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First Directory Ltd
Where every listing allows multiple Reviews and a Q&A conversation helping to both inform prospective customers but to also build a library of answers that helps future customers find their answer faster.  
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GAME Engineering Ltd

With a long standing reputation within the steel work fabrication industry.

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Acme Metal Spinning & Bedale Ltd

Metal Spinning, Sheetmetal Fabrications, Welding and Light Pressings

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Right Lines Ltd

High Quality Diamond Blades, Diamond Core Drills, Cutting, Grinding, Flap & Stripping Discs.

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Northwood Food Machinery Ltd

Specialist machinery for the bakery, cheese cutting and conveyor industries.

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Wholesale Lighting and Electrical

Suppliers of lamps & led lighting for industrial, commercial and retail use.

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S2S Electronics Ltd
PCB & Electronic Design, Prototyping & Manufacture, Electronic Assemblies, RoHS, WEEE Recycling.
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