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We design and manufacture an extensive range of precision test and measurement instrumentation, and our equipment is employed globally in thousands of advanced production processes in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and power generation industries among many others. We aim to reduce your cost of ownership by creating high quality solutions that withstand the test of time. Our engineers are constantly pushing to develop new and innovative solutions. We design our test equipment with a view toward future compatibility, and we continually invest in new technologies. Aftersale care and support are important to us. We provide maintenance, engineering and technical support on a global basis, by team members who are engineers by trade. Our instruments are extremely reliable, but should calibration or repairs become necessary, we have a large service centre at our European headquarters in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. 

Our test and measurement products include: Oscilloscopes: Digital Storage and Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, ScopeCorders (Low Frequency Oscilloscope with high vertical resolution), Serial Bus Analysers (I2C, SPI, LIN, CANbus, FlexRay) Optical Instrumentation: Optical Spectrum Analysers, Optical Time Domain Reflectometers, Optical Fibre Strain Analyser, Optical Power Meters  Power Analysers: Power Quality Analysers, Time Interval Analysers, Digital Power Meters (single & three phase)  Data Aquisition: Multi-channel Data Acquisition Systems, Chart Recorders (Paper & Paperless), Modular PC based Instrumentation  Communication Products: Digital Transmission Test Instruments, Signal Generators Hand-held Instrumentation including: Digital Multimeters, Portable Data Loggers, Process Calibrators, Clamp-on Power Meters, Clamp-on Testers  A wide range of accessories to support the portfolio including: Passive Probes, Active Probes, Differential Probes, Logic Probes, Current sensors.


Our DL series digital storage and mixed signal oscilloscopes have fast waveform acquisition, comprehensive signal analysis capabilities, and long flexible capture memories that facilitate high sample rates. Mixed signal oscilloscopes offer simultaneous analysis of four analogue and up to 32 digital channels. 

Our ScopeCorders (Low Frequency Oscilloscope with high vertical resolution) act as both high precision oscilloscopes and paper chart recorders. We also offer high-speed Serial Bus Analysers that focus on in-vehicle serial bus protocols (FlexRay, CANbus and LIN) and provide I2C, SPI and UART trigger and analysis capabilities. 

Yokogawa oscilloscopes have easy connectivity, large clear displays, intuitive interfaces, and offer excellent value for money.

Power Analysers

We are the world's largest producer of power and energy analysers and meters, and our WT3000 is the world’s most accurate and stable power analyser. Certified to IEC62301 standards for standby power testing and to IEC61000-3-3/-3-11 for the measurement and analysis of voltage fluctuation and flicker, the WT3000 offers high efficiency and is perfect measuring energy efficiency. A special version is available for the measurement of electrical/mechanical efficiency as well as electrical efficiency of inverters and motors.

Software packages for IEC61000-3-12 and IEC 61000-3-3 compliant harmonic analysis, voltage fluctuation and flicker analysis is available.

We also offer time interval analysers and single and three-phase digital power meters as well as hand held power meters. 

Communication Products

Our digital transmission test instruments include the AE5500 series Ethernet traffic testers, the 40G Transport Analyser for testing Next Generation Networks, and the AQ1300 10 Gigabit Ethernet handheld tester for commissioning, maintenance, and network path testing. 

Our FG200/FG300 series synthesized function generators provide sweep and modulation with ease of operation, with capabilities for waveform definition and sequencing functions. The FG100 series of high-functioning generator/source units use direct digital synthesis to generate highly accurate signals, making these units ideal for use in a wide range of applications. 

Optical Instrumentation

Our AQ6300 series Optical Spectrum Analysers cover wavelengths from 350 to 2400nm. Their ease of operation, high performance and reliability make them ideal for intensive R&D and industrial processes as well as for quality control applications.

The AQ7200 Optical Time Domain Reflectometers meet a wide variety of measurement needs from FTTH to metro networks. The AQ8603 Optical Fibre Strain Analyser can detect narrow sections of strain utilising Brillouin scattering light detecting and OTDR technology to measure strain distribution in the axial direction from one end with an accuracy of 0.003%.

The TB200 hand-held Optical Power Meter, covering wavelengths from 400 to 850nm, is ideal for optical disk development and production and other laser applications.

