Contract Summary

  • Published Date: 12 June 2019

  • Tender Status: active

  • Tender Opening Date: 12 June 2019

  • Tender Closing Date: 15 July 2019

  • Award Date: n/a

  • Contract Start Date: n/a

  • Contract End Date: n/a

  • Contract is suitable for SMEs: Yes

  • Contract is suitable for VCSEs: Yes

  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) Contract Type: Services



The Council is seeking to purchase Family Assessment services - both residential and in the community.

Full details of the requirement can be found in the Service Specification, which forms a Schedule to the Terms and Conditions.

This is a light touch regime Framework Agreement being let under Regulations 74 to 77 of the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (as amended), under which the Council has flexibility regarding the process or procedure to be used when purchasing certain services, which includes Lac and SEN and family assessment services. In this instance, the Council is extending a Framework Agreement with multiple suppliers that sets out the terms and conditions for buying specific services (call - offs). The Framework Agreement differs from those let under the non-light touch regime in that the Council, exercising its flexibility, will keep the Framework open for new applicants.

It is the Council's intention that new providers will be able to apply to join the Framework on an open basis on the same terms and conditions and on the same criteria as stated in the invitation to tender, unless the Council deems that amendments are required as a result of changes in legislation or changes within the Council. The Council reserves the right however, to close the framework for new applications if it deems this appropriate.

The Council is exercising its right to extend the service specification under the existing Framework Agreement to include areas of provision not included in the contract at the outset of this Framework Agreement. As the Council is extending the service specification, all providers whether they had previously applied to join the framework or not, will be eligible to apply to provide services against the extended service specification.

This Lot 5b is for community parenting assessments. The aim of the service is to assess parenting capacity and make evidenced judgements about parents' capacity to provide good enough parenting in relation to the specific needs of their children. The prime function of the assessment service will be to advise NCC children's services and provide recommendations for future actions.

Service outcomes are:

(a) to reduce delay in care proceedings;

(b) to inform care plans in a timely and efficient manner;

(c) to keep children safe;

(d) develop outcome focused child protection plans based on 'signs of safety'; and 'strengthening families' approaches;

(e) engagement with families (including extended families and friendship groups) to ensure that children are safe.

About the Buyer

Contact name: Claire Dawson

Address: Martineau Lane

Telephone: n/a

Fax: n/a


Value of Contract

Price Range: £250,000