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  • Published Date: 10 July 2019

  • Tender Status: active

  • Tender Opening Date: 10 July 2019

  • Tender Closing Date: 13 July 2019

  • Award Date: n/a

  • Contract Start Date: n/a

  • Contract End Date: n/a

  • Contract is suitable for SMEs: Yes

  • Contract is suitable for VCSEs: Yes

  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) Contract Type: Products



*****Updated Expression of interest 10/07/19 ******

Information added in the form of a Question & Answer

Expressions of interest are sought for a supplier to produce a set of case studies of current PSHE practice across a wide range of school contexts, on topics of particular concern for schools. These are to be written up as 'pen portraits' to support schools to prepare for the requirement for all state schools to teach relationships, sex and health education from September 2020. The supplier will be required to: demonstrate previous relevant experience of appropriate methods and practices; develop an appropriate sampling approach; and, be able to recruit and engage with a range of schools. In addition to producing pen portraits, the bidders are also asked to suggest additional outputs to maximise engagement from schools who will be using the product. Expressions of interest will be assessed based on evidence of the organisation or consortia's capability and capacity to do the required work. Expression of interest will not be assessed on details of methods or approaches at this stage.


Clarification Question & response; (For information)

Q) Are you looking for one supplier to cover all topics to be addressed under the new statutory guidance, or would an application focused on a selected few specialist topics be considered?

A) We are looking for one organisation, or a consortium to deliver the whole piece of work. We are not looking for all topics in the new statutory guidance to be addressed in the case studies, only the topics and areas of practice which the department are aware that some schools struggle with delivering. We are also looking to addressing wider themes of the delivery of the new curriculum, outside of the statutory guidance, such as managing difficult discussions in the classroom or working with external stakeholders that are not curriculum topic-specific.

Q) I could not locate a reference to the inclusion of a budget, should any costs be included in the EOI bid?

A) Because the Department has specified this project's scope, methodology and outputs relatively tightly we have decided not to declare the project's budget.

EOI bids should not include a budget or outline of costings as that is not part of the evaluation criteria being used by the assessors.

10/07/19 - Note: A current copy of our Terms & Conditions are included in 'Attachment'. Kindly review these when submitting your EoI. (These replace the t&c's shown in the link on the original posting of the EoI advert. - Please disregard that version).

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