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UBH International Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of tank containers, road tankers and pressure vessels. The company is renowned world-wide for producing high quality, specialist equipment combined with first-class customer support.

The team at UBH works closely with customers to deliver the very best equipment. The majority of UBH tanks are bespoke and built to meet specific customer requirements, however, a range of stock items are available for immediate despatch – these can be viewed on the ‘Stock Tanks’ section of the website.

The UBH range includes:

  • Tank Containers
  • Road Tankers
  • Static Storage and Pressure Vessels
  • Vacuum Waste Tankers
  • Mini Tanks
  • Offshore Tanks

The quality of equipment is paramount at all times and to ensure high standards are met at all times, UBH adheres to a range of approvals including ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ASME U, ASME U2, National Board R, National Board NB stamps and PED Module H. UBH is also a member of the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO).

UBH is an employee-owned company which sets it apart from its competitors. The team at UBH are driven to achieving excellence at all times and strive to develop and deliver innovative solutions that meet the requirements and demands present in a range of industries.

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Intermodal Tank Containers

However large, small, simple or complex your logistical challenge, UBH International can provide a practical, cost-effective solution. Our intermodal tanks are low in weight, are highly reliable and require very little maintenance and repairs over their entire lifespan. A lightweight construction means maximum payload efficiency, a reliable design means minimum damage and downtime, and a low maintenance requirement saves you time and money. All in all, UBH tanks offer an extremely cost-effective storage and transportation solution.

Road Tankers

Here at UBH, we are pleased to manufacture and supply top-quality road tankers to customers in a range of industries. With five decades of experience in the industry our range has been developed to meet a wide range of demands and requirements. Variants within the range include: chemical tankers, food grade tankers, cryogenic tankers, LPG tankers and lined tankers.

  • Chemical Tankers – general purpose tankers with a 37,500-litre capacity.
  • Food Grade Tankers – with a 37,500-litre capacity and customised to meet different industry requirements.
  • Cryogenic Tankers – 30,000 litre tankers for industrial gases and cryogenic tankers with up to 52,000-litre capacity for LNG are available.
  • LPG Tankers – for the transport of LPG (up to 56,000 litre capacity).
  • Lined Tankers – various linings to support the transportation of corrosive products.

Full details can be found on our website.


Vacuum Waste Tankers

Alongside our general-purpose road tankers, we are also pleased to manufacture and supply a fabulous range of fine quality vacuum waste tankers for customers in water and waste industries. Our specialist tanks have been expertly designed and manufactured to meet the demanding nature of these industries. They are available as rigid or articulated models and can feature ADR approval for the transportation of dangerous goods, a tipping mechanism, combination units and special lining/materials to suit specific industry requirements.

Pressure Vessels

As part of our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, we manufacture and supply quality pressure vessels which are designed to suit applications in a range of industries including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, nuclear, food sectors and more. Please head over to our website to find out more about our pressure vessels and examples of projects we have worked on including: Helium Pressure Vessels, Bio-Energy Reactor Vessels, Emergency Surge Vessels and more.

Swap Body Tanks

Our swap tanks can feature single or multi-compartment tanks and are available as standard in frame lengths of 7.15m, 7.45m and 7.82 m. They store capacities up to 35,000 litres and feature ultra-low tare weights. Optional frame items include crash-rails, grapple lifts, and offset corner castings side life. To find out more about our swap tanks, please call our technical team at UBH International Ltd who will be happy to provide further information and offer advice about the most effective solutions for your applications.

Heated Tanks

Here at UBH, we are proud to have pioneered the ISO tank container for the transportation of bulk liquids. Variations of these tanks include swap body tanks, heated tanks, reefer tanks, cryogenic tanks, gas tanks, lined tanks and more. Our heated tanks are supplied with tailored heating systems to meet specific customer requirements and include liquid (glycol, water or oil), steam, electric blanket or trace-heating systems. Additional options are also available for telematic control and the monitoring of cargo.

Reefer Tanks

Our reefer tanks are available in a range of sizes with capacities of up to 21,000 litres for units with end-mounted refrigeration and capacities of up to 25,000 litres for units with side-mounted refrigeration. Please head over to our website to find out more about our reefer tanks. Alternatively, please contact us directly at UBH International and we will be happy to help.

