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UNTHA UK is the UK’s leading provider of waste shredders and waste services.

We boast an incredible team of waste shredding, recycling and engineering professionals who work together to create ground-breaking and innovative machines.

At UNTHA UK we strive to create world-leading shredding technology that will benefit customers by increasing uptime, driving down costs and improving the environmental agenda of waste recyclers, processors and alternative fuel producers across the country.

With more than 30 years in the industry, we provide outstanding products and services. We are continually researching and developing our products and services to make positive changes and remain at the forefront of the industry.  

As environmental and legislative pressures increase, alongside the priority of landfill diversion and the changing recycling parameters, it is our commitment at UNTHA UK to improve and develop innovative solutions so that customers can satisfy everyday waste management challenges.

Here at UNTHA UK, we are pleased to boast an incredible fleet of shredders all of which have been expertly designed and manufactured to suit various types of shredding applications. All of our shredders have been extensively tested to ensure they meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Our shredders are tested at our state-of-the-art test centres based in Austria and North Yorkshire, UK.

Our passion for promoting positive change in the waste and recycling industry goes further than our product range and can also be seen at leading trade events where our team of experts regularly share their knowledge to large groups of people.

Waste Shredders

Here at UNTHA UK, we are pleased to supply the industry with a fantastic range of shredders. Our knowledge and experience of the industry enables us to design, create and tailor shredding solutions to suit almost all waste applications for the processing of materials such as plastic, metal, MSW, C&I, food and organics, wood, textiles, rubber, hazardous and confidential waste. Please follow the link to our website to find out more about our excellent range of shredders: Waste to Energy/ SRF Shredders, Confidential Waste Shredders, Plastic – Waste Shredders, Food Waste/ Anaerobic Digestion Shredders, Metals – Waste Shredders and more.

Confidential Waste Shredders

We supply four shaft RS shredders for confidential waste shredding. These shredders are ideal for shredding sensitive documents, USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, counterfeit goods, interview tapes, bank notes, stamps, IT labels and more. RS shredders feature:

- Configurable screens to achieve adjustable and accurate particle sizes according to the DIN    level required.
- Minimal maintenance and low operating costs.
- Slow motor speed to allow the four shaft technology to carefully shred the classified material without destroying the fibre.
- Hard-wearing cutting systems and self-cleaning contra shears to heighten reliability of the machine.

Plastic Waste Shredders

We offer a fantastic range of plastic shredders to suit different industry requirements such as waste volume reduction, material re- granulation, SRF/ RDF and recycling. The complete range offers benefits such as high throughput, impressive uptime, operational simplicity, plant efficiencies and consistent particle sizes. They can be used for shredding various products such as packaging, drums, bottles, films, sheeting, bumpers, auto interior trim and more. Please take a look at our plastic waste shredders online. If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like further information or advice, please contact us at UNTHA UK and we will be happy to help you.

Food Waste/Anaerobic Digestion – Shredders

Our expertise in food waste/ anaerobic digestion has led to us working with over 50% of the UK’s food waste plants. We are pleased to boast an incredible team of engineers who have developed and created a customised food waste shredder with the following qualities:

- Special tooth and cutting gap to guarantee reliable processing of organic material and a pumpable fermentation substrate
- A robust sealing system to protect the gearbox and bearings from aggressive materials and subsequent corrosion of the shredder
- Highly flexible technology – the shredder can be adapted to suit the nature of the organic waste and particle size required.

Metals - Waste Shredders

We also provide tough and robust waste shredders for metal products. These hard-wearing machines are designed to withstand extreme shredding conditions and maintain impressive throughput, cost efficiencies and operational and maintenance simplicity. Our RS series of waste shredders can be used for metal waste, metal drums and barrels, metal casings, punching scrap, steel tapes and wires, metal packaging and aluminium profiles. Please take a look at out online ‘resource centre’ to view videos of our powerful shredding machines.

Wood Waste Shredders

UNTHA UK offers a wide range of wood shredders to suit all kinds of woodwork trades. These may be used to shred wood to sell as briquettes or bark mulch or can be used to generate heat from the waste. For each purpose, UNTHA UK has perfect solutions. Our tough machines are designed to provide reliable wood working solutions. The RS range of shredders is perfect for shredding solid wood, timber, veneers, bark, cardboard and paper. Please view our range online to find out more or contact the team at UNTHA UK for information and advice.



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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • UNTHA LR The LR series manufactured by UNTHA has been specially designed for shredding wood and wood products and is used in wood-processing factories.
  • UNTHA LRK The LRK series of single-shaft shredders has been specially developed for plastic shredding with intermediate through-put rates. Our principal aims when developing this series were user-friendliness, reliable operation and low wear-related costs.
  • UNTHA MR The MR series was primarily conceived for the shredding of plastics but is also used, for example, for processing wood off-cuts and textiles.
  • UNTHA RS100 When the coarse-shredded material is seized by the teeth of the secondary cutters, it is shredded once again. The material is then shredded a second time by the main cutter's teeth - post-shredding.
  • UNTHA RS30 They stand out with their high throughput rates, low maintenance/energy costs and homogenous shredded material and ensure high economic efficiency
  • UNTHA RS40 Like all UNTHA shredders, the machines can be used as stand-alone solutions or be integrated in more complex plants.
  • UNTHA RS45 Over 300 different cutters are available to ensure that the UNTHA-industrial-shredder is optimally configured for the input material
  • UNTHA RS50 More than 300 cutting set-up options - Modular kit system - Intelligent Siemens SPS control with automatic foreign body shut-down
  • UNTHA RS60 Robust casting frame construction - Various rev count options due to belt drive - Reliable drive due to three-step spur gear system
  • UNTHA S120 The S120 series has been developed for particularly heavy industrial use. These two-shaft shredders are also known as rotary shears and are suitable in particular for shredding metals and tires.
  • UNTHA Shredders Industrial shredder design & technology often imitated - never equalled.
  • UNTHA XR The XR series is currently the heaviest in our range of single-shaft shredders; the machines are available in three different sizes.

Financial Information

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