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With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic and specialist cleaning products and systems. We supply to a variety of industries including aviation, defence, food, marine, automobile, electrical and medical.

Our products include ultrasonic, spraywash and continuous flow cleaning systems, including standard machines, sprayers, conveyor systems, immersion agitation, spiral drum and closed systems. We are pleased to be main UK agents for Magido washing equipment and we also develop and manufacture our own range of Envirosonic decarbonising and Enviroflow cleaning machines. We can also design and develop bespoke cleaning systems to customer specification.

We supply a full range of environmentally friendly cleaning and treatment products that complement our cleaning systems, and we offer friendly expert advice on the most appropriate systems and products to use for your intended application.

Chemical Products

If you are looking for specialist cleaning and treatment products for components then please contact us to discuss your needs.  Our range includes everything from water-based spray and immersion style treatments to powder and brush on applications. We manufacture a selection of rust removers and inhibitors, including organic and neutral ph varieties as well as oil and wax film treatments used to prevent rust.  We also offer a range of metal treatment products which includes Neofos 400, a process comprising manganese iron phosphate that is ideally suited to coating gears and cams, and Black ‘Diamond, a chemical blacking process which can be used at room temperature.

Neoklene-Sonic 6

This water-based detergent, which has been design for use in ultrasonic cleaning devices, can be used for cleaning surface contaminants such as greases, carbonised oils and road films from a number of different ferrous and non ferrous components including fuel injection and auto electric items.  Neoklene-Sonic 6 is made from low-hazard solvents, alkalis, surfactants and rust inhibitors resulting in a near odourless product that is fully biodegradable and features no toxic or hazardous air pollutants. This product is favoured by the automotive manufacturing and remanufacturing industries, particularly in fuel injection remanufacturing. The low-hazard nature of this product results in lower costs for waste disposal and also for operative safety and storage insurance premiums.

Neoklene-Sonic 10

Neoklene-Sonic 10 has the same low hazard, low odour features of Neoklene-Sonic 6 but its highly concentrated formulation has been designed to offer better performance where heavy duty cleaning power is required. It has been developed for use in ultrasonic cleaning machines to remove greases, carbonised oils, paint and rust from ferrous components and is especially effective on plastic components. Please note that Neoklene-Sonic 10 is not designed to be used for the cleaning of non-ferrous components and severe damage will occur.

Proscale 650

Proscale 650 has been developed for the efficient removal of rust and oxidisation from a large variety of ferrous automotive components and its versatility means it can be effectively used in immersion, immersion-agitation and ultrasonic systems.  Its non corrosive nature, which derives from citric and phosphoric acids, makes it a user-friendly, low-hazard product that provides exceptional, quick results when used at room temperature and can even be heated to 70oC.  The concentration can be adjusted from 5% w/w right up to 20% w/w depending upon the severity of rust oxidisation present.

Black Diamond

Walsall Chemical Company has developed ‘Black Diamond’ for the refurbishment of small and large components across a wide variety of industry sectors, including engineering, firearms, fuel injection and machine tool refurbishment.  It provides an excellent alternative to hot caustic processes and its ease of application makes it well suited to both high and low volume usage. Although it is a coating the components’ dimensions will not be altered from its application.  ‘Black Diamond’ is extremely user-friendly; it is non corrosive, does not emit fumes, plus gives outstanding product life and is operated at low costs making it a highly cost effective coating.   

Neo-Ecostrip 500

For an environmentally sound solution for effective paint removal, try Neo-Ecostrip 500, which has been formulated to offer a non toxic, user friendly alternative to toxic chlorinated solvent based removers.  It does not comprise of any toxic or hazardous air pollutants, is non carcinogenic, is low in volatile organic compounds and will not burn the skin. It can be used on steel, metal alloys, aluminium and the majority of plastics to remove a variety of coatings, including lead-based paints, alkyd paints, urethanes and varnish.  Its liquid formulation is suited to use in immersion/soak tanks as well as ultrasonic and enviroflow cleaning machines.

Neo-Ecostrip 1877

Similar to the Neo-Ecostrip 500, the 1877 version is an efficient paint remover that is used effectively within the automotive industry, whilst also having the convenience of removing carbon build up from engine components such as cylinder heads. It can also be used on aluminium components to remove oxidisation. It is a superb environmentally safe comparable alternative to toxic chlorinated solvents and offers numerous advantageous features including it being; fully biodegradable, low odour, absent of toxic and hazardous air pollutants, non flammable, low in VOCs, non ozone depleting.  Neo-Ecostrip 1877 also provides cost-savings through lower insurance premiums and waste disposal charges.

