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Total Sensory are UK designers, manufacturers and suppliers of sensory equipment for sensory rooms and soft play areas. We offer an extensive range of products designed to stimulate, engage, relax and entertain, including bubble tubes, mirror balls, waterbeds, projectors, beanbags, cushions, floor mats, auditory products and many other interactive learning tools.

As well as individual items, we can offer complete sensory equipment packages and full sensory room design, installation and maintenance services. The team at Total Sensory has many years of experience in this specialist field and can design bespoke sensory rooms to meet your specific needs. Find out more about our sensory room services by visiting Total Sensory online. 

On our website you’ll also find full details on our sensory products, all of which can be purchased separately. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to call. We’re available on 01702 542231. 

Bubble Tubes

Bubble tubes are often the most memorable items in a sensory room and in many cases become the focal point. At Total Sensory we offer a range of passive and interactive bubble tubes. Passive bubble tubes continually fade through a series of calming colours, while interactive bubble tubes enable the user to control colours via a wireless switch box. Alternatively, an interactive bubble tube can be configured with a pressure-activated carpet switch that allows the user to change colours by simply jumping on the corresponding carpet colour panel. 

There are a whole host of bubble tube options for you to choose from - head over to Total Sensory online to find out more! 

Small Sensory Resources

We offer a great range of smaller sensory resources to complement your sensory room or corner, including:

  • Sound and light drums
  • Sensory musical gloves
  • Handheld mirrors
  • Handheld ‘tubies’
  • Fluorescent roly polys and roller shakers
  • Draw ‘n’ Glow kits
  • Sensachew lanyards
  • Mini vortex tubes
  • Mini jellyfish tanks

These are just some of the sensory tools we have in our product portfolio. Discover the full range at Total Sensory online. 

Fibre Optic Cascade

Our fibre optic cascades, showers and curtains use safe polymer fibre and are available in sparkle or UV versions. The UV fibre version comes complete with lightsource and a UV cannon which, when pointed towards the fibres, makes them glow in the dark. When the lightsource is used on its own, the fibres sparkle. Customised fibre optic cascades, showers and curtains can be quoted for – just let us know how many strands you would like and the length you require.

Sparkle Fibre Strands

Suitable as an addition to a sensory room or for playing with at home, sparkle fibre optic strands are amongst our most popular items.  They are made using the brightest polymer fibres which are heat-sealed at the ends in our factory. This makes them safe to handle and play with. Sparkle fibre optic strands are powered by a 50W halogen lightsource. Colour changes are slow and are intended to relax and engage the user.

Galaxy Stars Projector

With the Galaxy Stars Projector you can transform almost any ceiling into an amazing night sky full of shooting stars and cloud nebulae. This easy to use, plug and play device utilises holographic technology to project a moving night sky with random shooting stars on walls, ceilings or any flat surface. It’s great used in combination with our ‘Lost in Space’ effect projector package. Find out more about the Galaxy Stars Projector by following the link to our website.

Star Ceiling Kits

Create a mirage of stars that twinkle from the ceiling with our low-maintenance Star Ceiling Kits, ideal for children’s bedrooms, nurseries and care homes. Fibres are long lasting and unlike LEDs will not fail. The only maintenance required is a change of lamp in the 50W halogen lightsource, which depending on usage is needed approximately every 2-3 years. Find out how to install our Star Ceiling Kits by visiting Total Sensory online. If you need any further information or advice, please contact us directly on 01702 542231.

Magical Interactive Floor System

Our Magical Interactive Floor System offers a multitude of sensory experiences, using sound, movement and touch to create stunning effects based on real-world environments/scenarios -including crackling ice, autumn leaves, fireworks, balloon parties, coral reefs, feathers and country meadows. In fact, the Magical Interactive Floor System offers 14 different sensory experiences. 

These interactive floor systems have been custom made to help teachers and carers in sensory environments and to aid physical development. For more details and a summary of what each sensory experience entails, please head over to our website. 

Sensory Bus

The Sensory Bus offers a complete mobile sensory experience and is perfect for all learning environments. It’s packed with sensory features to engage users: on one side there are numerous activity points, and on the other there a variety of colour changing effects. At the back there’s a music station and to the front is a personal exploration section with acrylic mirrors and magnetic boards. Even the wheels offer tactile stimulation – each one has a different surface to explore. The back of the Sensory Bus also has a lockable cabinet where other sensory items can be stored. 

At 1.2m long and 90cm high, the Sensory Bus is easy to store and transport. 



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