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Zygology is a leading UK based supplier of assembly solutions and industrial fasteners to manufacturers spanning across a wide range of industry sectors in the UK and Europe. Distributing products manufactured by reputable brands including Avdel, Southco, PEM®, Masterfix and BBA together with our team of experts that provide sound engineering advise has helped us to attract an extensive and ever-expanding customer base, from small OEM manufacturers to large multi-national organizations throughout the UK and Europe. 

Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to find the best solutions for each of our customers' specific application requirements - from reliable, high-quality product supply through to engineering development and expert advice as and when required. We also offer a rapid delivery service, helping to ensure that our customers meet their production deadlines whilst our consistent product quality maximises both output and profitability.

Avdel Breakstem Rivet Systems

Zygology offers a wide range of breakstem rivets that are manufactured by the reputable brand Avdel. With over fifty years of experience designing and manufacturing rivets, Avdel have produced high-quality and cost-effective products that have contributed to their reputation as one of the leading companies within the industry. Most people think of a rivet as a rivet with the purpose simply being to assemble two or more components from one side of the application. Avdel fasteners are designed and manufactured with important additional features,  helping to achieve excellent long-lasting results. 

For more information on the different types of rivets that Zygology offers, please visit our website.

Steel Value Rivet Nuts

We are suppliers of a large array of high-quality steel rivet nuts. No matter what requirements you may have, Zygology offers a series of products to suit. Rivet nuts in our range include:


  • Countersunk head rivet nuts
  • Flange head with splined body rivet nuts
  • Low profile head rivet nuts
  • Low profile head with closed end and splined body rivet nuts
  • Low profile head with splined body rivet nuts

All of our products are available in Euro metric hole sizes.

PEM Self Clinching Fasteners

We offer a full range of high-quality and cost-effective PEM self clinching fasteners that are suitable for installing metric and imperial threads in all types of sheet and cast metal. Advantages of opting for self clinching fasteners over rivet nuts or rivet bushes include improved cosmetics, greater torque to turn characteristics and high adaptability to sheet thickness. Zygology offer PEM self clinch fasteners in the following various forms:


  • Nuts
  • Studs
  • Threaded Standoffs
  • Snap Top Standoffs
  • Double Flush Rivets
  • Cable Ties
  • Right Angle Brackets
  • And many more...

PEM Panel Access Fasteners

At Zygology, we offer PEM panel fasteners that offer a quick and effective way of attaching a threaded screw to any sheet material to create a captive fastener. PEM fasteners are available as self clinching , floating or snap in styles and are all designed with the MAThread anti cross thread technology which helps to make cross threading almost impossible. They are suitable for installation into most applications including aluminium steel and stainless steel. 

To view all of the products that we have to offer in our range of PEM panel fasteners, please visit our webiste.

PEM Fasteners for PC Boards

Zygology offers an extensive range of high-quality PEM fasteners for PC boards that allow for simple installation of threads and standoffs into industry standard circuit board material. Their innovative design ensures that they occupy minimum space on the board and also that the board is not damaged during fitting. With PEM PC board fasteners you have the option to use the directly into the circuit board or through plated holes as required.

Southco Panel / Door Latches & Locks

A wide array of panel and door latches and locks are available for purchase on our website. As with all of the products that Zygology offers, you can be sure to find high-quality latches and locks at excellent value for money. We offer all of the latest designs that are made with the finest materials to suit almost all application requirements. Zygology supplies the following types of latches and locks: 

  • Compression Latches 
  • Cam Latches 
  • Locks 
  • Entry Door Locksets 
  • Push-To-Close Latches 
  • Draw Latches 
  • Multi-Point Systems

Southco Hinges / Position Control

Zygology offer a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing hinges and position control solutions. They are available in a range of finishes and different materials to suit particular environmental demands. All products have a sleek design and are built to last. Products available in our range of hinges and position control items include: 

  • Positioning Arms 
  • External Hinges 
  • Embedded Hinges 
  • Concealed Hinges 
  • Door Stays

Southco Captive Screws

An extensive range of high-quality and cost-efficient captive screws are available on the Zygology website. They are made from quality materials that are resistant to even the most extreme conditions and designed to suit a host of applications for almost any requirements.  Captive screws in our range include: 

  • Captive Screws 
  • Miniature Captive Screws 
  • Heat Sink Captive Screws 
  • Flush Screws 
  • Captive Nuts

Southco Electronic Access and Locking Solutions

Zygology also offers a whole host of electronic access and locking systems. We offer devices with the latest technological designs at great value for money. Products available in this range include: 

  • Electronic Rotary Latches 
  • Electronic Swinghandle Latches 
  • Electronic Slide Bolts 
  • Electronic Controllers 
  • Electronic Accessories

For more information on the high-quality products that Zygology has to offer, please give us a call or visit our website.

