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VeriFone are a global manufacturer of point-of-sale systems for all types of payment and are a brand that welcome the latest payment technology solutions.
Established in Hawaii over three decades ago, VeriFone ambitiously began its life as the first manufacturer of payment devices. Now we have almost 5000 employees worldwide in over 150 destinations across all continents.
Our expertise creates several kinds of POS systems: self-service, customer facing, and those operated by merchants.
Our primary concern is forming high-quality and advanced POS payment solutions for the many businesses that rely on these. Our payment devices operate in healthcare, restaurants, hotels, transport, and retail.

Our products always meet the standards of the latest global security specifications whilst utilising the most recent innovation in relevant technology such as Wi-Fi and many other options for connectivity.

Payments as a Service - PAYware ocius

We have developed a comprehensive solution for management of card payments. VeriFone’s PAYware Ocius features several elements to create an all-inclusive ‘payments as a service’ option for merchants.
PAYware Ocius has been designed to meet the requirements of different merchant environments. This solution has a large choice of customer-present payment devices. Equally it also has the capability for when customers are not present. This service ensures optimum security with no sensitive customer data appearing in the merchant area. Each transaction is completed through our very secure data centre.

Additionally, PAYware Ocius can support many value-added services. There is also a special management tool included to manage and report all of the device estate.

Mobile Solutions and Services

Customer experience is an important factor during the design process of our POS systems. This is why we have incorporated the mobile revolution into our devices by welcoming mobile payment technology into VeriFone’s services.
Being able to give your customers the option to pay through a tablet or smartphone can dramatically increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our mobile payment services have a multitude of exciting capabilities to really enhance your business for both customers and employees: acceptance of any payment form, loyalty programmes, promotions, access to customer history, acceptance of cloud or NFC mobile wallets, the ability to upsell and cross-sell, and a secure checkout.



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