Registered Number: 01299881
Date of Incorporation: 23/02/1977 (44 years and 5 months ago)
Company Status: Active
Registered Address: 1 East Barnet Road, East Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN4 8RR


Based in Hertfordshire, Paperun Ltd was registered on 23 February 1977, it's status in the Companies House registry is set to "Active". We do not know the number of employees at this business. There are 3 directors listed for the organisation in the Companies House registry.

Directors & Company Secretary Timeline

Current Directors and Secretaries

Director Name Appointed Resigned Total Appointments
DUFFY, Cary James 14 January 2002 14 January 2003 1
KELLY, Terence George N/A 31 December 2017 1
KITTLETY, Jeffrey William N/A 06 January 2006 1

Filing History

No relevant data found

Mortgages & Charges

Description Date Status Charge by
A registered charge 06 January 2015 Outstanding


A registered charge 06 January 2015 Outstanding


Fixed and floating charge 03 July 2003 Fully Satisfied


Debenture 13 June 2003 Outstanding


Debenture 12 January 1984 Outstanding


Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

No SIC found.