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Trade Electric UK, a part of the Eastfield Technical Services Group, is one of the main suppliers of global market leading gate automation manufacturers. We supply gate automation equipment by a series of leading Italian firms: BFT, BPT, CAME, FAAC, NICE, and the economy LIFE range. We offer these branded products at less than trade prices to UK buyers – and we offer individual products as well as complete kits. Trade Electric UK is also pleased to supply bollards, barriers, access control systems, intercoms, parking management systems, automated garage doors, and a number of other accessories. We have experienced sales professionals and expert engineers on staff to help answer your questions and determine the exact solution to meet your needs.

Gate Accessories

We sell a wide range of gate accessories products by our Italian suppliers – from loop cables, photocells and posts for photocells, timers, a range of lights, racks, rollers, and other accessories for sliding gates, traffic signs, and a number of other accessories. Please visit our website for details.

Home Automation

We sell a number of products by CAME for home automation. These include a transponder card and proximity key fobs, which can be used for access and unlocking or locking, as well as a glass transponder bulb, and the CAME Wave control panel. Home automation – control of appliances and electrics – is a way to regulate temperatures, control lighting, alarms, gate and door access, and a number of other features. Please see our website for details.

Test Equipment & Control Programmers

We sell two devices for testing and control. The FAAC 868 SLD Programming Unit allows for access control management by using a programmable rolling code as well as programming of radio system codes via the unit. And the FAAC Radiocoder 868 SLH allows for modifying transmitters and receivers that use radio frequencies in home automation. Please see our website for details of these products.

Entry Systems

We sell the full spectrum of products and accessories needed for entry systems at a home or commercial location. These range from keypads and code locks, to push buttons and key switches, as well as swipe card readers, audio intercoms, proximity readers, finger print scanners, audio intercoms, audio-video intercoms, and a range of wireless devices. Please visit our website to inspect the full range of entry systems products we offer from out Italian manufacturers.

Gate Safety

We supply a number of safety products to our customers – safety beams and edges, loop detectors and loop cables, safety lighting, and other safety accessories. Our safety lights – such as the FAAC safety lamp – features flashing options and IP 55 protection. Please visit our website for details of our various safety products.


We supply a wide range of automated mechanical barriers, with prices ranging from approximately £70 for a BPT Fadini Bayt 980 beam model to over £1,000 for top models. These car barriers are a critical feature at many commercial, industrial, or official premises, for controlling access to property and parking areas. And we sell a number of essential accessories for operating and maintaining these barriers – such as balancing springs, batteries, resin kits, loop detectors, push buttons, flashing lights, and other products. Please visit our website for details of our full selection of barriers and accessories.


We sell a range of bollards for controlling or directing traffic. We supply mechanical rising bollards that can be stowed or hidden under the road when not needed, as well as manual and static bollards for less frequent changes in bollard use. Our rising bollards come with a range of options – lighting, different bollard heights and colours, and more; and all are firmly rooted several feet into the ground for a secure traffic control. We also sell a range of bollard controllers, cables, loop detectors, and other accessories, suitable for maintaining and operating bollards. Please visit our website for details of our bollards range.

Remotes & Receivers

We sell a number of remotes and corresponding receivers for controlling access to garage doors and other entrances and exits into or out of properties. We sell remotes with two or four buttons. And we sell the receivers and radio systems kits needed to pair with the remotes. Please visit our website for details on the full range of remotes and receivers in order to best determine the products right for you.

Automated Doors

We offer a range of automated swing and sliding doors. The FAAC A140 AIR sliding door is an energy-saving system that identifies the direction of approaching people and optimises its opening and closing timing to avoid unnecessary air dispersion or other inefficiencies. And the A140 has a number of other compelling features. We also sell automated door operator devices, replacement rails and similar products, and push buttons. Please visit our website to see the full range of products.

Garage Door Automation

We sell accessories and products for three categories of automated garage doors: up and over, sectional, and bi-folding. These include systems for lifting garage doors, detectors and remotes for detecting approaching cars, chain belts and guides, and other products. Please visit our website to see full details of our garage door options.

Control Panels

We offer a wide range of control panels for controlling the automated doors, garage doors, bollards, and other products, in our catalogue. These products include control boards, battery backings, enclosures, and other products. Please visit our website to inspect the full offering of control boards and to choose a products right for your needs.

Solar Control Panels

We sell the BPT ECOSOL range of solar panels for powering and controlling access equipment. The ECOSOL is ideal for doors and gates that cannot be easily reached by the mains electricity. And it is compatible with all old and new 24-volt systems. The ECOSOL seals its components in quick-fit connectors for simple daily use while being vandal-proof for security and safety. Please visit our website for more details.

Locking Systems

We sell a range of locking systems – from electric locks, to side-latching locks, to magnetic locks to mechanical shoot bolts, and even an electromechanical get lock. We also sell a number of power supplies to power these locking systems. Please visit our website to see details of these various locking systems and to choose a product right for you.

Parking Management

We sell a number of parking revenue systems – such as ticket dispenser columns and ticket reader columns, an automatic cash desk, and a token acceptor machine. We also sell stop/go (red/green) traffic lights to help control traffic in parking areas. These products are all designed to help our customers maintain and operate a commercial car park at volume. Please visit our website to see details of our various parking products.


We sell the CAME Bridge turnstile for controlling access at commercial or official properties. The product has mechanical and electromechanical trip turnstiles, ideal for controlling the flow of access in busy areas, and it has a manageable height and depth profile of 900mm and 920mm. The product is sturdy – it is resistant to tampering and vandalism – and comes with a RAL 7035 varnished finish.

Gate Automation

We sell four categories of gate automation – above ground, below ground, sliding, and pedestrian gate. Our above ground gate systems come as motors and arms that can be attached to standard gates to facilitate an automated and mechanical opening action. We also sell below ground versions of these products. And we sell sliding gates to limit the turning radius needed for opening gates, in confined spaces, and use instead a sliding action. Our pedestrian gate products offer the same functionality with pedestrian access. Please see our website for details.



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