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West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd is a family run business that specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of steel specifications. Our stock is designed to suit all kinds of applications such as tool steel (for cold work, hot work, plastic mould applications, and more), engineering steel (including carbon and alloy steel, key steel, and spring steel), stainless steel with precipitation hardening, and more. Cast iron bar is available in a wide variety of specifications including British Standards BS1452 grey iron and BS2789 spheroidal graphite (SG), ductile iron.  Work hardening steel is available as manganese steel plate 1.3401. With more than 30 years experience in the industry we provide the market with an excellent service and can advise customers on hard to source steels such as British Standard BS970 or BS EN ISO 4957 grades. All of our grades can be supplied as steel bar, steel plate, steel sheet, or cut from block. We also provide a range of machining services to meet specific requirements.

Please take a look at our website. We hope you find all the information you need, however please do contact us at West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd with your enquiries and we will be happy to help

Tool Steel

Please visit our website to view our range of commonly supplied tool steel. These are held for hot work, cold work and plastic mould specifications. Examples of the range include 01 tool steel which is a general purpose oil hardening tool steel that hardens at relatively low temperatures with minimum distortion; S1 tool steel which is a tough and shock resisting tool steel with good abrasion resistance, good cutting ability and toughness; M42 high speed steel which is a quality cobalt molybdenum high speed steel for superior cutting performance.

For all of your steel requirements including those hard to find steels, please call us at West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd.

Alloy Steel

We hold comprehensive stocks of carbon and alloy steel specifications. These are available in a range of British and International standards. Examples of the range include EN8 which is a 0.4% carbon steel for applications that require added strength and superior tensile properties to mild steel specifications; EN26 which is a 2.5% nickel chromium molybdenum high tensile steel, and AISI 6150 - a chromium vanadium spring steel type steel.

Carbon Steel

Our carbon steel alloys include examples such as EN31 which is a high carbon alloy steel which reaches a high degree of hardness with compressive strength and abrasion resistance; EN14 which is a carbon manganese steel; and EN9 which is a 0.5% carbon steel that gives a higher tensile than EN8 and can be induction or flame hardened. Please contact us for more information regarding our carbon steel range.

Spring Steel

We hold a wide selection of carbon spring steel in stock. Examples of the range include EN43 which is a carbon spring steel supplied in round bar, hexagon, flat and also as spring steel plate and sheet; EN45 which is a silicon manganese spring steel suitable for all hardening and tempering; and EN47 - an oil quenching quality spring steel grade which gives good wear resistance properties after heat treatment. Carbon steel strip and spring steel sheet is commonly supplied in hardened and tempered condition although we also supply certain sizes in the annealed condition. Most of our spring steel specifications are held to British Standard steel specifications including BS1449 and BS970.

Please visit our website for information regarding our complete range.

Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel specifications are held in the austenitic, martensitic and precipitation hardening varieties. Our stocks of stainless steel are held in British Standard and International Standards. Examples of our stainless steel range include UN S S31803 which is a high strength duplex stainless steel; 316 which is 18% chromium, 11% nickel and 2 ½ % molybdenum stainless and is highly resistant to corrosion; and 420 which is 13% chromium stainless steel and achieves a high hardness, gives a good polish and is resistant to attack from corrosive plastics. We also stock 301 stainless spring temper rolled strip.

For all of your stainless steel requirements, please contact us at West Yorkshire Co Ltd.

Cast Iron

We hold stocks in continuous cast iron bar which provide a finer grain structure and graphite distribution than sand cast iron bar alternatives. We supply cast iron bar in lengths of three metres or we can cut as required. We can also supply square and flat bar cut to your requirements. Our cast iron bars are alloys that generally contain 2% more carbon and 1%-3% silicon. Our cast iron grades include BS2789, 420/7, 600/7, BS1452 Grade 220,250, 260, Meehanite, grey iron, spheroidal graphite iron SG iron.

Please visit our website to view properties and for further information regarding our supply of cast iron.

11 to 14% Manganese Steel

Our manganese steel is a non-magnetic, work hardening abrasion resistant steel plate which can be supplied in full plates or cut as pieces. With these characteristics manganese steel is particularly well suited for wear applications where high impact abrasion leads to a work hardening effect. In the supplied condition the plate is ductile so forming can be undertaken easily. High manganese steel is difficult to drill because of the manganese content and heavy duty machinery is required. Welding applications should be carried out at a low thermal value.

Ground Steel Bar

All of our specifications can be supplied to customers in precision ground bar and to tight tolerances. We hold stock sizes of ground bar up to 2inches in diameter (BS1407). Please contact us with all of your requirements and we are sure to be able to help. Our knowledge and experience of the industry enables us to confidently provide customers with a first-class service.



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