Contract Summary

  • Published Date: 4 October 2021

  • Tender Status: active

  • Tender Opening Date: 27 August 2021

  • Tender Closing Date: 14 October 2021

  • Award Date: n/a

  • Contract Start Date: n/a

  • Contract End Date: n/a

  • Contract is suitable for SMEs: Yes

  • Contract is suitable for VCSEs: No

  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) Contract Type: Products



Tender brief: Provision of Three Greenhouses for Idless Nursery

1. Introduction

Truro City Council is inviting experienced providers of greenhouses to tender for the supply only of three greenhouses to be situated in our new nursery at Idless. We will purchase the three greenhouses from the same supplier.

2. Specification

The greenhouses will be of metal construction with full glass sides, apex roof, and with side and roof ventilation. A wide opening door.

The sizes are as follows: -

• 1 x 5m wide and 5m long

• 1 x 5m wide and 9m long

• 1 x 10m wide and 10m long

3. Selection Criteria

All received tenders will be evaluated against the evaluation criteria as laid out in Appendix 1. The evaluation criteria has been weighted according to what is considered to be the most important attributes of any proposal.

Once all completed tenders have been received and opened, each will then be scored using the selection criteria matrix. The applicant submitting the highest scoring tender will then be invited to enter into a contract.

4 Tender Process

Please submit tenders to

Roger Gazzard

Truro City Council

Municipal Offices



If you wish to tender by e mail then please contact in the first instance.


Truro City Council:

Roger Gazzard 01872 245501

Appendix 1


Instructions for Tenderers

The following information forms an evaluation criterion which is to be used to assist the Council in awarding the licence.

In evaluating the quotations / tenders consideration will be given to the following;

1. Quality of Greenhouses

2. Price of Greenhouses

As a tenderer you are given the opportunity to add any additional relevant information to the categories listed, which you feel would support your returned tender. We would welcome options to your specification.


The following table is to be completed for each returned tender by the relevant evaluating officer - a judgement is to be made against each category on how each tender and tenderers compares. For example, if a tender is considered to be "Good" on Tender Price, then this would score 24, which should be put into the total column on the right. The same logic must then be applied for all remaining categories. These totals should then be added up to give the final score. The highest total score (out of 100) should demonstrate the tender which is most likely to achieve the requirements of the Council based on whole cost and value for money considerations.

Category for consideration Weighting Will fail to satisfy required standard / need Marginally adequate Average / Acceptable Good Excellent TOTAL

Quality of marquee 50% 0 10 20 30 50

Tender price 50% 0 10 20 30 50

Final Score (Out of 100)

About the Buyer

Contact name: Roger Gazzard

Address: Municipal Buildings

Telephone: 01872 274766

Fax: n/a


Value of Contract

Price Range: £50,000