Cryogenic Tanks

Here at UBH, we are recognised as one of the world's leading manufacturers of transportable cryogenic vessels. We supply a wide range of road tankers and containers in a variety of frame designs such as 10" ISO Universal Full Frame Tan and other frame types and sizes are supplied for offshore/oilfield applications as well as smaller vessels. We have also provided cryogenic road barrels and fixed chassis tanks to the industry for many years. We largely supply intermodal tanks and oilfield tanks but our capabilities also extend to provide custom-built cryogenic tank trailers and cryogenic vessels that are ready to be mounted onto fixed chassis vehicles.

Gas Tanks

We have also been supplying custom-built tanks for the transportation of liquefied gases such as propane and butane (LPG), R22 refrigerant gases, and more for many years. Our gas tanks are available in a range of sizes to suit specific capacity and pressure requirements. Standard options include 10ft and 20ft frame types, capacity range from 7,500 litres to 25,000, higher capacities available on request, and swap tank frame and 30ft beam-type frames available on request. Our tanks are built to conform to specific industry standards such as ASME U Stamp, DNC 2.7-1 EN12079, and Norsok Z-015. We have many years of experience in providing gas transportation solutions for the most challenging requirements. Please contact us for further information and advice.

Multi-Compartment Tanks

UBH International is the company to call for all of your tank requirements. With many years of experience in industry, we are pleased to offer a diverse range of tanks which includes our multi-compartment tanks. These twin pot, triple compartment and four compartment versions enable the safe and effective storage of multiple cargos within the same tank container. Please contact our friendly team at UBH International to discuss your requirements.

Lined Tanks

UBH manufactures and supplies a range of specialist lined tanks to suit a range of customer/ industry requirements. Various linings are available to enable the safe storage and transportation of corrosive products. Linings include PFA, Polyproylene, Polyethylene and Rubber as well as various spray on linings such as Chemline, Proco-email, Sakaphen, Plasite, Heresite, Halar and Glass Flake.

Mini Tanks

At UBH, we strive to supply tanks in all shapes and sizes to meet a variety of demands in different industries. Included within our range of tanks are our fabulous mini tanks. These top-quality tanks are designed specifically for the storage and transportation of chemicals and gas and can be manufactured from a range of special steel grade and alloys such as titanium, Hastelloy, Uranus steel and Duplex steel. Variants within the range include Air Transportable Tanks, Lined Tanks and Oilfield Service Tanks.

Offshore Tanks

Our ranges of offshore tanks are designed to withstand the harsh environments that they will be exposed to. They are designed and manufactured to meet strict safety requirements. Our standard offshore tanks can be tailored to meet customer requirements. Examples include Vertically Mounted Offshore Tanks, Horizontally Mounted Offshore Tanks, Helifuel Tanks, Acid Tanks, 10 and 20ft DNV-approved ISO Tanks, Acid Mixing Tanks, and Offshore Nitrogen Skid Tanks. We are highly experienced in providing effective offshore tanks of the highest quality. Our designs provide reliable results and are robust and resilient to the elements. Our tanks can be manufactured to meet various codes/approvals such as DNC 2.7-1, EN12079, Norsook Z-015 and ASME U Stamp.

Chemical Tankers

Please contact us at UBH to find out more about our chemical tankers. These fine-quality road tankers are manufactured to meet specific customer and industry requirements and are available in a range of capacities up to 37,500 litres.

Food Grade Tankers

Please also get in touch for more information regarding our food grade tankers. These tankers are available in a range of capacities of up to 37,500 litres and can feature specific variants to meet the demands and requirements associated with the different markets within the food sector. All of our food grade tankers are customised to meet customer specifications.

Cryogenic Tankers

With a wealth of knowledge and experience under out belts, we are pleased to manufacture and deliver top quality cryogenic tankers. These are available with capacities of up to 52,000 litres for LNG or up to 30,000 litres for industrial gases.

LPG Tankers

We are pleased to deliver fine quality LPG road tankers. These tankers feature capacities of up to 52,000 litres and are manufactured in line with customer specifications. We work closely with all of our customers to ensure tankers are customised to meet specific business and industry demands.

Lined Tankers

Alongside our lined tanks, we are also pleased to manufacture and supply specialist lined tankers to suit a range of customer and industry requirements. Various linings are available to enable the safe storage and transportation of corrosive products. Linings include PFA, Polyproylene, Polyethylene and Rubber as well as various spray on linings such as Chemline, Proco-email, Sakaphen, Plasite, Heresite, Halar and Glass Flake. For more information regarding our lined tankers or any of our tanks and tankers mentioned, please head over to our website, or contact us directly at UBH International and we will be happy to help.



Registration Number: 03742928
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:29 March, 1999 (21 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: 10-20m
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Fabricator


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