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Unitemp is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of a wide range of high performance environmental test chambers, as well as being distributors for ESPEC’s internationally renowned high quality range of chambers.

Our chambers will meet the needs of the majority of applications and vary in size from compact bench-top and reach-in units to specialist walk-in rooms and drive-in chambers for vehicle testing.

Our product design team focus on ensuring our environmental test chambers benefit from improved performance, enabling our clients to benefit from cost savings and enhanced return on investment. 

As well as our standard range of products we also work with clients to provide bespoke modular environmental rooms to meet the requirements of their specific applications.

Gas Cooled Chambers

Unitemp’s gas cooled environmental testing chambers use liquid nitrogen as the cooling agent in the temperature control technology.  Gas enables lower temperatures to be reached quickly therefore making this type of chamber especially suited to occasions where testing is often undertaken at cooler temperatures. Temperatures of -70ºC can be achieved, as well as +180ºC.  Chamber capacities of 250 to 1,000 litres can be catered for.

LC (Low Cost) Range

Our Low Cost range comprises models of chambers that facilitate an accurate testing environment for humidity and temperature testing, whilst remaining affordable.  This range is perfect for smaller operations or situations where testing is carried out infrequently. Unitemp’s LC Range covers capacities of 150 to 500 litres with temperature testing ranges of -40ºC to +80ºC and the option to alter humidity levels if required.

Specialist Walk-In Rooms

Unitemp has extensive experience of working with clients to build specialist walk-in rooms that meet the specific requirements of specialised applications.  On our website you will find a gallery of custom-built chambers that we have delivered, combining our expert knowledge with our client’s individual specifications and utilising a range of technologies dependent on the unique requirements of the project.

ESPEC Environmental Test Chambers

Our range of ESPEC Environmental Test Chambers allows users to create environmental extremes in temperature and humidity, allowing for the testing of equipment, for example solar panels. We offer a wide range of chambers, with options to suit every application, including battery testing chambers, bench top chambers, reach-in chambers, thermal shock chambers and walk in/drive in rooms, just to name a few. It's also worth noting that we can also provide speciality chambers which are designed to meet specific customer requirements. 


For smaller applications and where space is limited, we offer a range of compact bench-top chambers that, despite their size, offer superb testing performance.  Unitemp’s Bench-Top Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber Series is available in two sizes (20l and 60l)  and there are five different models to choose from, some allowing both temperature and humidity testing, while others simply offer temperature control.  Our bench top models network with your computer and feature touch panel technology for a user-friendly experience. For comprehensive details of the different models in this range, please see our website.


Unitemp’s selection of reach-in environmental test chambers comprises a number of different models to suit an extensive range of applications and covering a choice of sizes and capacities.  The largest model of reach-ins has an impressive capacity of 5,000 litres.  We’re certain to have a model to suit your individual requirements. The majority of our reach-ins feature computer connectivity for effortless reporting, whilst some models go one step further by enabling variables to be managed remotely.  You can find full specifications and features of all of our reach-ins, including temperature and humidity ranges, on our website.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock test chambers allow for products and parts to be tested under controlled conditions to ascertain their robustness against rapid changes in temperature.  Unitemp distributes the ESPEC’s range of thermal shock chambers, which deliver superior flexibility and usability and there is an extensive selection of sizes to suit a range of applications.  Computer connectivity enables streamlined work processes through remote monitoring and management of testing. And with data being sent directly to your computer greater accuracy is achieved with less room for human error.


For large scale testing, Unitemp’s range of walk-in test chambers combines an extensive range with superb performance capabilities. The technology of these units has been developed to offer excellent energy reductions compared to older Unitemp models, reducing environmental impact and energy bills. Alongside our standard walk-ins, we also have models that have been specifically designed for steady-state operation and solar panel testing as well as a drive-in chamber for vehicle testing.

Specialty Chambers

Unitemp understand the requirement for environmental testing chambers is diverse, and we have developed models that reflect this.  Our range of specialty chambers have been developed to address the more specific needs of certain applications including:

  • Solar panel testing - reach-in, compact walk-in and large walk-in chambers
  • Highly accelerated stress test (HAST) chambers
  • Environmental stress screening (ESS) chambers
  • Settling dust chambers
  • Rain and spray test chambers
  • Altitude chambers
  • Tensile test chambers

Alongside our standard models, we are also able to work with our clients to design and produce custom test chambers to meet the specific requirements of your individual application.

Industrial Ovens

If you are looking to acquire an industrial oven, then please take a look on our website at the ESPEC range of industrial ovens, of which Unitemp are UK distributors for.  They have been designed to be used for high-temperature testing, heat treatment and drying across a broad range of applications. The ESPEC series encompasses both horizontal and vertical chambers and models include:

  • Ultra high temperature chambers - offering testing up to 700ºC
  • Vacuum ovens
  • Anaerobic temperature chambers  - for testing at low oxygen levels
  • Temperature chambers featuring explosion vents
  • Temperature chambers with a rotating specimen rack
  • High-performance ovens with Class 5 cleanliness.

Chamber Management Tools

The ESPEC Online Series has been developed so that you get the most out of our environmental testing chambers.  This series of online management tools increases the functionality of your chamber by allowing  you to create a central control system on your computer and enabling remote management.  By using the Web Controller or Web Manager software in conjunction with our test chambers you could benefit from: 

  • Remote monitoring and operation
  • Single and multi-chamber use
  • Data logging and storage
  • Advanced programming.



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