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Weiss Technik UK is part of the Weiss Group, the world's largest manufacturer of environmental testing equipment and one of four divisions of the Schunk Group. The Weiss Group division brings together environmental simulation technology and climate technology expertise. Solutions are used around the world in research, development, manufacturing and quality assurance.

In 2013, following a combined presence in excess of 55 years, two respected leaders in environmental testing solutions, Weiss Gallenkamp and Design Environmental, merged to form Weiss Technik UK. Weiss Technik UK employs a team of over 90 staff across three office locations and a manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom and Germany. Our environmental simulation product range includes Weiss and Vötsch test chambers and rooms for automotive, temperature and climatic, environmental stress screening, corrosion and pharmaceutical stability testing. We also offer sports science rooms, laboratory and industrial ovens and fingerprint development chambers. Weiss Technik UK is accredited with ISO 9001:2008. We are the Centre of Competence within the Weiss Group for our Fitotron® range of plant growth and insect research chambers and rooms. We supply our Fitotron® products direct into the UK and Germany. For all other countries, our products are sold through a specialist group company and distributor network, each with a dedicated service division.

We’ve built our long-standing reputation as a trusted supplier of environmental testing products through technological innovation and service excellence. We supply small-scale bench top environmental chambers through to the largest customised multi-room controlled environment facility. Our customers include Mercedes F1, Rothamsted Research, Syngenta, BASF, GlaxoSmithKline, PepsiCo, Dunlop, the FBI, Airbus and Bosch.

Temperature Test Chambers - Visit our website

Weiss Technik offers several different ranges of temperature test chambers, all of which offer the ideal performance for both steady state and cyclic temperature tests. Integrated compressors offer cooling of -40°C or -70°C and an upper temperature limit of 180°C. Our BT Range are compact yet powerful benchtop temperature test chambers which are suitable for small items. The BS Range have flexible dimensions and a number of special features, including compressor or gas cooling and the ability to interface with vibration generators. The high quality, extremely versatile DeltaT Range of test chambers are floor standing and ideal for larger items. The FT Range are quiet, robustly built and are incredibly mobile, making them ideal for small spaces.

SIGMA HALT-HASS Test Chambers - Visit our website

The Sigma range are liquid nitrogen cooled, HALT & HASS chambers which are designed specifically to interface with a multi-axis pneumatic vibration table which offers high energy, broad band random vibration with 6 degrees of freedom. Energy efficient and robustly designed, these Sigma chambers can endure the rapid temperature cycling of the test item. Combining temperature and vibration testing is the most effective method of improving the reliability of the product. The temperature range of these test chambers is 200°C to -100°C. The rate of temperature change is up to 80°C/min.

Xess HALT-HASS Test Chambers - Visit our website

Like the Sigma range, the Xess range of liquid nitrogen cooled test chambers are both energy efficient and robustly designed for durability. They are able to endure the rapid temperature cycling requirements of ESS, HARASS, HALT, HASS and HAST test procedures. For a uniform temperature throughout the chamber and a rapid temperature change (80°C/min), the Xess range of test chambers have a high velocity airflow system. With a total temperature range of -100°C to +200°C, these chambers have an independent over and under temperature alarm.

Environmental Test Chamber Hire - Visit our website

As well as selling test chambers, Weiss Technik also makes its products available for monthly hire. Most of our test chambers that are available usually have a capacity of between 55 and 1000 litres and a temperature range of -70°C to +180°C. Climatic chambers offer a humidity range of 10%RH to 98% RH. We also often sell our hire chambers as used chambers and offer various warranties to accompany them. Please enquire if you wish to purchase a used test chamber.

Service and Support - Visit our website

Weiss Technik does not just offer a great range of products. We also provide worldwide product support which ensures reliable and durable operation of test chambers. We can offer a 24 hr response to cover breakdowns and repairs for our own products and other makes. It is always wise to keep your test chamber correctly maintained to avoid breakdowns. This is why you can purchase a preventative maintenance contract for Weiss Technik products and all other makes of test chambers.

