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Jiaocheng Tianlong Chemical Industry Co. Ltd
- London - lcium ammonium nitrate (C)2016 ICP00000000 )); -- English / HOT PRODUCTS Calcium ammonium nitrate Calcium nitrate Sodium nitrate sodium nitrite Potas...lcium ammonium nitrate Calcium nitrate Sodium nitrate sodium nitrite Potassium nitrate Magnesium nitrate Zinc nitrate ferric nitrate / POSTOFFICE / CO

John Hatcher & Co Ltd
- Felixstowe, Suffolk - d for ammonium nitrate on a unit of N. basis. Because Amsul contains 21%N, 1.5 bags of Amsul can replace 1 bag of ammonium nitrate. This simple rule c... with ammonium nitrate fertilisers. Unlike Urea, Amsulcan be applied as soon as conditions are suitable to travel on land so allows your crops to gain

Dome Technology (UK) Ltd
- Slough, Berkshire - izers Ammonium-Nitrate Storage Gypsum Storage Phosphate Storage Potash Storage Soda-Ash Storage Urea Storage Food & Grains Barley Storage Canola Stora...izers Ammonium-Nitrate Storage Gypsum Storage Phosphate Storage Potash Storage Soda-Ash Storage Urea Storage Food & Grains Barley Storage Canola Stora

Leman Enterprise Ltd
- Worcester, Worcestershire - trate Ammonium Nitrate Potassium Sulfate (SOP) Ammonium Sulphate NPK Complex Fertilizers Calcium Ammonium Nitrate(CAN) NPK Fertilizers Urea Phosphate

Intrabeem Ltd
- Barrow-in-furness, Cumbria - tives Ammonium Nitrate High Density Ammonium Nitrate Low density Ammonium Nitrate Mining Drilling Blasting and Excavation Earthwork Iron Ore Mines Lim...uding Ammonium Nitrate both domestically and to cater to the needs of the overseas customers also. The Company had separate Export Wing to handle the

- Falkirk, Stirlingshire - ating Ammonium Nitrate to a temperature of 250 0 C. Ammonium Nitrate is decomposed in the process to give a mixture of Nitrous Oxide & super heated st...uding Ammonium Nitrate fumes, Nitrogen & other oxides of Nitrogen. The steam & impurities are removed by scrubbing with water, caustic soda and sulphu

Wgt Solutions Ltd
- Bristol, Avon - 970s, ammonium nitrate production began in Kwekwe. Subsequently, Windmill built storage and handling facilities which allowed ammonium nitrate to be u

- Goole, Humberside - d for Ammonium Nitrate Container De-Vanning Bagging Facilities Shrink-Wrapping Directly adjacent to the Goole Port Complex Access to the UKs Main of Ammonium Nitrate and has the consent of the Local Council for the storage of up to 3,500 tonnes. Our site also has its own Weighbridge providing

Rao & Partners Ltd
- Redhill, Surrey - nsity Ammonium Nitrate, High Density Ammonium Nitrate, NPK, water-soluble and other fertilizers. The products are manufactured by PST Industries, Fran

Intrachem Ltd
- Hampton, Middlesex - is an ammonium nitrate based emulsion which complies with the United Nations and South African standards for recognition as UN3375, class 5.1 an ammonium nitrate based pumpable emulsion which is used in underground mining operations with hole diameters greater than 32mm. The product only

Doris Trans Ltd
- Rugby, Warwickshire - a and ammonium nitrate in aqueous or ammoniacal solution Chemical and petrochemical products The main activity of the company is the transport of tilt...a and ammonium nitrate in aqueous or ammoniacal solution Chemical and petrochemical products The main activity of the company is the transport of tilt

ChemTek Ltd
- Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - Acid Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Persulphate Ammonium Sulphate Anti-freeze Ascorbic Acid 2-Aminoethanol 85% B Top Barium Battery Acid Bayrite Benzine B

- London - AN - Ammonium Nitrate - 34-0-0 - nitrogen AS - Ammonium Sulphate - 21-0-0-23 - nitrogen and sulpur ESN - 44-0-0 - Urea encapsulated in a polyurethane

