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Watson-Marlow specialise in the supply of peristaltic pumps, tubing, hoses and associated equipment. Over the last 50 years we’ve been providing high quality pumping solutions for customers across a multitude of industries, from brewing, ceramics, chemicals and bio-pharmaceuticals, to mining, engineering, OEM manufacturing, and more. In that time we’ve grown become one of the world’s leading suppliers, offering an unrivalled range of pumps that can process anything from microlitres to tens of thousands of litres per hour.

The company is divided into six divisions, each dedicated to the provision of a specific type of equipment. They are;

  • Watson-Marlow Pumps – supplying peristaltic tube pumps for pharmaceuticals and industry.
  • Watson-Marlow Tubing – precision tubing in a range of materials, suitable for pumping and a number of other applications.
  • Watson-Marlow Bredel – supplying heavy-duty hose pumps.
  • Watson-Marlow Alitea – provides unique peristaltic solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Watson-Marlow Flexicon – supplying aseptic filling and capping systems.
  • Watson-Marlow MasoSine – for the provision of gentle sinusoidal rotary pumps used in food, chemicals and cosmetics processing.

Watson-Marlow pumps employ the simplest pumping principle – nature’s own. The peristaltic process contracts muscles to move liquids freely and efficiently. Our pumps use the same methods to achieve the same outcome. Combine that with first rate precision and control, and you get a pump that’s unsurpassed when it comes to smooth, accurate fluid control. We’ve developed the peristaltic process to perfection, so that we can now offer highly reliable pumping solutions for an extensive, almost comprehensive range of fluids, from the lightest and most delicate, to the heaviest and most aggressive.

Our pumps offer the highest possible reliability; eliminating downtime, minimising maintenance, and improving overall productivity.

So for the most reliable, accurate pumping solutions, make Watson-Marlow your first port of call.


This series offers flexible solutions for a wide variety of applications. 120-series cased pumps deliver outstanding accuracy and feature an easy to user interface for simple control. Model options include:


  • Fixed (F Model) – the 120F is available in five fixed flow rate versions, including 10, 17, 31, 52 and 220 rpm. Pumphead options are the 102R and 114DV.
  • Manual Variable Speed (S Model) – the 120S is a manually controlled, variable-speed cased pump offering 1-200rpm operation in 1rpm increments. Compatible with all pumpheads.
  • Automatic Control (U Model) – the 120U enables 0.1-200rpm manual control in 0.1rpm increments AND automatic control in 0.01rpm increments via 4-20mA or 0-10V inputs. Compatible with all pumpheads.

You can find out more about our 120-series cased pumps and the available pumphead options by visiting the Watson-Marlow website.


This is our multi-channel range, featuring high precision pumps that can be used in any scientific application where accuracy and low flow rates are required. The 200-series includes two types of pump: the 205S/CA, a manual-control variable speed pump, and the 205U/CA, an auto-analogue and manual control variable speed pump. Both models feature an integrated tachometer-controlled servo quality DC motor offering ultra-precise speed control, and both are compatible with  4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 channel pumpheads.


Pumps in the Sci-Q 323 range have been specifically designed for scientific pumping applications, bringing an unrivalled level of performance and quality to the laboratory benchtop. The Sci-Q 323 range incorporates four new drives with five pumphead options (these can be found on the Watson-Marlow website). All models come complete with a chemical resistant ABS top and are protected to IP31. Control comes via a membranous keypad and a digital LCD display.

Bredel Hose Pumps

These revolutionary high pressure hose pumps bring the unbeatable simplicity, reliability and low-maintenance requirements of the peristaltic pump to high-flow, high pressure applications - they are truly unique in this respect. Over 75,000 Bredel pumps are in use around the world, offering flow rates of up to 80m³/hr and handling pressures up to 16 Bar.  Those who use them know there isn’t a more rugged and reliable hose pumping solution to be found anywhere else on the market.


With every year that passes, hundreds of Watson-Marlow produced pumps find their way into the designs of Original Equipment Manufacturers. Whether it’s a fermenter, bioreactor, road cutting machine, printing press, seed-coating machine, diagnostic device or even a milkshake dispenser, our pumps can be relied upon for unmatched precision and outstanding reliability. No other company has such vast experience in the production of pumps for OEM applications. Geared motors, faceplates, speed controllers and pumpheads are all available, as are our design consultancy services for the most specialised applications. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your OEM pump requirements.


Watson-Marlow offer a range of MasoSine pump solutions for use in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and a number of other applications:


  • MR Pump – offering flow rates up to 91m³/hr, with a maximum working pressure of 150PSI. Can handle fluids with a maximum viscosity of 2,000,000 centistokes. Available in six sizes.
  • SPS Pump – offering flow rates up to 91m³/hr, with a maximum working pressure of 217PSI. Can handle fluids with a maximum viscosity of 2,000,000 centistokes. Available in five sizes.
  • Ecosine Pump - offering flow rates up to 91m³/hr, with a maximum working pressure of 90PSI. Can handle fluids with a maximum viscosity of 2,000,000 centistokes. Available in three sizes.

For full details and specifications, please head directly to the Watson-Marlow website.


Watson-Marlow’s Flexicon division is dedicated to the design and production of aseptic peristaltic filling and capping systems for use in pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic applications. Over the past 25 years, Flexicon has been developing and constantly improving a unique, high quality product range that has taken Watson-Marlow to forefront of this specialised market. Flexicon products are targeted at small to medium-sized batch production applications where flexibility, precision and efficiency are paramount. The range includes everything from stand-alone units for hand filling right through to semi-automatic and fully automatic filling, stopping and capping systems. All of these machines have been designed for sterile environments.


Our 800-series high flow CIP/SIP pumps have been specifically designed for low-shear sanitary pumping applications. Models in this range can handle pumping duties requiring up to 8,140 litres per hour and pressures of up to 3.5 Bar. They are ideal for use in the biotech, pharmaceutical and food industries. An easy-access design makes 800-series pumps simple to clean, and all dead spots and crevices have been eliminated.



Registration Number: 02481019
VAT Number: GB527 0966 32
Registered at Companies House:14 March, 1990 (33 years and 8 months ago)
No of Employees: 251-500
Annual Turnover: 20-50m
Parent Company: Spirax-Sarco PLC
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
UK Branches: Belfast, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol, Cambridge, Falmouth, Glasgow, Guildford, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Northampton

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