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ACDC Powerdrives specialises in the worldwide distribution of electric motors, gearmotors and controls that conform to US, NEMA and metric standards.

Our knowledge and experience of the industry enables us to supply a fantastic range of high quality, reliable products manufactured by leading brands from around the world.

Examples of our fantastic range include:

AC and DC Motors
Speed/ Position Controls
Small Motors
Spur, Helical Parallel Shaft Gear Units
In-line and Concentric Planetary Gears
Low, Medium and High Voltage Windings
Multiple Pole Switching Speeds and Infinitely Variable Speeds
Controls and Complete Systems
Gear Motors
IEC Standard Industrial Drives
Right Angle Worm and Bevel Gears
Open and Closed Loop Analog and Digital AC and DC Control Systems
Servo and Stepper Motors
Specialist environment, hazardous location, submersible, flameproof and explosion proof designs

To find out more about our excellent product range, please take a look at our website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or would like further information or advice, please get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help.

Small Motors and Gearboxes

Here at ACDC Power Drives we supply a fantastic range of small AC and DC motors and gearmotors, shaded pole and capacitor motors, AC and DC parallel shaft gearmotors and small right angle worm gearmotors. Alongside these tough and reliable models, we also offer various special low cost plastic inline gearboxes, special shafts, encoders, clutches, brakes and more.

Please take a look at our website to find out more about our range or please give our friendly team a call for further information and advice on the best solution for your application.  


We also offer an excellent selection of mechanical speed variators in the ‘Minidrive’ and ‘H Drive’ series as well as spur, worm and planetary gearboxes to suit AC, DC and disc rotor motors. Alongside this, our infinitely variable, zero adjustment gears offer advantages such as low noise and low vibration. For further information and technical information regarding our range of variators please visit our website or contact us at ACDC Powerdrives.

Industrial Motors, Gearmotors & Gearboxes

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of industrial motors, gearboxes and gearmotors. Examples of the range include:

Gearboxes: various high quality worm and wheel, spur bevel and planetary gearboxes with overload clutches, de-clutching output shafts and end of travel limit switch boxes as extras.

Field motors: DCPM and wound field motors featuring IEC and NEMA frames with a range of mounting options.

Gearmotors: customised models designed specifically for use in the mobility market. Low noise, compact helical worm gearboxes with AC and DC motors and breaks also available.

To find out more about our complete range and available options, please get in touch with our technical team at ACDC Powerdrives.

AC & DC Speed Controls

Our high performance controllers are supplied at competitive prices and provide users with compact and reliable solutions. All units comply with UL and CE approvals and many models in the range feature the patented KBMM current limit circuit. Other features include current feedback loops with motor burnout protection. We also offer new low volt units designed for battery mobile plants. Please follow the link to our website to view technical specifications of the AC and DC range of speed controls.



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