevent oxidization in air at high temperatures. We are very pleasd to announce that we have now brought all our operations...s for Refractory metals to prevent oxidization. RefractorCoat TM Protective coat to prevent Molybdenum and Tungsten oxidising at high temperature in a

Chapman Brack (Contractors)Ltd
- Sheffield, South Yorkshire - n and refractory engineering services dealing with industries from Glass, Petrochemical, Lime and Cement, Iron and Steel, Non ferrous metals, Power St

Cermatco Ltd
- Canterbury, Kent - g and refractories services

Emtrol LLC
- Braintree, Essex - ality refractory linings, cyclone spare parts such as dust hoppers, diplegs and dipleg valves, cyclone support systems, reactor heads, regenerator hea

Orthos Engineering Ltd
- Market Harborough, Leicestershire - lass, refractories, food & drink, ink & paint, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. GB120 6488 86

Pennaire Filtration Ltd
- Frodsham, Cheshire - ones, Refractory Linings, Performance Predictions Systems - Integration working for you. System Design, Project Management, Pneumatic Conveying, Turnk

Wilbury Metals Ltd
- Chester, Cheshire - ality refractory metals speciality metals alloys and powders to the aerospace low alloy casting welding and general foundry industry. GB529 6606 20

Sinotech Ltd
- Market Harborough, Leicestershire - uding refractory anchors, shear connectors, drawn arc and capacitor discharge weld studs to the fabrication and general engineering sectors, throughou

- Haverhill, Suffolk - ounds Refractory metal oxides Borides and Nitrides Vanadium chemicals Representing Materion Inc we offer: High purity metals and high purity inorganic

Look-In Ltd
- Ashbourne, Derbyshire - s and refractory linings. Using video endoscopes, our operators can inspect the insides of gearboxes, pumps and valves. Our staff are highly trained a

Hi-Tech Fabrication Ltd
- Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire - with refractory, cold collectors with refractory, convection coils, hairpins, and quench headers. As with the petrochemical sector, our oil and gas i...ting, refractory lining, packing and shipping. Painting, packing and shipping services are sub-contracted to suppliers that have been pre-approved by


Setic Refractories
- Caldicot, Gwent - Setic Refractories Caldicot Gwent

Precision Refractory Metals Ltd
- - ision Refractory Metals Ltd

- Sheffield - ERMET REFRACTORIES Ltd Sheffield

Star Refractory Services Ltd
- - Star Refractory Services Ltd

Modern Refractories Ltd
- Cannock - odern Refractories Ltd Cannock

GC Metals Ltd
- Leicester - s and refractories, gold-plated scrap. Decorative: Genuine gold leaf & gold foil stamping waste, paints, brushes, kim wipes and rags, covers, jars, ca...sses, refractories, skimmings, slags and sweeps. Photographic, Graphic Art, X-Ray Labs: Electrolytic silver flake and scale, silver recovery cartridge

Vibrotech Reliability Services Ltd
- Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire - ical, refractory, mechanical and buildings. Thermography is a non-intrusive, predictive maintenance procedure that enables the identification of fault...ions: Refractory kilns, boilers, furnaces, pipe work, etc. Electrical connections, busbars, brush gear, cables, etc. Mechanical bearings, misalignment

BDA Enterprises Ltd
- Jarrow, Tyne & Wear - ugged refractory insulated tubular heating elements. The low expansion clamping band provides snug barrel fit and and assures excellent heat transfer ... This refractory insulation is compressed and then cured in high temperature ovens to ensure maximum quality. Specialist heating applications are Isoh

- Wolverhampton, West Midlands - ds of refractory testing, including Refractoriness Under Load (RUL), Creep in Compression (CIC), Modulus of Rupture (HMOR), Refractoriness (PCE) and T...n our refractory testing solutions, which are outlined in greater detail on our website. TG 209 F3 Tarsus This easy-to-use thermo-microbalance was de

RHI Refractories UK Ltd
- Clydebank, Dunbartonshire - RHI Refractories UK Ltd Clydebank Dunbartonshire

Coogan Refractory Services Ltd
- Stevenage, Hertfordshire - oogan Refractory Services Ltd Stevenage Hertfordshire