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Central Cooling Ltd
- Colne, Lancs - Also evaporative condensers, remote air cooled condensers, blast freezers and chillers, sectional cold stores complete with fridge equipment from 500...s and evaporators. We purchase redundant equipment.

Tower Systems Ltd
- Watford - urers Evaporative Cooling Towers Including High Efficiency Drift Eliminators, Fill Pack, Recoating, Fans, Fan Wheels, Shafts, Motors, Drive Sets, Bear

Pendle Refrigeration Wholesale Ltd
- Burnley, Lancashire - metal evaporators & condensers. Carly system components. Telstar vacuum pumps. Yellow Jacket service & installation tools. Yellow Jacket Refrigeratio...ation evaporators and condensers

Vent Tech
- Bristol, Avon - stems Evaporative Cooling Systems Offering a global holistic approach Vent Tech design, install, maintain, service and repair environmental systems. F...ns to evaporative cooling systems, Vent Tech has the right solution for your business.

European SprayDry Technologies LLP
- Harlow, Essex - Film evaporators to the chemical, food and dairy industries. All of our evaporators are manufactured in 304 or 316 stainless steel and have options f...These evaporators may be single or multi-stage and can be used within a process as a standalone evaporator concentrating liquids or working in tandem

- Ringwood, Hampshire - olers Evaporative cooling towers Industrial process cooling systems Evaporative factory workspace cooling systems Computer server room cooling Water c

Enright Environmental Ltd
- Blaydon-on-Tyne, Tyne & Wear - ning, evaporative cooling, pipework, hot & cold water services, ductwork, gas & oil services & control systems.

SPX Cooling Technologies UK Ltd
- Worcester - ality evaporative cooling towers and evaportative condensers under the Marley, Recold, and Balcke brand names. GB651 8970 08 SPX Corporation Marley Ba

Testbourne Ltd
- Basingstoke, Hampshire - beam evaporation or sputtering are just two alternative techniques, but resistance heated evaporation sources often produce good cost effective resul... beam evaporation is a method of thin film deposition involving the use of an electron beam source or beam gun to evaporate the material. Testbourne p

Fox Heat Exchangers
- Oxted, Surrey - ation Evaporator Retubing Chiller / Evaporator Coil Chilled Water Coil Repair Dry Cooler Coil Repair Demountable Steam Coil Steam Coil Retubing Plate ... Tube Evaporators and Condensers Re-tubing to OEMs Procedures where applicable and including the supply of replacement tubes. Both pneumatic and elect

Clever Engineering
- Sittingbourne, Kent - Mann Evaporative Cooling Systems Met Mann Evaporative cooling systems for warehouses, factories and large workspaces DuctSox Fabric air dispersion p

Jepson Bolton & Co Ltd
- Watford, Hertfordshire - WARE, EVAPORATORS ROTARY, EXTRACTION APPARATUS, Lovibond Water testing, colour testing, effluent testing, comparators Jenway SPECTROPHOTOMETERS, color...otary evaporators, fat extraction systems, Bibby Dispensers, distillation units, Jepson Glassware IKA Homogenisers and shakers Genlab Incubators Scots

Breezair Ireland
- Solihull, West Midlands - ge of evaporative cooling systems. Simple, Efficient and environmentally friendly, Breezairs evaporative coolers are the intelligent choice to cool yo

Vacuum Matters Ltd
- Evesham, Worcestershire - g and Evaporation Systems in all configurations from R&D to continuous, in-line type systems. Angstrom Sciences Inc, Magnetron Sputtering Cathodes fro...ogies Evaporation and Sputtering Systems Telemark Electron Beam Sources and popwer Supplies and all associated components. Including Ion Sources, Ferr

Clean Air Group
- Daventry, Northants - ning, evaporative cooling, ventilation, heating and air filtration projects we are the experts. And because we provide heating as well as air conditio...reeze Evaporative Cooling

Encon Air Systems Ltd
- Northampton, Northants - ge of Evaporative Coolers now available as standard incorporated into the Encon Inflow Units or as a standalone system. Factory Heating Solutionsnow a

Vettertec Ltd
- Tonbridge, Kent - ge of evaporation and drying equipment for the global dairy, food and beverage, industrial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and starch and ethanol indu-st

Bronkhorst UK Ltd
- Newmarket, Suffolk - ers & Evaporation Systems. Bronkhorst High-Tech bv

Coolers & Condensers Ltd
- Fareham, Hampshire - olers Evaporators Coils Ammonia, Cleanable & Special productsA highly successful, independent and innovative manufacturer of heat exchange products, e

Solutex Ltd
- Ellesmere, Shropshire - acuum evaporation for wastewater, can and packing compactors paint spray gun cleaning machines.

EcoCooling Ltd
- Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk - is an evaporative cooler manufactured and designed by EcoCooling Ltd EcoCooling CREC Computer Room Evaporative Coolerspecially designed for the of evaporative cooling systems that are used to deliver refreshing cool air in a variety of commercial and industrial buildings. Using just 1.5KW o

Civils Contracting Ltd
- Tonbridge, Kent - n and evaporators.

Julabo UK Ltd
- Peterborough, Cambs - otary Evaporators and other condensers. JULABO equipment can provide these systems with temperature control over a wide range from -95C to 400C, with

- Settle, North Yorkshire - oners Evaporative Cooling - Fixed Small Evaporative Coolers (top outlet) Small Evaporative Coolers (side outlet) Small Evaporative Coolers (bottom out...oners Evaporative Cooling - Fixed Small Evaporative Coolers (top outlet) Small Evaporative Coolers (side outlet) Small Evaporative Coolers (bottom out

Rapid Climate Control Ltd
- Oldbury, West Midlands - ge of evaporative coolers includes: Compact Hire Evaporative Coolers, Maxi Hire Evaporative Coolers, Super Hire Evaporative Coolers and Jumbo Hire of evaporative coolers.These units are lightweight for easy transportation and deliver a cool seabreeze airflow in well ventilated areas where the

- Haverhill, Suffolk - r non evaporation applications) Representing Microchem Inc we offer: Individual anhydrous metal halides; Multi componenet metal halide mixtures; light

Humidity Solutions Ltd
- Leatherhead, Surrey - ns of evaporative humidification are air/water atomising, ultrasonic, wetted media evaporation and high pressure atomising. Our models within this ran...ents. Evaporative humidifiers differ from their steam using counterparts in that they do not require an external source to provide thermal energy. Thi

Suurmond UK Ltd
- Evesham, Worcs - rives evaporation/ distillation units sealing and dosing units For the polymer industry: polymer gear pumps polymer filters gear boxes For the extrusi

Electrospell Ltd
- Glasgow, Lanarkshire - then evaporates leaving a pure binder-free stable diamond particle film that transfers heat extremely well. Due to the large surface coverage potenti

Electro Hire & Supply LLP
- Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire - s and evaporative coolers. We also install and service the following: fixed air conditioning wall mounted ceiling cassettes floor mounted air to air u