Data Acquisition

We offer a wide choice of multi-channel data acquisition systems and equipment. The DAQMaster series PC-based enables remote monitoring and centralised backup service with a variety of configuration options. Our modular PC-based WE7000 series measurement system offers high precision PC measurement with easy and high-speed communications over USB 2.0, more than 18 types of measurement modules and high precision modules with traceability.

We offer paper and paperless chart recorders. Our paper chart recorders include the LR series for crisp colour analogue recording in up to 12 colours, the uR series Intelligent Industrial Recorders, and the expandable DR series Hybrid Recorder.  Paperless chart recorders include the MV portable data acquisition stations with large memory capacity and the XL100 Datum-Y portable data logger.

Digital Multimeters

Our range of high precision hand held digital multimeters has advanced capabilities to measure frequency, dB, pulse width, duty cycle, temperatures, and capacitance. They offer simultaneous measurement and display of DC and AC current, low pass filter, true RMS measurement, large capacity memory in logging mode, closed case calibration, USB connectivity and optional DMM communications software. They are of rugged design and can withstand wide temperature variations. They are built to high safety standards, with compliance to EN61010-1 standards and include safety shutters to prevent erroneous insertion of leads into current terminals.

Portable Data Loggers

The Datum-Y Series XL100 8 or 16-channel data logger is compact, lightweight and noise-resistant, guaranteeing stable measurement even in high noise environments. Its wide view TFT LCD screen is easy to read indoors or outdoors.  The Datum-Y can acquire and save large amounts of data. It takes compact flash and SD cards, and remote data can be acquired via the included LAN port. The standard D-TOOL software allows you to view data in waveforms and perform CSV conversion, and the optional Datum-LOGGER software lets you connect up to ten Datum-Y units to analyse and process data after real-time measurement and PC data acquisition.

Process Calibrators

We offer several handheld calibrators. The highly accurate CA150 is a comprehensive solution for on-site calibration and equipment checking. It acts as several instruments in one, performing simultaneous source and measurement of voltage, current, resistance, TC, RTD and pulse signals. It can generate input signals to equipment and check output signals from equipment. 

In addition to the multi-functional CA150, we can provide the CA11E voltage/current calibrator, the CA12E temperature calibrator, and the simultaneous signal source and measurement capable CA51 and CA71 Handy Calibrators which incorporate a wide array of useful functions into an easily operated system.

Clamp-on Power Meters

Our compact, battery powered CW120 and CW240 series clamp-on electric energy and power meters are ideal for power quality management and energy consumption measurement in field situations. They support a variety of connection types ranging from single-phase 2-wire to three-phase 4-wire. They have a wiring check function that minimises connection errors. The CW240 series can detect wasteful time and current flow of standby currents, power supply quality and voltage fluctuations. External memory cards up to 512 MB can be use to save data in CSV format as well as images of screen captures.

Passive Probes

We offer a range of passive probes for our DL series of oscilloscopes:

• 200 MHz for DL1600 series
• 400 MHz for DL1700E, 7400 series
• 500 MHz for DL9000 series
• 350 MHz and 500 MHz miniature passive probes for the DL1700E, 7400 series
• 200 MHz and 400 MHz high voltage passive probes
• 10:1 passive probe for DL750, SL1000 and SL1400 series

Active Probes

Active or FET probes offer effective measurement of high-speed signals. Our active probes include 1 GHz, 1.5 GHz, and 2.5 GHz models. We also offer a 900 MHz FET probe.

As well as passive and active probes, we also offer differential, logic, low capacitance and current probes with frequency bandwidths ranging to 2.5 GHz.

Our optional 701919 probe stand and positioner with its heavy base and flexible arm offers hands-free circuit board testing, and accepts 8 mm to 13 mm diameter probes.

Current Sensors

Our external current sensors ensure the greatest possible accuracy when testing currents above 50 Arms. 

The MACCplus is our most popular external current sensor, having a 1000:1 ratio. It is suitable for currents up to 850 Apeak (600 Arms).

The SC1000 Zero FluxTM split core current sensor is ideal for installations in which power cables cannot be disconnected. It is suitable for measuring primary currents up to 1000 Apeak (700 Arms)

The CURACC Zero FluxTM external current sensor is suitable for measuring currents between 1000 Apeak (700 Arms) and 6000 Apeak (4240 Arms).



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