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Pade's Restaurant Ltd
- Luton, Bedfordshire - olids Pounded Yam: Mashed yam flour Amala: Mashed yam flour Lafu: Casava flour Eba: Dried cassava flour Ground Rice Semovita Any of the above can be s

The Food Connoisseurs
- Luton, Bedfordshire - Meat Pounded Yam Amala Fufu Lafun Diced Gizzard and Dodo in Pepper Sauce Baked Chicken with Onions and Red Peppers in BBQ Sauce Array of Assorted Mea

Yem Yom Ventures Ltd
- London - d eat Pounded Yam. As founding fathers of Instant Pounded Yam flour, Olu Olu is responsible for pioneering and popularising the concept of this flour ... MORE Pounded Yam Recipe Find out how to make one our classic dishes like an expert! LEARN MORE Quick Links Home About Competition Contact Us Our Addr

Avilah Foods Ltd
- Reading, Berkshire - tcode Pounded Yam Pounded Yam £ 1.70 Click here to check your postcode White Rice White Rice. Plain boiled basmati rice. Great served with our stewed ...mala, Pounded Yam, Okro and white rice. Served in food to go portion £ 7.99 Click here to check your postcode Avila Special Ayamase Stew Spice level:

G & G Cafe Ltd
- London - £4.99 Pounded Yam £1.00 Semovita £1.00 Small Portion of Beans £1.00 Take away plate £0.30 Wheat £1.00 Drinks Our Menu Non Alcoholic# Afri-Malt £1.50 A

Isagba Inc
- - make Pounded Yam in a Blender * How to make Semo, Fufu&Amala alternative(using wheat) * Tuwo Masara ( Tuo Masara) Nigerian Corn meal * Tuwo Shinkafa

- Bradford - p and Pounded Yam Ogbono... Marinated Grilled Shrimp Marinated... African Beef Stew African... 1 2 3 15 Next Page Welcome Hello! Im Imma! Cooking up E