Avdel Speed Fasteners

If you are looking for the ultimate in control and require absolute precision, for example when working with delicate materials, unusual shaped holes or even for difficult to reach applications, then a speed fastener could be the right solution for you. This method involves a repetition mandrel system which pulls the fastener through and allows both axial and radial expansion giving a tight fastening.  The tool automatically releases a new fastener to the nosepipe reducing time taken between fastenings and giving a typical cycle time of just 1 second. Options include standard hand-held tools, bench mounted, over bench and pantograph as well as twin and multi-head workstations. 

Avdel NeoSpeed Rivets

NeoSpeed rivets offer the very latest in design technology and provide an excellent replacement product for all blind rivets.  They boast exceptional multi-grip capabilities as well as hole tolerance flexibility and strength, but their superiority lies within their ability to grip along their entire body length enabling them to adhere to components that have a thickness of only 0.6mm eliminating the requirement for multiple conventional rivets. Combine this with leading clamp up capability and you are assured incomparable strength, speed and flexibility.

Avdel Briv Rivets

If you are looking for a fastener that offers the flexibility of being able to be used in a range of materials, including stainless steel, steel, plastics and aluminium, whilst giving excellent clamp up, then you may find Advel’s Briv Rivets meet your requirements, especially within electrical appliance, electronic assembly, general metal fabrication, lighting and automotive applications. Consistency can be achieved across production through the straightforward selection of nose equipment at the outset.  We offer a selection of Briv rivets that are available with either snap or countersunk heads and come in a choice of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass or hot tin dipped brass.

Avdel Chobert Rivets

For the assembly of thicker materials, including blind holes, please see our selection of Chobert rivets by Advel  which are available in aluminium, steel or brass with a choice of special coating being available on request, including paint, anodising and hot tin dip. With less clamp up than other rivets, Choberts are best suited to applications where greater caution is required such as assembling components onto more fragile bases like printed circuit boards, plastics and ceramics. Chobert rivets can also be applied to holes that are either oversized or irregular in shape, via straightforward alteration of the nose equipment.

Avdel Rivscrews

The Rivscrew is totally unique in design and offers the speed of installation and functionality of a rivet with the ability to be unscrewed with an Allen key and reused, as with a traditional screw. This trait is particularly useful within the electronics industry alleviating the need for a drill when traditional rivets need removing. Rivscrews can be applied to a diverse range of materials, however they can only be unscrewed if they are of Vickers hardness 105 hv5 or lower. 

Avdel Grovits

Zygology supplies Avdel Govits in steel or aluminium with snap or countersunk heads to suit a variety of applications where low density materials are being assembled, for example fastening wood panels onto metal frames or fixing metal accessories to glass reinforced plastic. Adjustment of the nose equipment will allow Grovits to be used in irregular or oversized holes as well as being used to achieve consistent results.

Avdel Avtronic Rivets

Avtronic rivets have been specifically designed for securing DIN 41612 connectors and coding bars to printed circuit boards, as well as for use in the assembly of an array of aluminium and plastic components.  They are available in a choice of brass hot tin dip dome head or aluminium dome head and can be plated if required.  Please contact us to discuss the different options available.  This style of rivet is also an excellent choice for flow solder processes where it can be installed prior to flow.

Avdel Avlugs

Our range of Avdel Avlugs are for use with Avdel Speed Fasteners and are an economical component for use as terminal posts on printed circuit boards.  They feature groves around the shaft to enable a secure grip for wire prior to soldering and are available in a choice of 1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm diameters.  Please contact us for further information.

Avdel Avserts

Avdel Avserts are fabricated from tin-plated brass and are used to quickly attach standoff pillars to printed circuit boards as well as chassis, gear trays and aluminium extrusions.  Another application they are well suited to is the attachment of daughter boards and numeric pads onto motherboards.  Avserts are available in a choice of M2.5 or M3 threads and various lengths. Please contact us if you require a length not listed on our website as they can be made to order.

