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Garden Street
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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Based in Swansea, Walkover Sprayers Limited are manufacturers and suppliers of motion-driven garden sprayers. We offer a wide range of products with numerous sizes available, all of which are high quality and built to last. As well as motion-driven sprayers, we also provide similar products such as garden treatments, which provide a multitude of benefits for many different garden and outdoor space based issues. Customers can visit our website to read all of the positive testimonials left by our customers, in relation to our high level of products and services. We are incredibly proud of our company's development and expansion within recent years and this is due to hard work, innovation and the wide range of range we have to offer. 

Our customers are incredibly important to us and this is reflected by our experienced and friendly customer service team. Whether you have a query, or you would like further information about one of our products, feel free to get in touch and our team will do everything they can to help. Furthermore, customers can connect with us via Facebook and Twitter. 

Gardener Walkover Sprayer (AZT06)

This pedestrian walkover spray features two wheels and is extremely manoeuvrable. With a 10 litre tank capacity, the AZT06 would be ideal for smaller gardens or other outdoor spaces such as patios and shingle or gravel driveways. It is also worth noting that this particular model possesses a single nozzle with a 40cm spray width. For more information, including specific technical details and current pricing, don't hesitate to visit the website.

Turfmaster Walkover Sprayer (AZT02)

The Turfmaster Walkover Sprayer is a larger model which features a tank with a 25 litre capacity. Thanks to its greater size and capacity, the AZT02 is the best choice for larger gardens or even outdoor areas such as cricket pitches, bowling greens, etc. This model is also incredibly hardy thanks to its steel frame construction. The Turfmaster possesses four wheels and twin nozzles which have a spray width of 60cm. For more information, feel free to visit the website.

Rambler Walkover Sprayer (AZT03)

It is often the case that a sprayer is required for more uneven environments, such as allotments or paddocks and this is why we offer the Rambler Walkover sprayer. The Rambler features twin nozzles with a 40 inch spray width, allowing for a wide delivery. Also carrying a large 25 litre capacity tank, this model can be used for larger areas if required. It should be noted that the AZT03 also features an adjustable spray boom height and therefore allows for versatile use.

Yardmaster Walkover Sprayer (AZT04)

Similar to the AZT06, the AZT04 features a single nozzle for spraying and is suited to smaller gardens and spaces. With specially designed pneumatic wheels, the yardmaster can easily navigate more difficult terrains, such as shingle or gravel. Another development is that the nozzle can now be adjusted to different heights to accommodate the type of cleaner which is being used. For further technical details, please visit the website or contact us directly.

Fieldmaster Tow Sprayer (AZT05)

Our largest capacity tow sprayer is the Fieldmaster which features a 110 litre tank. As well as having an extremely large tank, this model also possesses four low drift nozzles which can be adjusted to different heights. Usability is an extremely important factor to take into account and this is why the AZT05 can be towed by most garden tractors and ride-on mowers. Customers are reminded that the Fieldmaster is a heavy duty piece of equipment and incredibly hard wearing thanks to a steel chassis subframe.

Linemarker Walkover Sprayer (AZT08)

One of our newest products is the Linemarker Sprayer which can be used to apply white line markings on sports surfaces. Using our famous contractor pump and pain dispenser, the Linemaker is extremely easy to use and highly effective. We are extremely proud that the AZT08 has been rigorously trialled within the European sports market and is now a best selling product. For any more information, don't hesitate to visit he website or contact us directly.

Sprayer Spare Parts

Although our machines feature an exceptional build and long lifespan, it is inevitable that maintenance may be required at times. It is for this reason that we stock a wide range of spare parts for all of our models. All of the parts are high quality, well made and completely compatible with our range of sprayers. Customers can visit the website to view all of the parts we have to offer, including technical details and pricing. If you cannot find your required part, just get in touch and we will try to help you further.

Garden Treatments

We also stock a comprehensive selection of garden treatments which can be used in conjunction with our sprayers. Just some of the products we have to offer include, spray marker dyes, soil conditioners, weed-killers, moss treatments, ice treatments and fertilisers. Customers can find out more about our individual garden treatments on the website, including specific details on directions of use and the ingredients used. If you require any further information, feel free to get in touch by phone or email.

Walkover Ice Melt (WIM01)

The formation of ice can be incredibly dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. It is for this reason that we have developed our Ice Melt product. As Ice Melt is a liquid and not a salt it is much more fast acting and does not leave any solid residue. This product is also highly effective and deters re-freezing of ice, tackling the problem head on. Furthermore, Ice Melt can be stored easily and safely and will not deteriorate over time like other products.




Registration Number: 04899640
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:15 September, 2003 (14 years and 7 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: 200-500k
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
UK Branches: Swansea

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