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Binder UK Ltd
- cable Shielded cable LED lights LED lights Accessories Product search Customer-specific solutions Industries Automation Measurement and control... Automation technology - Actuatorics Solenoid valve connectors Model A Model B Model C PUR/PVC cable PUR/PVC cable unshielded cable Shielded cable LED lights

Methode Electronics Europe Ltd
- Switches Lithium Ion Battery Systems Bus Bars Radio Remotes shrinkMate Cable Shielding Conductive Inks & Printed Electronics Open Compute Rack Power... CONTACT CAREERS Products User Interface Power Data Sensors & Switches Lithium Ion Battery Systems Bus Bars Radio Remotes shrinkMate Cable Shielding

Custom Designed Cables Ltd
- Service Wundle Braided Cables Cable Shielding Tinned Copper Braid 01204 658 784 Custom Designed Cables Ltd MENU Home Products Braided... and cable shielding is applied to a cable to reduce electromagnetic influence from internal and external sources, improving the overall operational

Turner Electronics Ltd
- conductorwire multi-conductor cable, shielded cable, coaxial cable, flat ribbon cable,glass optical fibre cable and plastic optical fibre cable

Miro Telecommunications Ltd
- Assemblies Inter-Series Adapters (Jacks) LAN Cable & Connectors Unshielded Cable Shielded Cable Outdoor Cable Flyleads Tools Utilities Cabinets & Racks... Assemblies Inter-Series Adapters (Jacks) LAN Cable & Connectors Unshielded Cable Shielded Cable Outdoor Cable Flyleads Tools Utilities Cabinets & Racks

Suna Communication Ltd
- environments including schools, hospitals and care homes. Data Services: Cat 5e data cabling (Shielded and unshielded solutions) Cat 6 data cabling (Shielded and unshielded solutions) Cat6a data cabling (Shielded and unshielded solutions) Data cabling for wireless access points 3-compartment and

Parker Chomerics
- range of EMI shielding materialsincluding conductive elastomers, metal EMI gasketing, spring finger gaskets,EMI cable shielding, conductive coatings... ITOcoatings), shielded air ventilation panels, cable shielding products, groundingsolutions, shielding laminates, tapes, conductive coatings, adhesives

Matrix Technology Services Ltd
- Capabilities Conductive Foil Tapes Ferrites Beryllium Copper Fingerstock Cable Shielding EMI Test Facilities Sheilded Windows Form-in-Place Solutions

Hitachi Cable International Ltd
- America Shielded Copper Premise Twisted Pair Cable - Bulk F/UTP (ScTP) Wire Cables Shielded Supra 10G Enhanced Category Cat 6A Cable - Bulk F/UTP (ScTP... Cable - Bulk Wire Cable Wholesale Manufacturer, Supplier Ribbonized Ribbonized Automation Wire Cable Shielded Flat Round to Flat Ribbon Cable - Bulk Wire

E Preston (Electrical) Ltd

Habia Cable Ltd
- quantity requirements. This range includes equipment wire PTFE, FEP and ETFE, as well as multicore cables, twisted wires, signal cables (shielded and

Computer Cables & Accessories
- CMR Price $ 142. 85 More info 1000Ft Cat 6 Stranded Wire Bulk Cable Shielded Gray Price $ 235. 00 More info 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Free UPS Ground

Cabletalk Communications Ltd
- cleaning up unsightly wires and tidying up convoluted systems. We provide two standard varieties of cabling: Shielded cabling , where one or more insulated

Royston Lead Ltd
- s and have developed an unrivalled reputation for the design and manufacture of: Ballast for vessels and submarine cables Shielding Anodes Lead

I3Q Systems Ltd
- range of cabling solutions, including: Category 5e Structured Cabling Category 6 Structured Cabling Shielded installations Fibre-optic cabling CW1308

Parlex (Europe) Ltd
- sided Circuit Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Bulk Cable Jumper Cable Display Cable U-Flex Cable ALC Cable Shielded Cable Folded & Pre-formed Cable ZIF Cable

Partoria Engineering Ltd
- allows the termination of the cable shield to the connector shell. Shield Coverage: The physical area of a cable that is covered by the shield ing

PR International
- tapes for paper insulated lead cables - Shielding tapes principally for communicative cables - Flexible glass strength members principally for optical

Transpose Technology Ltd
- compress the cable. Shielding Cables are shielded to protect the signal from external noise. There are two types of shield, one to reject electrically

Black Cat Business Services (Cables) Ltd

The SMTC (Europe) Ltd
- singlemode and multi-mode cyber optics, coaxial, ribbon cable, shielded and tight pair, tight twisted pairs, patch cords and molded cables. Laser

- ventilation electrical trunking with separate channels for mains and low-voltage cables shielding of all mains cables, and wooden beds, to prevent

Osco Ltd

HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd
- shrinkable EMI cable shielding material, is available for commercial and military/aerospace systems. Apart from offering superb shielding and significant weight savings, when compared to traditional metal braid cable shielding, CHO-SHRINK also offers an environmental shield against contaminants such

M Buttkereit Ltd

Spectrum Technologies

1st Computer Traders Ltd
- redesigns the Phone-Shield Faraday Bag and introduces Cable-Shield, Laptop-Shield, Holdall-Shield and Tablet-Shield. Disklabs delivers its first data

Philips Respironics

Cimbian UK Ltd

Gentech International Ltd