Southco Cam / Compression Latches

Zygology stocks a comprehensive range of Southco’s superior quality Cam/Compression Latches, which are available in a wide selection of variants to suit different applications. The Compression Latch range includes Vise Action latches, lever latches, self-adjusting latches and lift and turn latches, whilst the choice of Cam Latches comprises fixed grip cam latches and adjustable grip cam latches.  Please see our website for details of the extensive collection of products in this category including the features and benefits of each design.

Southco Push to Close Latches

We supply two categories of Southco push to close latches; visible and concealed.  The visible category contains a further three different styles to choose from depending on the application: turn to open, slide to open and pull to open, whilst the concealed latches are available in remote actuated, push to open and pull to open.  In total there are nearly 900 push to close latches to choose from, each exhibiting the high quality and innovation you would expect from a Southco product.  Please see our website for full details of all the options available.

Placing Tools

Please visit our website to browse the collection of placing tools we stock that are designed for the placement of blind rivets and rivet nuts.  This selection contains something suitable for the home enthusiast right through to high volume producers and everything in between, and if you are only looking for placing tools to use in the short term, then please contact us to find out more about our hire service.  You can rest assured knowing one of our team has tested and inspected all tools prior to dispatch and we also offer a service and repair offering to keep them in top condition.

Tools for Breakstem Rivet SystemsTools-for-breakstem-rivet-systems-c55.htm

We have a broad selection of tools for breakstem rivet systems that cater to a range of needs and budgets, some of which are available to order from our online shop.  Our catalogue contains ranges from leading tools manufacturers Genesis, Taurus and Gesipa alongside our own range of Zygology tools. A complete list of the options available can be found on our website, along with full details and tool specifications sheets. 

Masterfix Blind Rivets

Blind rivets are a great way to make cost savings due to the very simple way they can be installed, which negates the requirement for skilled labour, and also their design, which means only one side of the material in question needs to be accessed.  Here at Zygology we have a diverse range of blind rivets to cover many applications and this range includes PLIA multigrip rivets, standard open rivets, closed end rivets and high strength rivets for heavy applications. We also have a variety of blind rivets with special profiles or features that have been designed for non-standard applications.


Masterfix Rivet Nuts & Rivet Nut Studs

Masterfix rivet nuts are designed to be used in conjunction with Masterfix blind rivets and are available in a range of different options to suit your application.  In our standard stock range, choose from thread sizes of M3 to M12 fabricated in a choice of aluminium, steel, stainless steel in both A2 and A4 grades and EPDM.  Body styles available include round, hexagonal, open and closed end, and you can choose from the following head style options: cylindrical, countersunk and reduced countersunk.  We also stock the Masterbolt style of rivet bolt which benefits from an external thread connection design.


Masterfix Installation Tools

To complement our range of Masterfix rivets and rivet nuts we also stock a comprehensive range of Masterfix power tools that caters for a diverse scope of applications as well as budgets. So, whether you’re a veteran tradesman or you’re taking up a new hobby, you’ll find a tool to suit your needs.  Take a look at our website to discover the choice of hand and air powered tools available, which can be split into two categories: Masterfix rivet nut and rivet nut stud tooling and Masterfix rivet tools, all of the  former being supplied with mandrels/adaptors and anvils, whilst the latter include a selection of nose tips.


Monobolt Structural Breakstem Rivets

If your priority when choosing blind fasteners is strength, then Monobolt structural breakstem rivets could be just what you’re looking for.  They are one of the strongest options currently on the market meaning you can use less fasteners than you would need if you were using standard grip fasteners. Affording superb multi-grip capabilities, these rivets can be used to alleviate sheet movement in non- standard holes and their water resistant and vibration resistant characteristics make them the ideal solution for a host of applications.


Interlock Structural Breakstem Rivets

These fabulous breakstem fasteners apply their multi-grip and radial expansion design to provide excellent hole filling capabilities, the result being a fully-sealed joint, even for large and non-standard gaps.  This in turn prevents possible movement between sheets as well as excellent resistance against vibrations.  These rivets from Avdel exhibit high tensile strength and therefore savings can be made through use of fewer fasteners than would be required if using standard varieties.  There are several options to choose from including steel dome-head, countersunk steel and aluminium.  The full details of each design can be found on our website.


