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Elmatic (Cardiff) Ltd
- Cardiff - bular rod heaters! Its reliability, strength and adaptability make the tubular rod heaters suitable for an unlimited number of applications and enviro...bular rod heaters, as you wont find better ones anywhere else. Depending on the application required, our tubular rod heaters, sheath wire elements ca

Nph Controls Ltd
- Bedford, Bedfordshire - tions Rod Heater IRS Standard Rod Heater Specifications Rod Heater HLS High Performance Rod Heater Specifications Rod Heater IRS/K Rod Heater w/ Singl...tions Rod Heater SBM Long Oval Rod Specifications Rod Heater ISN Rod Heater w/ Elstein Socket Specifications Screw Heater IOT Bulb Style Heater Specif

Under Control Instruments Ltd
- Birmingham - aight Rod Heaters (7) 7 products Space Heating (2) 2 products SIT valves (6) 6 products Simmerstats (2) 2 products Ruby Jacketed Lamps (4) 4 products ...aight Rod Heaters Thermometer Un-jacketed Lamp set 118 Display Lighting Halogen LED Lighting Gas Parts Catering Hose Gas Burners Gas Interlock Gas The

Electric Reaction Ltd
- Bristol, Avon - alpha rod heaters There are no restrictions on the mounting positions of Silicon Carbide Heating Elements. Horizontal and vertical positions are the m...Alpha Rod heaters, it increases the oxidization of the material and hence the aging rate. The furnace should be completely dried before the elements a

Iweb365 Ltd
- Yarm, North Yorkshire - ular (Rod) Heaters Immersion Heaters Thermocouples Get In Touch UK South Sales: 0203 124 1652 UK North Sales: 01388 334 053 Contact Us Why choose us I