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Profil UK Ltd

PROFIL develops pierce nuts and studs which are fastened to metal shaped parts.

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Precision Technology Supplies Ltd

Specialist supplier of Metric and Unified threaded Stainless Steel fasteners.

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Permalok Fastening Systems Ltd
Primary suppliers & advisers in the use of Huck Lockbolt Fastening Systems and Molabolt
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Bulte Plastics (UK) Ltd
Specialists in plastic protection, Nylon and plasto-metallic fasteners.

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Bolt & Nut Manufacturing Ltd

Manufacturers of special fasteners. Project manage and reverse engineer where no drawing is available.

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Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Stockist and distributors of threaded fasteners.

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Suffolk Fasteners (Ipswich) Ltd

Fasteners and Fittings Specialists, including Rivets, Nuts, Washers, Screws, Hex Bolts & Setscrews.

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