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Coolers & Condensers Ltd
- Fareham, Hampshire - nsers Dry-air coolers Evaporators Coils Ammonia, Cleanable & Special productsA highly successful, independent and innovative manufacturer of heat exch...r and dry air cooler ranges. Air coolers are available as standard or cleanable. We have an extensive range of ceiling mounted coolers and floor mount

- Ringwood, Hampshire - olers Dry air coolers Evaporative cooling towers Industrial process cooling systems Evaporative factory workspace cooling systems Computer server room

HC Coils Ltd
- Fareham, Hampshire - oils, dry air coolers, air blast radiators, air cooled condensers and forced air evaporators for use in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, heat...sses. Dry Air Coolers - For industrial cooling applications such as cooling machinery. Air Cooled Condensers - For compressors, water coolers and refr

Watermiser Ltd
- Newmilns, Ayrshire - ages, dry air coolers (with adiabatic option), water chillers, and a range of heavy duty GRP process water tanks.

F&R Products Ltd
- Wellington, Somerset - llers Dry Air Coolers Air Blast Coolers RCU Water Chiller SIGMA Water Chiller eCHILLY Water Chiller Chilly Water Chiller GAMMA Water Chiller SCU Water...s and Dry Air Coolers (sometimes known as Air Blast Water Coolers). Our equipment is used across a broad spectrum of industries and is relied upon to

Air Pumping Ltd - Head Office
- Upminster, Essex - wguns Dry Air Coolers Air Containment Pressure Vessels Air Pressure Regulators Air Spray Guns Drilling Air Tools Riveting Air Tools Compressed Air Too