Consolidated Chemicals Ltd

4site Design & Drafting Ltd
- Colchester, Essex - ty of Ammonium Nitrate * Safe storage of solid ammonium nitrate Code of practice (Australia_Reg.) * Storage of Technical (Porous) Ammonium Nitrate * D...OROUS AMMONIUM NITRATE GRANULES (for ANFO) Cost effective Low Cost Technology : Introduction: Ammonium Nitrate (AN) is well known for its Explosive qu

Camplas Technology Ltd
- - Ureic Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser over 7000 in use some over 40 years old. 4 x 80m3 process vessels for AdBlue production, Dublin, used to remove nitr

- Nottingham - ylate Ammonium Nitrate Stand Up Pouch Silica Gel Desiccant Copyright Qingdao Dacon Trading Co., Ltd.ICP05014166 nhl jerseys china air jordan 7 cheap j

Nutricare Fertilisers Ltd
- Hertford, Hertfordshire - o use Ammonium Nitrate based NPKs and not urea based NPKs. This is because of leaf quality. Potassium source in tea NPKs can be SOP or MOP. Although o

Gypsum Supplies Group
- Grantham, Lincolnshire - onia, ammonium nitrate, UAN, urea, ammonium sulphate, or any of the ammonium phosphates. Calcium can decrease the effective pH by precipitating carbon

Stellar Africa Ltd
- London - lude: Ammonium Nitrate Cyanide Explosives Mining Spares General Cargo Communication Transport of the product from ship side to our own dedicated and p

The Table Banner Co. Ltd
- Leominster, Herefordshire - maker Ammonium Nitrate Concrete Mixer Machinery Charcoal Press Machine Global Suppliers acrylic display stand stage truss Feather Flag Banner Custom P

S Balan Ltd
- London - nical ammonium nitrate, mining services and consulting and value added real estate. All Rights Reserved Copyright 2015 S Balan Group Disclaimer Site b

Masterchem Ltd
- Sheffield, South Yorkshire - CH 19 AMMONIUM NITRATE 99.5 6484-52-2 20 AMMONIUM PERCHLORATE 99.5 7790-98-9 << 1 2 3 4 5 > >> Add: 2618,XingHe Road 65A ,ShaHeKou District, Dalian Ci

Prod Ltd
- London - lysis Ammonium Nitrate GG 34-0-0 See product >   Ammonium Sulphate 21-0-0 24% Sulphur See product >   Blue Tracer Dye For use in fertilizers t

Scarlet Chemicals Ltd
- Manchester, Lancashire - lcium Ammonium Nitrate 15245-12-2 Property:White round granulation,soluble in water Use:Calcium is a new type of nitrogen and quick and efficient comp

- Edinburgh - urea ammonium nitrate, which are produced and sold by CF Nitrogen. Corporate and Other Pretax earnings of $20.7 million compared to pretax earnings o

Breakaway Effects Ltd
- Tiverton, Devon - CL01 Ammonium Nitrate Chemical Bottle Label £ 2.00 (excludes VAT) Labels & Dressing CL02 Methanol Chemical Bottle Label £ 2.00 (excludes VAT) Labels

A.J.G. Waters (Equipment) Ltd
- Croydon, Surrey - ates, Ammonium Nitrates, Caustic Soda, Cement, Dap, Heavy Minerals, Lime, Slurry, Nitric Acid, Oleum, Phosphoric Acid, Potash, Sugar, Urea, Waste Wate

Progressive Voice Services Ltd
- Doncaster, South Yorkshire - llon. Ammonium Nitrate / Ammonium Sulfate: Preferred tank size 20.4k. 9.6 lbs/gallon. Lime Slurry: Preferred tank size 13.8k or 16.3k. 18.8 lbs/gallon

- Glasgow - Urea-Ammonium Nitrate Solutions as Influenced by Organic and Inorganic Additives. Fertilizer Research (23) : 113 119 1993. Fagbenro, J. A. and Agbool