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MD Calibration Services
- Yateley, Hampshire - ernal Micrometers Metrology Equipment Calibration UKAS Accredited Testing Thread Calibration Gauges Screw Thread Gauges Torque Calibration Clamp Meter

Coventry Gauge (S & P) Ltd
- Poole, Dorset - uding micrometers, verniers, Thread gauges & many, many more. Traceable certifiaction of force, pressure, vacuum, torque, electrical gauges. Onsite ca

Metrology & Quality Services
- St. Albans, Hertfordshire - Laser Micrometers Linear Scales Micrometers Back to Categories All Micrometers Micrometers outside Micrometer Inside Heads Digital & Mechanical Miscel...Point micrometers Mitutoyo 2 and 3 Point Micrometers Insize 2 & 3 Point Micrometers Inspec 2 and 3 Point Micrometers Microtest 3 Point Micrometers Mit

Engineering & Gauge Ltd
- St. Albans, Hertfordshire - nsize Micrometer Micrometers From £70.07 Digital Outside Waterproof Insize Micrometer Micrometers From £92.90 Moore and Wright Micrometers Metric 1966...gital Micrometers Standard range Micrometers From £63.00 Moore & Wright Digital External Micrometers 201 Series Micrometers From £81.00 Digital Outsid

Linear Tools Ltd
- Isleworth, Middlesex - ronic Micrometer 50-800-001 1172 Electronic Micrometer Point 50-810-001 1173 Electronic Micrometer Disc Full Range 1174 Electronic Micrometer Spline F...nical Micrometer Disc Full Range 1186 Mechanical Micrometer Spline Full Range 1187 Mechanical Micrometer Point Full Range 1188 Mechanical Micrometer B

Northern Metrology
- West Kilbride - imple micrometer to a tailor made turn key inspection system. Baty ProjectorsShadowgraphnon contact video measurement Bowers Bore Gauges Gagemaker Gau

Jade Products Rugby Ltd
- Rugby, Warwickshire - ers & Micrometers - a full range of metrology products Basic Digital Calipers Precision Digital Calipers Precision Digital Calipers c/w Calibration Ce...gital Micrometers Slip Gauge Block Sets Various Metrology Items Categories All Items-> (294) Information Shipping & Returns Privacy Notice Conditions

Bowers Group
- Camberley, Surrey - ld of micrometer design and manufacture. At Bowers UK, we supply all Moore and Wright spares and accessories from external and internal micrometers, a...right micrometers is legendary and we also supply products from many leading metrology companies, such as Trimos, Sylvac and Wyler. We are proud to of

Northampton Gauging Services
- Northampton, Northamptonshire - tors, micrometers, cycinder gauges, caliper gauges, height gauges, comparators and vernier etc. We stock most common parts required to repair gauges.

MAPRA Technik Co
- Loughton, Essex - tside Micrometers DIN863, Indicators, Thickness Gauges. Marcel Aubert S.A. of Switzerland optical measuring and inspection systems Bareiss GmbH of Ge

Mainline Electronics Property Ltd
- Brierley Hill, West Midlands - Parts Micrometals Iron Dust cores 450 455 KHZ FILTERS Hardware, Nuts Bolts etc Suplus Bargains - Surplus Crystals and Oscillators Surplus Modules and ...Parts Micrometals Iron Dust cores 450 455 KHZ FILTERS Hardware, Nuts Bolts etc Suplus Bargains Surplus Crystals and Oscillators Surplus Modules and ci

P.B. Alarms Ltd
- Lowestoft, Suffolk - nside Micrometers Depth Vernier Calipers Outside Micrometers Depth Micrometers Tube Micrometers Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Foil Thickness Gauge Coatin...ches, Micrometers, Multimeters, etc PA Systems Temperature and Pressure calibrators, Gauges Micromate stands for commitment to completion. We chose mo

Mitutoyo UK Ltd
- Andover, Hampshire - Scan Micrometers, our test equipment and seismometers, digital scale and DRO systems, and a wide range of callipers and micrometers. 3D Coordinate Me...tside Micrometer with Heat Shields SERIES 103 Enamelled frame economy micrometer SERIES 530 Standard Vernier Calipers. SERIES 500 ABSolute Coolant Pro

Wortley Standards Ltd
- Sheffield, South Yorkshire - ernal Micrometers Internal Micrometers Depth Micrometers Bench Micrometers Micrometer Heads Dial Gauges Dial Test Indicators Vernier Calipers Vernier ... Dial Micrometer Condition: Good Price: £100.00 Qty: 8 Size: 0-75mm Make: M&W Model: Depth Micrometer Condition: Good Price: £50.00 Qty: 1 Size: 0-25m

Metrology Direct Ltd
- Gloucester, Gloucestershire - bers, Micrometers, Counters, Thermometers and Stop watches Balances and Magnifiers.

