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UBH International Ltd manufactures and supplies various tank-containers to a global market. We produce thousands of top quality tanks to various industries around the world for the transportation and storage of liquids and gases in industries such as hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, ultra-high purity liquids and gases for pharmaceutical and electronic applications, process chemicals and gases for the oil and gas industry, cryogenic gases, liquefied petroleum gases, food grade products and beverages, hazardous waste, and more. Alongside our standards ranges of tanks and containers our business is largely based around our bespoke service whereby we tailor-make solutions to meet specific industry requirements. At UBH International Ltd we follow strict quality control procedures to ensure the ultimate safety and reliability of our equipment. We are ISO 9001: 2000 approved and also a member of the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO). It is also important to us to promote eco-friendly concepts and where possible the inter-modal transport concept is an excellent solution. This provides efficient and economical transfer of tanks between road, rail and container vessels. It is our dedication to supply innovative, safe and reliable products to various industries for use in all kinds of environments whether mild or harsh. Please get in touch with us to find out more about our capabilities.

Cryogenic Tanks - Visit our website

Here at UBH, we are recognised as one of the world's leading manufacturers of transportable cryogenic vessels. We supply a wide range of road tankers and containers in a variety of frame designs such as 10" ISO Universal Full Frame Tan and other frame types and sizes are supplied for offshore/oilfield applications as well as smaller vessels. We have also provided cryogenic road barrels and fixed chassis tanks to the industry for many years. We largely supply intermodal tanks and oilfield tanks but our capabilities also extend to provide custom-built cryogenic tank trailers and cryogenic vessels that are ready to be mounted onto fixed chassis vehicles.

ISO Tanks - Visit our website

As a pioneering company for ISO tank containers we have been at the forefront of the industry with such products for many years. We provide innovative products that offer customers a wide range of capacities and frame types making them suitable for various industry applications. Examples include Universal Beam Tanks, Universal Frame Tanks Universal Collar Tanks, Universal Ten Tanks, and Swap Tanks. We also provide options for a variety of frames and features such as 30ft Beam Tanks, Cell-Friendly Beam Tanks, Wide Body Beam Tanks, V-Beam Tanks, Heated Tanks, Reefer Tanks, and Multi-Compartment Tanks.

Swap Tanks - Visit our website

Our swap tanks can feature single or multi-compartment tanks and are available as standard in frame lengths of 7.15m, 7.45m and 7.82 m. They store capacities up to 35,000 litres and feature ultra-low tare weights. Optional frame items include crash-rails, grapple lifts, and offset corner castings side life. To find out more about our swap tanks, please call our technical team at UBH International Ltd who will be happy to provide further information and offer advice about the most effective solutions for your applications.

Offshore Tanks - Visit our website

Our ranges of offshore tanks are designed to withstand the harsh environments that they will be exposed to. They are designed and manufactured to meet strict safety requirements. Our standard offshore tanks can be tailored to meet customer requirements. Examples include Vertically Mounted Offshore Tanks, Horizontally Mounted Offshore Tanks, Helifuel Tanks, Acid Tanks, 10 and 20ft DNV-approved ISO Tanks, Acid Mixing Tanks, and Offshore Nitrogen Skid Tanks. We are highly experienced in providing effective offshore tanks of the highest quality. Our designs provide reliable results and are robust and resilient to the elements. Our tanks can be manufactured to meet various codes/approvals such as DNC 2.7-1, EN12079, Norsook Z-015 and ASME U Stamp.

Gas Tanks - Visit our website

We have also been supplying custom-built tanks for the transportation of liquefied gases such as propane and butane (LPG), R22 refrigerant gases, and more for many years. Our gas tanks are available in a range of sizes to suit specific capacity and pressure requirements. Standard options include 10ft and 20ft frame types, capacity range from 7,500 litres to 25,000, higher capacities available on request, and swap tank frame and 30ft beam-type frames available on request. Our tanks are built to conform to specific industry standards such as ASME U Stamp, DNC 2.7-1 EN12079, and Norsok Z-015. We have many years of experience in providing gas transportation solutions for the most challenging requirements. Please contact us for further information and advice.

Acid Tanks - Visit our website

We provide the industry with acid tanks of various capacities in various frame styles. Our UN portable tanks are approved to DNV 2.7-1/EN12079 standards. We also offer a range of linings to meet specific requirements. Please contact our friendly team at UBH International Ltd with your requirements and we will provide you with the information and options that are available. We will also provide specialist advice where needed to ensure that the best solution for your application is reached.

Helifuel Tanks - Visit our website

Our Helifuel tanks are supplied as vertical or horizontal depending on customer requirements. Typical capacities include 2,400 litre/500 Imp gallons horizontally mounted, footprint 1.950 x 2.150; 2,700 litre/600 Imp gallons horizontally mounted, footprint 1.950 x 2.150; 4,000 litre/1000 US gallons vertically mounted, footprint 1.995 x 1.995; and 4,900 litre/1000 Imp gallons vertically mounted, footprint 1.995 x 1.995. T7 UN portable tanks are approved to DNV 2.7-1/EN12079 and are fitted with pad-eyes and slings for top lift and feature fork pockets. Please contact us for further details regarding our helifuel tank options.

Food Tanks - Visit our website

We provide the market with high quality stainless steel food grade storage tanks. These metal containers are widely used for food processing and storage applications. Our food tanks are manufactured to strict health and safety requirements to meet FDA regulations for food handling and processing. Alongside our standard food tanks, we have the facilities, capabilities, and above all else, the experience to custom build food tanks to specific requirements for long-lasting, effective use within the industry.

Intermodal Tank Containers - Visit our website

However large, small, simple or complex your logistical challenge, UBH International can provide a practical, cost-effective solution. Our intermodal tanks are low in weight, are highly reliable and require very little maintenance and repairs over their entire lifespan. A lightweight construction means maximum payload efficiency, a reliable design means minimum damage and downtime, and a low maintenance requirement saves you time and money. All in all, UBH tanks offer an extremely cost-effective storage and transportation solution.

Static Storage - Visit our website

Our skilled engineers have a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of vessels and are highly proficient in working to our customers’ unique requirements, producing bespoke vessels for both processes and storage.  Examples of static storage tanks that we have produced include food-grade stainless steel storage tanks, chemical storage tanks and transportable tanks.  Our tanks can be manufactured in stainless steel, carbon steel, hastelloy and titanium in varying thicknesses with a capacity of up to 50,000 litres.  Please see our website for details on optional tanks features such as insulation, linings and fittings.



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