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WiredContact is a recognised expert at providing Hosted CRM and customer relationship management solutions. We provide everything you need for a successful deployment, from software and services, technical support, to designing the right solution for your needs. We are experienced, capable, and reliable professionals, with seventeen years of experience of working together as team. 

Our CRM solutions serve franchises, sales forces, and service sectors, we pride ourselves in offering a full service to businesses looking to offer their own customers the highest level of service. 

We designed our WiredContact CRM software to be easier to use and cheaper to deploy than competing database solutions in the market using SQL as a backend although our software is also database-agnostic, with no limitations on the possible number of fields or tables, and enables full control over access permissions – all unlike other solutions. Particular workflow features are easy to design and implement. Our CRM software works with most smartphones and tablets – giving you easy access to your CRM solution at any time.

Administration Solutions

Our administration solutions have served clients in deploying a corporate administration system, with tasks as straightforward as sending Christmas cards, events invitations, and newsletters, while also meeting the far more complex demands of a major national retailer order management system, a property rentals and valuations service, and the complex certifications management for a building control testing firm.

CRM for Law Firms

Law firms are fee-earning businesses. Our experience enables us to help firms that want to diversity their service offering – to engage in more disciplines than may have been previously the case. This kind of expansion requires a full CRM solution. It begins with identifying the barriers to change, such as existing data languishing unused in filing cabinets; we create a solution that, among other things, makes this valuable data available digitally to those members of the organisation that need access. Our database setup includes detailed care over security issues, separate layouts for different legal practices, and other measures.

CRM for Architects

Our CRM systems for architects can address a vital issue in architecture: the need to share details of a development opportunity or project between architects and clients in a way that reduces the time from design instruction to breaking ground for building. Everyone needs to stay informed at all stages of the process. We use a range of software systems and services to meet this need, preserving all digital notes and file attachments along the way. And we can set up these solutions incredibly quickly: database layout and template can be agreed in days, with deployment and testing following in just a few more days.

CRM for Colleges

Our CRM systems for colleges and universities tackle a common problem in educational institutions – islands of data each using a different software solution. We implement a plan for change that can be incredibly non-invasive; often we leave the data where it is and simply draw "views" from the numerous data sources. These are linked using common identifiers, such as National Insurance numbers or dates of birth; thus a coherent and unified system sits on top of diversity without disrupting the college or undoing previous systems designs.


Our service-sector CRM solutions have been used in call centre management as well as security solutions for client and engineer field sales diary management. Our work on CRM solutions for call centres was focused on offering real-time access to databases and to give clients such as tablets and smartphones remote access capabilities.


We offer a range of software add-ons for our CRM solutions. Microsoft Outlook integration, invoice creation through Sage 50 accounts, a campaign management software product for scheduling and tracking automatic email newsletters, and full compatibility with Mac OS X and iOS devices, are all among our optional add-ons.


WiredContact also offers data services that integrate with the Samsung Galaxy tablet range, a data migration service from SalesForce CRM software to WiredContact solutions, and other services.

Example CRM Solution for SSAIB & NACOSS Regulated Alarm Installers

WiredContact has developed a CRM system designed specifically for managing fire alarm engineers and field sales staff. It allows you to:

  • Create and monitor sales leads
  • Manage jobs that are in progress
  • View exactly where and how time is being spent
  • View completed jobs
  • Change the layout to suit individual requirements
  • Set up automatic email alerts for appointments

This is just one example of how we can create a custom solution for specific industries and applications.  To discuss your own business administration, sales and marketing requirements with one of our developers, just give us call. 



Registration Number: 05543909
VAT Number: GB869 5857 45
Registered at Companies House:23 August, 2005 (18 years and 6 months ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
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