We'll also make calibration checks and refurbish worn chambers. This service support is provided all across the United Kingdom by a mobile team of expert engineers.

Sports Science Rooms - Visit our website

Weiss Technik builds sports and exercise rooms which provide climate simulation for sport and science research departments. Our sports and science rooms (SSR) are state-of-the-art facilities for human performance testing, enabling the user to assess athletes in a range temperature and humidity controlled environments. This is why athletes use these rooms as preparation for competitions held in inhospitable climates. With temperature ranges of -40°C to +50°C and a variable humidity range of 5%RH to 98%RH, these chambers can replicate some of the toughest conditions in the world. These rooms can also be used for testing clothing and equipment in extreme temperatures.

SSR's can also have additional facilities for hypoxic testing. Oxygen levels can be controlled from 12% to 20.9% ±0.1%.

Remote Air Conditioning Systems - Visit our website

We provide Remote Air Conditioning Systems (RACS) for test items that are too big or of an unusual shape for use with standard environmental test chambers. Our RACS are custom built to suit the requirements of the test item/s and provide conditioned air via flexible hoses. They feature a compressor or gas cooled refrigeration (or a combination of both), temperature ranges from -70 degrees C to +200 degrees C, mobility on lockable castors, heavily insulated flexible hoses up to 5m long and FGH P 3000 programmable controllers. Our RACS can be designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements and are supplied at affordable prices. Please contact the team with your requirements or for further information.

Corrosion Test Chambers - Visit our website

Our flexible corrosion test chambers are available in two sizes – 480 litres and 950 litres – and create three environments: salt spray, high humidity and air drying. They are easy to operate and each environment is manually selected at any temperature within the chamber’s operating range. Settings can also be programmed to form an effective corrosion cycle and these cycles can be automatically repeated as required. Our corrosion test chambers meet various industry standards including Salt fog testing as specified in DIN 50021, Condensed water test as specified in DIN 50017 and EN ISO 6988, and Standard climates as specified by DIN 50015.

Vibration Systems Interface - Visit our website

These systems feature a chamber that interfaces with a single or three axis vibration systems. The systems are easy to operate and attention is given to ensure that there is easy access to the vibration system for loading or for preventative maintenance purposes. We are able to create various interface systems to suit customer requirements. Many of our systems are used around the world in the automotive and aerospace industries. Please visit our website to view images and technical information regarding the construction process and options that are available. Our technical team is also on hand to provide you with advice and information.

Walk-In Test Chambers - Visit our website

WIR Series Walk-In Chambers are made with standard insulated panels that allow you to assemble the chamber in any size or shape you require. This sectional build technique means you can also dismantle and reassemble the chamber whenever you need to - for example if you are relocating to an alternative site or rearranging your factory layout. 


WIR Series chambers are able to simulate a variety of environments using a range of control instrumentation and plant options, including compressor cooled plant, LN2 or CO2 liquid gas cooling systems, or a combination of both. They are often used for testing pallets of components, electronic racks, material samples, automotive parts, aircraft systems and assemblies. WIR Series chambers can be customised with a range of optional features. Find out more by visiting Weiss Technik online. 


Laboratory and Industrial Ovens - Visit our website

The Weiss Technik PEAK series of ovens and incubators have been designed and engineered using the latest computer aided design techniques, thus facilitating the production of all metal parts on CNC controlled equipment. We offer both gravity convection and forced air circulation ovens – bench mounted models are available in four sizes with a maximum operating temperature of +300°C, whilst our larger floor-standing models (which are available with fan-assisted air circulation only) have a maximum temperature of +250°C.

Thermal Shock Chambers - Visit our website

In addition to our two standard thermal shock test chambers, we can also offer customised systems to comply with your own testing requirements. 

  • Temperature Shock Test Chambers (2-Zone) – designed to fulfil the requirements of international testing standards, such as MIL STD 883, method 1010.7, severity of test A,B,C,D,F - MIL STD 810 E, method 503 - IEC 60068-2-14, test Na - BS 2011 - DIN 40046, test Na etc.
  • Thermal Shock Chambers (3-Zone) – designed to reproduce test results gained in the past. Tests in accordance with MIL-STD 883 C, method 1010.5 are still performed.
  • Customised Thermal Shock Chambers – designed according to your own testing requirements. 

Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers - Visit our website

  • VCL & WKL Range – a line of compact, quiet but powerful bench top climatic test chambers suitable for smaller test subjects and ideal for those who have limited laboratory space. Available in various sizes. 
  • VC3 & WK3 Range – includes a number of high quality, highly versatile floor-standing temperature and humidity chambers which can accommodate larger test samples. Available with internal volume capacities from 190 litres to 1550 litres. 
  • WVC Range – includes several floor-standing, highly economical climatic test chambers. Available in various sizes, from 190 to 1550 litres. 

Software - Visit our website

Contour is a simple but powerful software package that allows easy programming, logging and supervision of environmental test chambers. It uses an advanced touch screen LCD display for straightforward data entry and retrieval, and is capable of storing and recalling data for an almost unlimited number of test programmes. Find out more by visiting Weiss Technik online.

Automotive Test Chambers and Rooms - Visit our website

Weiss offers clients an extensive range of high tech testing chambers that have been specifically designed for use within the automotive industry.  Our climatic chamber enables vehicles to be tested at varying temperatures and humidity levels and also incorporates a two and four wheel dynamometer to allow simultaneous performance and emissions testing to be conducted.  Other units include the Soak Room, RL-SHED, or Running Loss Sealed Housing for Evaporation Determination, VT-VV SHED - Variable Temperature & Variable Volume, VT-VV Mini SHED, as well as Airbag Testing System and Fuel Conditioning Test System.


Plant Growth and Insect Research - Visit our website

Our Fitotron® plant rooms bring together our considerable experience and state of the art design, technology and manufacturing techniques to deliver advanced growth chambers that are used by scientists in organisations such as Kew Gardens, British American Tobacco, Syngenta and top universities across the globe including Oxford University, the University of Lausanne and the University of Bucharest. We offer several different choices of chamber depending upon the application.  Our range includes: Plant Growth Chambers, LED Light Plant Growth Chambers, High Specification Growth Chambers, Standard Growth Rooms, High Specification Growth Rooms and Plant Growth and Insect Research Chambers for special projects.


Stability Testing - Visit our website

Whatever your chamber requirements for stability testing, we have a range of solutions to meet capacities of 280 to 2000 litres.  All of our testing systems have been designed to conform to international guidelines including ICH Guidelines Q1A and Q1B, as well as WHO, FDA and CPMP. We manufacture both bench-top and floor-standing pharmaceutical stability and photostability test chambers as well as water recirculation systems.  If you r requirements exceed the capacities of our stability chambers then you may find our Stability Test Rooms more suitable, offering capacities of up to 41m³.


Military AC Mobile Systems - Visit our website

Our Military AC Mobile Systems have been designed and manufactured to provide a robust solution for cooling within extreme environments and meet internationally recognised MIL standards, so you can be assured of unbeatable durability and performance.  We have an extensive range of products within this category, the full details of which, including technical data and brochure download sheets, can be found on our website, and include container air conditioning solutions, electronic cooling units, mobile temperature control trailer for ammunition and explosives, mobile clean rooms and air conditioning units for tents. 


Fingerprint Development Chamber - Visit our website

Our fingerprint chamber, formerly Gallenkamp, is a piece of equipment that has been adopted by the vast majority of UK police forces as well as by various forces around the globe.  It offers a fast and highly practical way to develop finger prints from a range of porous surfaces and advanced climatic controls allow the operator to select varying temperature and humidity levels. Accurate finger prints can be developed even after a long time and from contaminated surfaces, making them ideal for developing prints from money, cheques and documents.  Ample capacity from a choice of bench-top (185 litre) and floor-standing (600 litre) units enables high volumes to be processed simultaneously.




Registration Number: 03659232
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Registered at Companies House:29 October, 1998 (20 years and 8 months ago)
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