Hemlok Structural Breakstem Rivets

If you are looking for a blind fastener that will provide unbeatable strength then Hemlock structural breakstem rivets could provide the perfect solution.  With a diameter of 6.4mm and protracted blind-side bearing it arguably offers the most strength of any blind fastener in the Avdel range for both shear and tensile performance.  It is also an excellent option for external applications due to its commendable weather resistance. Hemlock structural rivets are available in both aluminium and zinc-plated steel options, both featuring a dome-head design.



Avbolt® by Avdel is a fastener for heavy-duty applications such as those found in the mining, construction, railway, HVG and container industries.  Combine this with tamper-resistant characteristics, high-tensile and shear strength, superb grip capabilities and vibration resistance and you have an extremely high-performing fastener.  Another advantageous attribute of the Avbolt® is its one-sided application, providing quick and simple installation for a robust joint, that doesn’t require a highly-skilled person to put them in place.


Avibulb XT Steel Multigrip Fasteners

Constructed from zinc-plated steel, which has been passivated to provide excellent corrosion resistance, the Avibulb XT multigrip fastener offers the ideal blend of high performance and aesthetics.  With a generous blind side tail, which diffuses the load across the rear sheet as well as the front, it is ideal for use with thinner gauge materials.  Its 6.4mm diameter and excellent expansion qualities result in impressive joint sealing of even irregular, oversized and misaligned holes.  Full specifications of this fastener, including details of shear and tensile strengths, can be found on our website.


Avinox XT Stainless Steel Multigrip Fasteners

When a high strength fastener is needed for thin sheet material the solution can be found in the form of the newly structured Avinox® XT multi-grip fastener.  Fabricated from stainless steel, this robust fastener features a bulbing tail enabling the clamp load to be distributed to the rear sheet, which is why it is ideal for use with thin sheet materials. In fact it has the largest grip range offered by any ¼” bulbing fastener available on the market today.  It offers excellent corrosion resistance as well as the ability to withstand high temperatures, allowing it to be used in a great deal of applications.


Avdelok Lock Bolts

The high strength and high tensile properties of Avdelok® make it particularly suited to very high-load and heavy engineering applications where strength is a prerequisite.  It has a very high clamp and is an excellent choice for situations where security is a priority as unless you have specialist equipment it is extremely difficult to remove.  Avdelok® is manufactured in aluminium and stainless steel and is available in a choice of diameters and head options including brazier, countersunk, truss and large head. Please see our website for full specifications and sizes available.


Maxlok Lock Bolts

The uniqueness of the Maxlok® lies in its design which offers multi-grip capacity for varying thicknesses of materials. This makes it ideal in a great many applications, but notably automotive, cabinet and enclosure construction, fencing and building and construction. It offers impressive strength and vibration resistance, as well as being simple and quick to install.  Options include: steel brazier head, steel countersunk head, steel mushroom head, steel truss head and aluminium brazier head. Each option is also available in a selection of sizes, details of which can be found on our website.


Avtainer Lock Bolts

Avtainer® bolts have been specifically designed for use when connecting composite panels to metal, and their design, which features a large diameter head and large diameter rear side shell, is such that the clamp load is spread in order to avoid any possible cracking and damage to the composite material that is being used.  They also feature a Santoprene® seal to ensure all joints are watertight and are therefore an excellent choice for the harshest of environments. Options include zinc plated, coloured plastic encapsulated head forms and also bolts with a smaller diameter shell which are perfect for installation where access space is limited.


Large Diameter Lock Bolts

The Avdelok® LD features all the benefits of Avdelok® with the advantage of exhibiting at least class 8.8/ASTM A-325 standard properties and therefore provides an excellent alternative to other fasteners in its category.  This is a heavy-duty lockbolt, consisting of bolt and collar, offers a tensile strength of >300kN and is an incredibly reliable and high-performance fastener for use in structural applications where there is intensive load-bearing such as railway, mining , bridge and crane applications, amongst others. They provide a tamper resistant, permanent fixing that is resistant to vibration, and are available in sizes from Ø12.7mm to Ø25.4mm and lengths of up to 102mm.


Advel Nutserts

Avdel Nutserts® comprise of a rivet and nut which have been specifically designed for use with thin sheet materials (from 0.50mm), box sections and tubing and provide a female load bearing thread.  On our website you can view a video to see how quick and easy these threaded inserts are to install.  In order to suit a variety of different applications they are available in seven different options: steel round bodied, stainless steel round bodied, steel hexagonal bodied, stainless steel hexagonal bodied, aluminium round bodied, steel square bodied, and Versanut®; a range of wide-grip threaded inserts.




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