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Venturi Jet Pumps Ltd was established in 1998 as a specialist company manufacturing and supplying quality pumps and systems to its sister company, All Venturi Equipment Limited. All Venturi Equipment Limited has been supplying products to various industries around the world for many years. Both companies have built a fantastic reputation for supplying a wide range of items suitable for various processes. Equipment is reliable, long-lasting and supplied at cost-effective prices. Most of our equipment is manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel, however, other materials such as Duplex, Hastelloy, Titanium, PVC, polypropylene and PTDE have also been used. All of our products are designed in-house while certain manufacturing processes such as fabrication is undertaken by tried and tested specialists who can meet the demand for various engineering codes and stamps. Venturi Jet Pumps is BS EN ISO 9001:2000 approved and all products follow strict quality control procedures to ensure that they are manufactured to the highest quality.

Liquid & Water Jet Eductors

Our Liquid and Water Jet Eductors comprise three main components: a converging nozzle, a
diffuser (venture), and a body to hold parts in position. These versatile devices are used for various applications that require pumping and mixing operations. Our liquid and water jet eductors are designed to be simple to use and are easy to install. They use the kinetic energy of a motive liquid to entrain another liquid, completely mix the two and then discharge the mixture against a counter pressure. Examples where our liquid and water jet eductors may be used include the draining of flooded cellars, emptying tanks, sumps or bunds, de-watering sand and coal barges and more.

Steam Jet Syphons

In a process not too dissimilar to that of our liquid and water jet eductors, our steam jet syphons use the kinetic energy of motive steam, in this case, in order to entrain another liquid or slurry, completely mix the two and then discharge the mixture against a head or counter pressure. Like our liquid and water jet eductors, the steam jet syphons comprise three main components: a converging nozzle, a diffuser (Venturi), and a body to hold these parts in position. They are self-priming devices that are corrosion and erosion resistant and ultimately safe to use.

Steam Jet Heaters

Our steam jet heaters are categorized into two main groups: Pipeline Heaters (Type 340 and Type 341), and Tank Heaters (Type 320). Pipeline Heaters are installed in pipes for instantly raising a fluids temperature and tank heaters are installed at the bottom of tanks to provide gradual heating and tank agitation. Our steam jet heaters operate on the highly efficient, jet principle of mixing steam uniformly with a cold liquid. The steam is fully condensed in to the liquid being heated which allows the liquid to reach within 5 degrees Celsius of the liquids saturation temperature. For further details of items within this category, please visit our website

Tank Mixing Eductors

We supply two types of Tank Mixing Eductors: one that is suited to mixing from a shallow level or where uniform local agitation is required over large shallow tank area and the other is used where greater liquid lengths are present. Tank Mixing Eductors function by the flow of pressurized or motive liquid passing through the nozzle. Tank Mixing Eductors mix and agitate the liquid in three ways: mixing occurs within the educator between the motive and suction fluids, mixing occurs as the suction fluid is drawn towards the educator creating localized movement within the tank, and tertiary mixing occurs due to the jet action of the discharge plume.

Liquid Jet Exhausters

We supply two types of liquid jet exhausters: a single nozzle exhauster and a multi nozzle exhauster. The single nozzle exhauster is a standard unit of a similar design to the liquid jet educator. The multi nozzle exhauster has higher air and vapour handling capabilities at lower pressure and are ideal for use in applications where the motive liquid supply is limited. Our liquid jet exhausters are manufactured in a variety of materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Bronze and other special materials such as Hastelloy. Our liquid jet exhausters are easy to install, are corrosion and erosion resistant, are self-priming, versatile and reliable.

Jet Compressors & Thermocompressors

We supply two different types of Jet Compressors and Thermocompressors:

Variable Area Nozzle Compressor – used when motive, suction, or discharge conditions vary and it is necessary to control the discharge pressure or flow.

Fixed Nozzle Compressor – has no regulating spindle and is generally used where operating conditions are stable.

Our jet compressors are widely used in the process, pulp and paper, petroleum, power, gas and other industries to circulate steam or gas, boost or recover low-pressure steam and to mix, transfer and compress gases. Jet compressors offer great advantages over other types of equipment. For further information please visit our website.

Steam Jet Ejectors

Our steam jet ejectors are based on the ejector-venturi principal and operate by passing motive steam through an expanding nozzle. Ejectors range from single up to six stage units and can either be condensing or non-condensing types. Our steam ejectors are used in a wide variety of applications such as process, food, steel and petrochemical industries. Typical duties include filtration, distillation, absorption, mixing, vauum packaging, freeze drying, dehydrating and degassing. Our steam jet ejectors are low cost units that are versatile, self-priming and easy to install. They are coated with corrosion-resistant materials or made from erosion resistant materials for durability.

Venturi Gas Scrubbers

Our Venturi Gas Scrubbers are used for the control of air pollution and are widely used within the industry. Our gas scrubbers are effective at removing noxious gases, particles, odours, fumes and dust from gas streams.


A desuperheater is a system designed to reduce the temperature of super-heated steam in order to produce lower operating temperatures. Most of the desuperheater systems that we install are for the following applications: 

  • Limiting the operating temperatures of heating systems, heat exchangers and dump stations in power plants.
  • Improving heat transfer qualities of surface type exchangers.
  • Reducing and controlling super-heated steam where excess temperatures may do harm to the product.
  • Controlling super heat temperatures on boilers, either between super heater stages or at the boiler exit.
  • Maintaining balance between process steam and power requirements.
  • Other applications where heat/steam levels need to be balanced, such as in reduced pressure systems used in refineries and process plants.

Tank Heaters

A tank heater is a relatively simple device that is used to heat and agitate fluids within tanks and vessels. Employing a similar technique as our Pipeline Heaters, they fully condense steam into the liquid, allowing it to reach within 5°C of saturation temperature. Of course, our tank heaters can also be used to boil the liquid for the purpose of sterilisation if required. Venturi tank heaters have no moving parts, meaning that the liquids passing through may have suspended solids or can be viscous slurries.  You can take a look at our full range of tank heaters by visiting the Venturi website.

Vacuum Ejectors

Based upon the Ejector-Venturi design principle, our Steam Jet Ejectors operate by passing motive steam through an expanding nozzle, converting pressure into velocity and creating a vacuum within the body chamber which will draw in gases and/or vapours. The motive steam and suction gases are mixed together and passed through the diffuser or tail, where the gas velocity is converted into a pressure that meets any predetermined requirement. Venturi Steam Jet Ejectors have been used for a variety of applications across multiple industries, including food, steel, and petrochemicals. They are often employed in duties that involve filtration, distillation, mixing, absorption, vacuum packaging, freeze drying, dehydrating and degassing.

Hypulse Filters

Venturi is proud to be the sole UK representative of Mott Corporations, and as such have exclusivity in the distribution of their world-renowned HyPulse® range of filtration systems. Few companies in the world can rival Mott Corporations when it comes to the design, development, production and implementation of efficient, long-lasting filters. In fact, wherever there is a requirement for the filtration of gases, liquids or particulates, HyPulse® equipment is usually the first port of call. Find out more about Mott filtration systems on the Venturi website.



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