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SAD Lightbox Co Ltd - The LitePod Company Ltd
- Watlington, Oxon - on of Full Spectrum Lighting Ltd. We were the first company in the UK to design and manufacture lightboxes specifically for alleviating SAD and after

Emf Enterprises Ltd
- London - ducts Full-Spectrum Lighting Light & Color Therapy Bodywork Tools Sound Healing Mind-Body Healing Vision Therapy Supplements Personal Care Items Gener...tion, full-spectrum lighting, environmental testing, vision improvement, light and color therapy, nutritional supplements, and much more! Purify Your

Bippin Ltd
- Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey - of Full Spectrum Lighting Daylight Increases Sales Full Spectrum Light Effects Performance on Mood & Health Full Spectrum Lighting a Critical Balance...-Lite Full Spectrum Light Bulbs Wholesale VITA-LITE FULL SPECTRUM LIGHTING ARTICLES Dental Lighting LED Lighting Categories LAMPS Flourescents Cool Wh

Bg Research Ltd
- Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire - trol. Full Spectrum light interrogation. Providing detector systems ranging from UV to Near IR detection. Ultra Low light level detection performed at

Lamp Shed Ltd
- Derby, Derbyshire - ights full spectrum lighting and other lighting sources for home and offices. contact lenses - Contacts Ame

Action on Gilbert's Syndrome
- Hitchin, Hertfordshire - using Full Spectrum Lighting treatment. The SJW increases your photo-sensitivity, so your body is able to absorb the light better and break up the bil... (me: full-spectrum lighting) treatment, and I feel a lot better. I am even sick right now(flu), and my symptoms are only slightly increased. Basicall

Forge Europa Ltd
- Ulverston, Cumbria - odes) Full Spectrum Lighting LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Lighting LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Control Panel Lighting LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Displ...s for full-spectrum lighting through to high-power monochromatic LEDs emitting blue 450nm, photo red 660nm and far-red 730nm. Fig.2 Spectral Power Dis

Kaisertech Ltd
- Southend-on-sea, Essex - tput, full spectrum light increases contrast, provides perfect colour matching, which reduces eye strain, and allows you to work in comfort for longer