Applied Industrial Systems Ltd
- Cheadle, Cheshire - s and micrometers AppliedSPC Enabling you to improve product quality and consistency, streamline your process and reduce wastage of materials, energy

Midland Trading & Manufacturing
- West Bromwich, West Midlands - ality Micrometers and Vernier calipers. Mercer 0.01 mm 0-25 mm micrometers Browne and Sharpe digital vernier calipers. Eagle and Eagle Classic 150 mm ...nical Micrometer Measuring span: 25 mm Scale division: 0.01 mm Measuring force: >5N <10 N Browne & Sharpe Ltd Vernier Calipers Eagle Classic Eagle Tec

Infocloud Consulting Ltd
- London - Laser Micrometer Home Product Laser Micrometer Display Unit Specifications Real time measurment and Max/Min. value, Display for a period Large diamete...Laser Micrometer laser Marking laser Welding Industry Automotive Medical FMCG Market Manufacturing Project Gallery Principle Training Career Blog Cont

Europac Precision LLP
- Crewe, Cheshire - ernal Micrometers Internal Measurement Measuring Instruments for Large Dimensions Dial Gauges - Digital Indicators - Precision Indicators Dial Test In... Tesa Micrometers; Tesa Bore Gauges, Tesa Calipers, Tesa Surface Finish and Tesa Height Gauges. Nearly all of the instruments you will find on this we

CimWorks UK Ltd
- Lutterworth, Leicestershire - hroat Micrometers Depth Micrometers Dial Bore Gauges Dial Test Indicators Digital Bore Gauges Digital Depth Gauges Digital Indicators Electronic Calip...nside Micrometers Magnetic Stands Magnetic Vee Blocks Micrometer Check Sets Pin Gauges and Setting Rings Protractors and Squares Screw Plug Gauges Scr

Aptex Ltd
- Solihull, West Midlands - Stage micrometers Stage micrometers We recommend the NIST certified, Clemex stage micrometer for microscope calibration and shading correction. It can...Stage micrometers Manual and motorized stages HARDNESS TESTERS Universal Hardness Testers Brinell Hardness Testers Rockwell Hardness Testers Vickers H

Buckfast Tools Ltd
- Manchester, Lancashire - gital micrometers External micrometers Adjustable micrometers Internal micrometers Micrometer heads Setting gauges Depth gauge micrometers Vernier cal

Micro Epsilon UK Ltd
- Ellesmere Port, Cheshire - tical micrometers Optical and Laser Micrometers Optical and Laser Micrometers optoCONTROL ThruBeam micrometer Optical (LED) micrometers and laser micr...Laser Micrometers Optical (LED) micrometers and laser micrometers from Micro Epsilon represent the widest range of non-contact micrometers currently a

Meet Industries Uk Ltd
- Alfreton, Derbyshire - hread Micrometer Depth Micrometer Plain Micrometer Vernier Caliper Dial Gauge Digital Height Gauge Electronic Weighing machine Surface Tester Slip Gau...Blade Micrometer Pitch Micrometer Extrusion Micrometer Spectrometer Hardness Tester Pyrometer Contracer About us Meet Industries is a leading manufact

Adom Ltd
- Wallington, Surrey - 1,000 micrometer) where the entire film is only 5 micrometers thick and even thinner for Dry Eye patients. As a reference, spectral domain OCT, the go...t 2-5 micrometers - the same order of magnitude of the whole tear film. The AdOM hyperspectral technology implemented within the Tear Film Imager stan

Scantron Industrial Products Ltd
- Taunton, Somerset - Laser Micrometers XLS.X Laser Micrometer XLS.SY Laser Micrometer Xploreline.X Laser Micrometer Xploreline.XY Laser Micrometer For further information ...Laser Micrometers Offline Laser Micrometers Offline Laser Micrometers The Xactum range of laser micrometers are suitable to be installed in any produc

Asgard Engineering Ltd
- Hyde, Cheshire - Laser Micrometer, accurate to 0.15microns which adds to the speed and accuracy of our very fine limit measurement. With every batch of your parts - co

Exeter Surveying Ltd
- Exeter, Devon - Plate Micrometer Leica DNA03 Level Leica Sprinter Level Laser Levels Leica Exterior Laser Leica Interior Laser Leica Dual Grade Laser Leica Rod Eye Le...Plate Micrometer Leica DNA03 Level Leica Sprinter Level Laser Levels Leica Exterior Laser Leica Interior Laser Leica Dual Grade Laser Leica Rod Eye Le
- Sandy, Bedfordshire - ieces Micrometers AE.5074 Micrometer wide field eyepiece WF 10x / 18, adjustable eye lens, scale 10 mm. / 100 parts AE.5084 Micrometer wide field eyep....1179 Micrometer eyepiece 10x / 15 with screw thread micrometer, range 10 mm. One interval is 1 mm divided in 100 parts AE.1110 Stage micrometer 1 mm,

J H Barclay & Co
- Glasgow, Strathclyde - pers, micrometers, plain plugs, ring gauges, screw-thread plugs, ring and slip gauges, and other hand measuring tools by customers in the oil of Micrometers & Measuring equipment. Diatest Small bore measurement gauges Delphine How