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Total Process Cooling (TPC) provides cooling equipment solutions for a range of industrial clients. With a product portfolio that includes a comprehensive range of chillers, dry air coolers, blast coolers, cooling towers, adiabatic coolers and pump stations, we're able to supply cooling equipment that meets every need. TPC has been operating in the industrial cooling sector for over 60 years, which means we have plenty of experience in the supply of reliable, cost-effective cooling equipment that suits the specific design and production requirements of each and every customer.

Our experience in the field is one of the many reasons why industrial customers always look to TPC for their process cooling solutions. Indeed, it's our experience that makes us well placed to provide valuable independent advice and guidance, something which is all too rare in today's industry. We always make sure you get the equipment that is best suited for your application - equipment that is built to the highest possible standard and continuously monitored for quality. And what's more, all of our cooling systems are competitively priced, so customers receive excellent value for their money. We also give customers the option of hiring cooling equipment, which is particularly useful for those who only need equipment on a short term basis. So for all your industrial cooling solutions, speak to Total Process Cooling Ltd.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements with one of our experts - they can help find the perfect product for the application you have in mind. Here's an overview of some of the cooling solutions we provide. For more information and specifications, please head directly to the TPC website.

Air and Water Cooled Industrial Chillers

TPC supplies a broad range of air cooled chillers/industrial chillers/packaged chillers with capacities from 1kW upwards. They operate using ozone friendly refrigerants, and are available in both outdoor and indoor versions. All TPC chillers come complete with the appropriate components for installation, and each and every unit is factory tested prior to despatch. TPC offers a bespoke design and build service for cooling installations that are not of a standard design/layout.

Dry Air Coolers

TPC's Air Blast Coolers (Dry Air Coolers) reduce maintenance costs on both the cooler and the equipment it serves, and are generally preferred to evaporative cooling towers for the health and safety benefits they offer. We have units available from 10kW upward, in V-type, flatbed and box type configurations.  V-type configurations are ideal for a reduced plan area, while box type dry air coolers come as fully packaged units that incorporate pump, tank and starting equipment. Dry air coolers also benefit from low operating costs and reduced noise levels.

Cooling Towers

Our Open Circuit Cooling Towers utilise evaporative cooling processes to provide the most effective method of cooling water. They are capable of supplying water to within 3°C of the ambient wet bulb temperature. Manufactured using GRP, stainless steel and galvanised steel, TPC's cooling towers can be of induced draught (counterflow and crossflow) or forced draught (counterflow and crossflow) design, depending on the location they are to be used in and the requirements of the customer. We have units ranging from 50kW upwards. Total Process Cooling also offers a spares service and provides upgrades for most makes of evaporative cooling tower.

Adiabatic Dry Coolers

Adiabatic coolers are the most cost-effective alternative to evaporative cooling towers. They are capable of supplying similar water temperatures, but have the added benefit of reduced maintenance costs and improved health and safety standards. Adiabatic coolers come as fully packaged units that require a minimal plan area, and can be used together with an inverter temperature controller in order to lower the energy consumption of the fans - not only does this reduce operating costs, but it also keeps noise at a minimum. For more information on our Adiabatic Dry Coolers, please follow the link to the Total Process Cooling website, where you can download our product brochure.

Pump Stations

Single and dual pump stations provide a compact and cost-efficient solution to water circulation requirements. They are available in three basic designs, all of which are manufactured from high grade materials. TPC pump stations may be constructed on a steel framework or base, depending on your site conditions and application requirements. To find out more about our Ferrous and Non-Ferrous pump stations, simply follow the link. And remember, if you need advice and guidance, do not hesitate to get in touch directly.

Free Cooling

So that they can supply a constant water temperature in the summer time, most water chiller systems are fitted with a high energy use compressor. But for most of the year, the British climate remains cool, which means these compressors tend to use 70-80% more energy than is actually needed. TPC Free Coolers are our energy saving devices that are added to existing chiller systems to reduce energy consumption in the cooler months. These innovative systems are guaranteed to make huge savings in terms of energy use and costs, so much so that they tend to pay for themselves within 12 months or less. They are easily retro-fitted, so you can save money and improve your 'green' credentials immediately.

Box Coolers

Box Coolers, our comprehensive dry air cooler packages, come complete with pump, non-ferrous water circuit, tank and control panel. All that is required to get them running is a power source and a pipework connection. Cooling capacity ranges from 10kW - 200kW, with tank capacities of between 25 - 210 litres. Full size specifications are found in our Air Blast Coolers pdf, which can be downloaded from the Total Process Cooling website.

Direct Oil Chillers

TPC offers a first class range of cost-effective oil chillers that utilise high pressure pumps specifically designed for general oil cooling and machine tool cooling. For more information and advice, please get in touch with the team of TPC.

Hire Service

We understand that purchasing cooling equipment outright is not always the most cost-effective option. That's why we provide a wide range of fully packaged air cooled water chillers and air blast coolers on short and long term hire contracts. As packaged units that incorporate pumps, water circuits, tanks and control panels, our coolers are quickly and easily installed on-site, which keeps down-time at a minimum. These hire units, which are available from 3kW to 500kW, are the perfect solution for customers that need a replacement in the event of a breakdown or during maintenance work. They are also ideal for new project/ process trials. Hire equipment can be purchased outright should you decide that it is needed beyond the term of the contract. Please contact us to discuss this option.

After Sales Service

Post sales customer care is extremely important to us, which is why we offer national and international technical support and a 24/7 rapid call out service. We also provide routine preventative maintenance plans on all makes and models of cooling equipment. TPC has a global network of highly qualified engineers who ensure your product is serviced efficiently and effectively so that technical faults are kept to a minimum. They are also able to carry out installation and commissioning. To find out more about our after sales services, please visit the TPC website.

Energy Saving

In order to help customers reduce their running costs as well as their carbon footprint, Total Process Cooling have developed a number of energy saving solutions, including:

  • Air Blast Cooler Inverter Control – matches cooler capacity to the load by changing the speed of fans in unison (rather than switching them on and off at full speed).
  • Chiller Inverter Control – optimises chiller performance in a range of operating conditions.
  • Free Cooling Technology – reduces the amount of energy a compressor uses in lower ambient temperatures.



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