Neospray 4

Neospray 4 offers impressive cleaning power in the convenience of a liquid that can be used in an enclosed spray wash machine.  It is formulated from potassium alkalis which effectively breaks down and removes greases, road films and carbonised oils from ferrous and non ferrous items and is commonly used on engine and aluminium components.  It also has the advantage of being a brightening agent for cast aluminium. It is very cost effective, generally only requiring concentrations as low as 2-5% w/w for effective results and, as it is a non toxic liquid, waste disposal and insurance premium costs are reduced.

Neospray SL2000

Neospray SL2000 is a powdered spray wash detergent suitable for cleaning ferrous and non ferrous automotive components and offers the cleaning power needed in automotive manufacturing and remanufacturing to remove stubborn build up of carbonised oils, greases and road films. This fully biodegradable, non carcinogenic, water-based powder benefits from a citrus fragrance and is suitable for use in enclosed spray wash machines.  It can be used to brighten cylinder heads and can also be used to prohibit flash rusting on water-based steel coatings. Concentrations of as little as 1-3% w/w make it extremely cost effective and it can be used at temperatures of only 65oC.

Magido Spray Wash Cleaning Machines

We are pleased to stock a range of new, used and refurbished Magido spray wash cleaning machines.  These top loading, stainless steel machines come in a range of sizes to handle different applications and are used in conjunction with hot water and biodegradable detergents.  Magido machines are manufactured to extremely high standards and are renowned for their reliability.  We offer a part-exchange service on all new machines as well as repairs and servicing and machine spares. 

BUPI Golser Industrial Spray Wash Machines

Bupi Gosler spray wash machines are manufactured in Austria and are celebrated for their longevity.  POWERTEC is their most recent development of machines and offers the same levels of robustness as the rest of their product range whilst featuring a more ergonomic design, making it incredibly practical and straightforward to use. Whichever Bupi machine you choose you are guaranteed superior levels of cleaning thanks to its technology, which utilises a stationary jet pipe whilst the product is rotated.  Walsall Chemical partnership with Bupi Golser enables us to sell new machines and parts as well as providing a service and repairs offering.  From time to time we also have second-hand and refurbished machines available to purchase.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Our range of NEOSONIC ultrasonic cleaning machines are built to the highest standard and utilise the latest in MOSFET circuitry.  The machines convert power to high frequency sound waves and work by heating ultrasonic-specific water-based detergents, which provide an environmentally friendly alternative solution to solvent based cleaning agents. We offer two designs: bench top and industrial, both of which offer different models to suit varying working capacities from 5 – 200L.  We are also able to manufacture bespoke models to suit your requirements exactly.  Our NEOSONIC machines can be used for a variety of different applications including: circuit board manufacturing, precision automotive component cleaning and the cleaning of general engineering parts.



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  • ENVIROFLOW Enviroflow cleaning stations offer a brand new experience in cleaning technology. The Enviroflow is ideal for multipurpose cleaning operations from general degreasing to decarbonising and paint stripping operations.
  • Magido Walsall Chemical are main U.K. agents for Magido washing equipment and offer a full range of top loading, front loading, multistage inline conveyor systems and much more.Spraywash Cleaning Systems We can also offer pre-owned refurbished equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. If you require a complete package including the correct cleaning chemistry then visit our demonstration area where you will receive expert advice and assistance. All our new equipment is manufactured out of stainless steel to the highest standard and we can supply top loading and front loading machines from 380mm to 1500mm x 1500mm with bespoke machines available upon request. We can also supply bespoke bakets for components that need to be strategically positioned or enclosed baskets for small components (see images of our L102 & L190 top and front loading spray wash machines.
  • NEO-ECOSTRIP 500 Neo-Ecostrip 500 is a water based paint stripper which is non toxic, user friendly and environmentally safe. Neo-Ecostrip 500 offers an excellent alternative to toxic chlorinated solvent products currently used to strip coatings.
  • Neosonic The Walsall Chemical Neosonic range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment has been developed to cope with the demands of heavy industry. Built to the highest standard these stainless steel systems are fitted with the latest MOFSET circuitry. The constant power produced is converted into high frequency sound waves via piezoelectric ceramic crystals.